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Posted Aug. 11, 2020, 4:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) (Jay Luistro)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in side-sim Cure Cabin Fever

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) in side-sim Cure Cabin Fever

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in side-sim Cure Cabin Fever
Hannah really couldn’t handle sitting still. When she was on duty, or working on some personal project she could sit still for hours, but off duty, was a totally different matter. She tried to get holodeck time, but it was full, and there weren’t that many spots with trying to conserve energy and repairs. She stood in her quarters, bouncing on the balls of her feet. The noise was bugging her so she’d taken her implants off momentarily. Her computer beeped and the screen flashed to get her attention. She looked and smiled. Someone canceled their holodeck time and she was next in line. She claimed it and changed into cargo jeans, t-shirt and boots and grabbed a couple bottles of water. She hooked her implants back up and then headed out at a job towards the holodeck.

Once she arrived she started going through the different options already programmed into the computer. She would love to hike one of the trails from home on Catawba but the computer didn’t have those files. She settled on the Old Rag Trail, from the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. It was a short loop only 14.8 kilometers, but she probably didn’t have time to do the whole thing anyway. She had 2 hours. She ran the program and waited for the computer to tell her it was ready.
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Just before the program could start, Yuri appeared behind the Lieutenant a bit confused as he thought he had booked the holodeck before anyone could do “Excuse me?” He smiled at the Lieutenant with a joyful mood “I bet you have stepped before me, Miss Asimina… oh well not today then. What you’re going to be doing, if I may ask?” His clothes suggested he was going to do some stone wall climbing, and indeed he had a bag with all the ropes and carabiners, a bright yellow helmet and the safety harness all around wrapped his body. For the case he also had a pickaxe and some large nails.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah turned around and smiled, “Cmdr. I’m sorry.” She turned back to the interface and it was her name. That eased some of the embarrassment, “You’re welcome to the holodeck. I was going to go mountain hiking.” She saw the equipment and her smile got bigger. “I love rock climbing but I didn’t know anyone else on board did as well and I never climb alone, so I choose hiking instead.” Of course she had all the equipment in her quarters, but the computer could replicate what she needed.

“No need to worry, who act first will always get the advantage. So well played, Lieutenant.” He poked her shoulder. He should have not did that but sometimes he forgot he was an XO and not an Academy Tutor no more “I bet lot of people onboard are good climbers! Not like me” he smiled letting her know he was basically joking “but somewhat near my level. I had practiced climbing as much as I practiced using the rapier and all sorts of swords. And hiking? I also do love it!”

“Would,” oh was it okay to ask? The Cmdr liked rock climbing. That alone was enough to put the smile on her face. “Would you like to climb together?”
Lt. j.g. Asimina

“Climb together-.” He froze like an ancient computer when lots of programs ran at the same time “I mean if for you is fine I am ready to climb. But I really don’t want to disrupt any programs you had in mind… yep.” In his thoughts? He was all in for the climb but was just too shy and respectful to say a well placed Yes let’s climb.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

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