Pre-Sim, Counselor's Office (Captain's Eval)

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=/\=Counselor Sathut to Captain Knight. I can see that your last evaluation was several months ago, and I would like to get an updated evaluation on you. Please see me in my office this afternoon after your shift.=/\=

Sathut, CNS

Dante flicked off the screen the message came in on and slumped forward in his seat, covering his face with his hands. “She can’t make me do it, I won’t do it, she can’t make me,” Dante said to the figure beside him, looking at Oscar.

In response, the child squealed with a giggle at the sound of his father’s voice and rocked back and forth as he stood holding the edge of the coffee table he had pulled himself up on, trying to reach for the toy dinosaurs that Dante had been playing with him with and placed on the edge as he had checked the message.

“No, you can’t make me go either, neonato,” Dante said, his voice lapsing back into an Italian accent for a moment as he picked up the nearly 1 year old and held him to his chest. “They will never take me alive!” He picked up the toy Pterosaur and flew it around Oscar for a moment, and the young boy squealed and reached for the object his father was playing with. Handing it to him, Dante watched as Oscar brought it to his mouth a moment and then looked at Dante, sticking out his tongue and blowing bubbles at him. “Yes, your right,” Dante sighed. “It’s either that or early retirement to that cottage in the apple orchard I promised your mother with the secret Vodka brewery out the back.” Dante adjusted Oscar and held him up to him again, “How about it neonato? shall you, me and mommy elope and escape?” Oscar squealed and Dante smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. You make a good argument you know, you should be a Starfleet Captain when you grow up.”

Dante put Oscar down on the ground once more and the boy immediately pulled himself to his feet and looked at Bruce in his bed in the corner. He rocked back and forth as he began to hatch a cunning plan in his mind about how to get to the big lizard that thought he was Oscars brother, and more importantly what to do when he got there. Dante, meanwhile, called out to the woman in the bedroom. “Tasia, honey,” he called to his wife, “I have a Counselors appointment this afternoon with the new Counselor, I might be a little late after my shift.”

“How much later,” Natasha came out of the bedroom leaning against the door frame. “You know I told that morale officer we were not missing “paint nite” again…right?” The question may have seemed like Dante was supposed to supply an answer however he knew this was rhetorical in nature.

“I mean you are Italian. Italy is the hot bed of musIc, poetry, and art,” her voice rose slightly at the end. Pushing off the door with her shoulder blades, Natasha casually sauntered into the room with a smile directed only at Oscar.

Over the past year, Natasha had changed dramatically and it wasn’t into motherhood. It was the way she now used her motherhood like a cloaking device with all the stealth and cunning of a Tal Shiar agent. “Look at my big boy,” she picked up Oscar kissing his neck several times rapidly forcing a series of laughs that shook his small body.

Keep the bright smile and slightly wider eyes, Natasha spoke in the high pitch tone all mothers used when addressing her children yet the words were meant soul for her husband. “Daddy is going to try and screw mommy into sitting around with some random wine drinking wimps again but noooo we are not gonna let that happen now are we,” she let out a huge raspberry on Oscar’s neck as she dipped him playfully.

“We are not gonna make mommy string random adjectives together about a tree in some lame ah…silly Willy haiku,” she substituted her initial word for another more kid friendly one. “That’s mommy is Russian and not the sauve, cultured Italian Captain the ever perky and chipper Arlissa moral officer wants to be there. So daddy is not going to be late is he,” Natasha rubbed noses with Oscar now waiting for the only answer Dante should produce.

Dante simply shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on the couch, watching Nat and Oscar with a small grin. “Well I might be.” Was all he said.

-------------------- Later that Afternoon-------------------------------

Dante came to a stop outside the door to the Counselors office, he smiled to a few of the people who walked past as he reached for the chime. His new CNS had recently been transferred from another ship that had been decommissioned, so far he had had little to do with him.

Captain Knight, CO

“Hey,” Natasha said semi-breathlessly coming up from behind Dante as he waited at the counselor’s door.

“Hey you,” He said turning to greet them, kissing Nat on the lips briefly, “and hey little man,” he added, ruffling the dark mop of hair on Oscar’s head, “Where are you going love, taking a walk?”

“Well as chance would have it I,” she stressed the word passing the baby to his father so she could reach into the diaper bag, “and due for my eval so I figured why not get it done together.” Fishing around the diaper bag, Natasha finally retrieved a small dinosaur stuffed toy she handed to Oscar cupping the back of his head lovingly for a second.

“Really? You wanna actually come in with me and hold the line? Be my guest, just don’t tell me later I didn’t warn you sunshine.”

“It’s not like I don’t know all your skeltons anyway and if there is something you have neglected to tell me…well that will just make the dinner conversation before paint nite that much more festive,” she turned to face the door straightening her shirt. “Dontcha think?”

Lt commander. Natasha Knight CMO

“Mmmm Hmm,” he made the sound as if he was doubtful, but in truth he thought Nats idea was perfect. It wasn’t a full blown mental exam and simply a meet and greet to meet the new counselor, and what better way than to meet him than with his family, to see the real Dante, as all counselors seemed to say.

“Let’s do it,” he said and pressed the chime to the room. “This way we can make paint night early, right?” Nat would recognize Dantes voice held the fake enthusiasm it always did when talking about paint night.

Captain Knight, CO

“Ughhhh okay I have one skeleton I have to share before we go in there,” Natasha spun to face him wedging herself between him and the door. Biting her lip, she held her breath for a second knowing at any second the door would open behind her and him ushering them into the room. “I don’t want to go to paint nite. I messaged her that Oscar was cutting a tooth and I might not be able to make it. I anted up the baby card.” Natasha bit her lip as her eyes looked back and forth between Dante’s. “I know we said we would use it as Team Knight but god I hate painting.”

Lt. Commander Natasha Knight.

“I knew I loved you for more than just your body,” Dante teased Nat, and gave her a wink. “First thing when we get home, I’m cancelling paint night. It was a silly thing anyway.”

There was no chime on the door, simply a door that, like the doors to the lounges, opened when you approached it. Through the door was a reception area, with a desk and chairs and several doors on the far wall. It suddenly explained the large area that the counselor had requested when he came aboard. As the aforementioned desk sat a middle-aged Bolian man, who appeared to be… Snoring?

He jolted to attention and took a breath, then looked through bleary eyes at the Captain and his wife and child. “Uuuummm.... Name?”

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Dante looked at Nat and raised an eyebrow slightly. This was a first for him.

“Oh Nobody important,” Dante said jovially. “My name is Fernsby Dankworth, this is my wife Olive Dankworth and our son, Miracle Dankworth.” How do you do Sir? We didn’t disturb you did we? Tell me, how do you like painting? I hear there is a smashing class on at the moment and I bet you could get a spot. You look like you love painting.”

Fernsby Dankworth, Chief Advisor to King Bruce

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