Around the Ship- A Pointed Hunt

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Posted by Ensign Ella Lokaa (Security Officer) in Around the Ship- A Pointed Hunt
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Corinne paced some more, her stomach twisted into the tightest knots. Had she an actual stomach, she might have throw up. She gazed back at Royal, her eyes brighter than usual. Fierce.

“Therapist-patient confidentially.” She pointed at him. “You promised. So do what you think is best. I trust you. But nothing I told you gets shared. I’m not doing this and I won’t be turned into some flashpoint. Youknow the consequences for others and I’d be the reason for any of it. There’s been too much pain already. I’m not going to add to it,” she said, her voice had begun to waver and she looked like she might cry.

~Corinne Dalton

” You have trust issues” Ella said perhaps a little out of line but the situation was beginning to distress her, which usually meant she returned to her normal to the point attitude all Elasian shared. “What’s going on here?”

  • Ensign Elaa Lokaaa

Damn right I do, Dalton thought, though she managed not to spit it at the poor unsuspecting security officer. Any anger she had wasn’t intended for anyone here and there was even a small part of her that recognized that they could very well be unsuspecting victims of her building rage. But she had a right to that rage!

Royal looked at Lokaa. “And she has earned every bit of that, Ensign.” he said softly and without admonishing. He then looked at Corrine. “And nothing will be shared. Right now, its just the simple fact that someone marked you deceased and now there is a current assessment clearing you for duty that made flags go up.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to stem the headache he felt coming on. “Right now, we just have to stay calm and try and figure out someway of explaining it to FedSec that won’t make it more of an issue.”

Sinclair, CoS

Dalton looked at him with surprise. “And what? The whole lost my physical body because I died in an accident on the holodeck, became a hologram, got trapped in the system by the Dwoud that attacked the ship and then I surfaced again because I and no one else figured out how to? Hell, they considered me lost after all. Everyone already knows this! And now so does Nancy Drew here” she said, gesturing to Ella.

Not seeing the reference Ella said simply, “I’m Ella Lokaa not Nancy Drew” The woman increasing frustrations were rubbing off on the Elasian as she frowned heavily at the other woman. What was her problem?

Growling in frustration, Dalton moved across the office, her agitation only rising. “They’re looking because they want to know more. And they’re not going to get it. And then what? I’m deemed hostile? A threat? Tell me Dr. Sinclair how you will save me then!” She was frustrated, angry for sure. But it was the oh so rare holographic tears that ran down her face and disappeared altogether after they hit the air that told the true story.

~Corinne Dalton

“Why don’t you just give them the information?” Ella suggested, she didn’t see the issue behind it. Daltons increasing anger towards herself and to Sinclair was beginning to wear on the young security officer, she wanted to shout Get a Grip but she knew it wouldn’t be received well, and clearly this matter needed a level head. “In truth, you’re not going to be able to hide the information forever, wouldn’t it just be easier and a goodwill gesture if we provided them the information, or parts of it anyway”

  • Ens. Ella Lokaa

Dalton’s words had a visible sting to Sinclair, who shook his head and said “That is not our decision to make, Ensign. Our job is to protect the ship and her crew… and right now, Lieutenant Dalton is justifiably concerned about how sharing that information would effect her future.” and the big Scotsman stood up. “Lieutenant… I and the Ensign here are trying to help you. But you have to be a part of that effort. And right now, you are too angry and scared to do that. Now… we arent due to dock at a station for the next few months anyway, so we have time to figure this out.” He moved to the door and opened it, and held an arm out to i dicate everyone should leave.

“Lieutenant… when you decide you can assist us without lashing out at the people trying to help you, give me a call. Until then, you are dismissed. Take a day or two and clear your head. Ensign… with me, please.” and he walked out the door.

Sinclair, CoS

“Yes sir” Ella looked to Dalton attempted a parting smile before following Sinclair out of the room. The whole interaction was bizarre, to say the least, she really had to restrain herself from saying things she shouldn’t and even then she managed to slip up. Not being able to speak her mind the ways he was used to back on Elas was always a troubling trait but she had been getting better, at least she didn’t insult anyone.

  • Ens Ella Lokaa

Left alone in the office, Cori was still seething, but it began to shift as she realized he had left without bringing her slippers out of evidence. They would remain there until someone decided she was allowed to have them. She didn’t know Royal well enough to know if had been just an oversight or an intentional demonstration, but he knew how important they were to her. For others, they were sentimental, yes, but still just an object. For Corinne Dalton, they were the last tangible item from the physical life she had once had. Request denied.

Cori left the office and headed back to the empty quarters she no longer had the motivation to decorate. It was her own space, yes, but if anything had been established today it was that regardless of her wants and needs she was a prisoner of this ship subject to the whims of whatever person du jour wanted to impose their will onto her. What should have been so simple had know developed into a thing and it was quite frankly exhausting.

The quarters though, after a little while, began to feel oppressive and she slipped quietly into Sickbay later in the day and set her mobile emitter back into its charging station. Her form shimmered and she disappeared into the system. She didn’t know what she wanted to do but maybe some time with Lacey near the beach would calm her mind and heart. Maybe.

~Corinne Dalton

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