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“Climb together-.” He froze like an ancient computer when lots of programs ran at the same time “I mean if for you is fine I am ready to climb. But I really don’t want to disrupt any programs you had in mind… yep.” In his thoughts? He was all in for the climb but was just too shy and respectful to say a well placed Yes let’s climb.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah was good a reading what people said. The cmdr seemed unsure if he should say yes but he appread to want to. She stepped over to the interface and programmed a set of gear for herself and then requested a new destination. “Is intermediate okay? My gear is in my quarters and I don’t trust the holographic stuff with anything harder.” The computer beeped and she stepped into the holodeck. A set of gear sat on a rock outcropping not far inside. She grabbed the harness and with expert practice she had it strapped on. She clipped the extra rope and carabiners, donned the bright yellow, and slipped the pickaxe and nails into loops. She also attached the bag of chalk to the back of her harness. Her hiking boots weren’t great for this, but they were low profile so she should be okay. She looked back at the commander, “Ready to climb?”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Stepping behind Asimina he noticed how much things could change between program to program. But then he saw this beautiful rocky wall and he knew they were going to have fun “Intermediate will be just fine. And yeah I know what you mean, last time I used holodeck made equipment I had some serious bruises. That’s why I always use my personal equipment.” His face came to a pinker tone “I am more than ready anyway.” Taking out the pickaxe and the nails, Yuri looked over Asimina and then back to the wall “Let’s go together or everyone takes a preferred route? I mean this is clear of any path. Do you know how to lay down a path?” The Commander was so considerate with all of his subordinates that even during a recreational activity he was always the one that worried the most.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Normally I would go for my personal equipment, but holodeck time is hard to come by. So for today I’ll use this. And with the safety protocols, I should be fairly safe.
And if I get hurt,” she laughs, “I am a doctor.” Hannah smiled, “Yes Sir. I know how to lay down a path. Would you like to lead or follow?” She gazed up at the wall while she prepared her rope and secured it around her harness. She picked were she would choose to lay down the first nail, and then chalked her hands and got ready to climb.

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“Right…” he chalked too his hands “Lead the way, if you may! I’ll be right behind you to check everything.” His tutor instinct kicked in. Looking up for the upper edge the Commander moaned in excitement and under his breath he whispered “Let’s-a go!” Almost joking a bit the Captain.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz- Executive Officer

Hannah laughed. She began to climb to the spot she’d selected for the first anchor point. It was about 10 feet up. The highest she was comfortable falling without a safety net. Anchoring in with her feet and one hand she pulled a spike and wedged it in to a natural crack in the rock. She tapped it gently once to make sure the fissure wasn’t unstable. Seeing it hold she drove the spike in. She removed the first carabiners and clipped it to the spike and then pulled to make sure the rope and spike were secure. This being their first anchor point she wrapped the rope around her and held it in a lock off grip and then she let go of the rock wall, her feet anchored and leaned back to make sure it was secure. Satisfied, she grabbed the rock face again, chalked both hands and looked up. “Ready cmdr?” and she began to climb, stopping every 10 to 15 feet to add another spike.
Lt j.g. Asimina

“Ready!” As Asimina started climbing he joined her behind somewhat far to get everything in place and so he could check her moves. The anchoring seemed to be well placed although the rock was somewhat friable and easy to break “That is skill…” he muttered.
One Carabiner, then another.
One Check, another check, Climb and and again one carabiner and then another.
Following this cycle Yuri was starting to push his hard and as a rocket reach the outer space in no time, he reached Asimina in no time knowing for sure she was an excellent climber “Hey Lieutenant!” He called her from below putting a foot on a deep creek “Later this climb would you love some cold drinks? I have some good ones in my office.” He proposed her while advancing the other foot on a higher creek and securing both carabiners in place.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah knew the cmdr was checking behind her, and she found it amusing. She’d been climbing since she was 4. Not sheer rock faces of course, but climbing. In climbing her lack of hearing didn’t matter. You had to feel the rock face, look for your foot and hand holds, and be able to feel if the spike and rope would hold. Hannah felt most at peace climbing. She glanced down at the Cmdr. The height not bothering her. Some people got dizzy if they looked down. Not Hannah, she loved it. “Sounds like a good idea to me.” She noticed his pace had increased as they moved. “He’s got skill, and patience,” Hannah was impressed. She turned to look back up. There was a corner where part of the rock face jutted out. It would be easier, and let them move faster, but it was about 20 feet to the right. She looked up and it was only another 45 feet to the top. She checked the spike she had just placed and then began to climb again, her pace increasing, as she climbed she seemed to flow or glide up the rock face. Even though her pace increased, her time and care with placing each spike stayed slow and steady, ensuring there would be no accident.
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“You know, I had plenty of experience since I was 8. I started earlier to learn using a sword but still it is a lot of experience. I’ve climbed lots of types of rocks: from pure marble in the most remote place of Earth and Alpha Centauri to pure plaster walls on some alien planet. I remember I have also climbed a wall filled with aquamarine crystals and quartz on Therzia Prime. It was a challenge but after I felt the rocks with my bare fingers for a couple of minutes I knew I could do it. But my favorite are the ice walls, they’re so challenging and slippery… They’re my favorite.” He kept climbing at a fast rate as he looked the woman from the bottom and then the edge of the tip “We’re not that far. I see you’re also a brave and excellent climber, how about you tell me your secrets?” His curiosity for people was something that he loved about his personality. Each one had a story to tell after all and as he started to uncover Asimina’s one, why stop digging there? She was someone who he liked really much and as they climbed he felt the same energy she may perhaps feeling: the rocks, the air, the nature… he stopped a second as he waited for a reply and looked over the panorama that on the other side could be seen How gorgeous and special is the nature… sehr gut.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah paused in her climb, wrapping the rope into a tie off hold. She’d never been able to engage in in-depth conversation while she climbed. She was too attuned to the feel of the rock. She looks down to face the Cmdr as she speaks. “I started climbing when I was 4. All over the colony. It’s a floating sky city. I got into a lot of places that I wasn’t supposed to,” she smiles at the memory. “Right after that my father built me a rock climbing wall, and I just never stopped. The ice walls on Catawba are strictly off limits. They are sources of evolutionary study and development on the planet. When I was at the Academy I went all over North America to climb. My favorite was the Grand Canyon. But I have never climbed an ice wall. I would love to do that.” She ponders his question. “Secrets? I guess it’s because I’m deaf. I feel the rock. I can feel the tremble of the cliff long before you can hear the crack as it begins to crumble. When I place a stake I can feel if the earth is weak or strong. I don’t get distracted by the sound of the wind, or the birds calling.” She turns back to the wall and begins to climb again. After several more minutes she reaches up for the top of the cliff and pulls herself up and then stakes a tie off. As the Cmdr reaches the top, she grabs the excess rope he hands her and adds it to the tie off. Then she sits looking out across the view. “And this,” she points at the view, “is the second reason I climb.”
Lt.j.g. Asimina

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