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“We could take the shields and weapons off line and out of computer control… it would stop us from defending ourself it the conversation goes poorly.”


“I’d prefer to not be totally vulnerable, Graham,” Colter replied.

He turned his attention back to the Cori on his screen. “By trying to take over our computer systems, you’re doing damage to our warp core. You have got to stop fighting us, otherwise we’ll blow up and your sentience along with us.”

Colter (CIO)

The face of Dalton-not-Dalton looked back at him and frowned. “That is the entire point of activating the self-destruct you fool,” the Cori on the screen almost spat at him. “I lost my freedom a long time ago, no Alliance traitors are going to lock me down and use me to power their AI systems! The Captain ordered the Self Destruct, stop trying to sabotage me!” With that, she let out a disgusted huff and the screen went dark in front of Colter.

Graham threw up his hands in a fashion as to say he didn’t like the idea either, “I think we have a lot of bad options right about now.”


Those words were, perhaps, prophetic. Or maybe not depending on your outlook of such things.

The view screen sprang to life, in the centre chair a Klingon woman sat, wearing body armor and clearly in full Command of the crew around her. To her right stood a massive Klingon, heavily muscled and scarred and reaching almost 7 feet in height. His hair was woven into a single braid that ran down his back and his beard also woven into braids, with odd looking bits of things seemingly woven into them.

The woman in the Captains Chair, however paid the massive Klingon little attention, it was clear she held total command of her ship. In comparison to the Klingons around her she was no less armored, but her features were somewhat softer in comparison. Her face, however, showed nothing but anger and hatred for what she was looking at on her screen. There was a pause as she looked at the Bridge crew of the Saracen and in particular at Sha sitting in the Captain chair, then she pushed herself to her feet and paced closer to the screen, blinking once or twice, her gaze fixed now on Sha.

“This is Captain Ush’ast Triton of the Alliance Battleship Kvaar’ton,” she spat the words at them, “what is the meaning of this treachery? I will have your heads for this!” Her hand closed instinctively around the vicious looking dagger on her belt.

Captain Knight, CO

Graham looked around and spoke too softly for the comm systems to pick up, “Not me…” He grasped at his neck.

Sha grit her teeth a moment and had to shudder to keep from shaking her head. Rising to match the mirror self’s posture, she did shake her head. But this time it was deliberate. “This is no treachery, Captain, I assure you. As I am aware of the great technology and capabilities of the Klingon Empire in my time, I am guessing it is no less so here. That means you read the spatial anomaly in this very spot not a moment before we appeared. It seems we are here thru a rip in the fabric of space. I can assure you, we come with no intention to cause subterfuge or trickery.” Her voice was not the soft spoken voice of the security officer others had heard her as till now. This was a low growl of a no nonsense Klingon who was trying to avoid war at the same time she attempted to flatter the Captain before her and keep her own status at the same time.

She wasn’t exactly sure how much she could reveal, but if they scanned her and at the space around them, hopefully they would stand down long enough to allow her own ship to try and figure out the next move.

Sha Triton

DaVinci tore his eyes away from his console long enough to look up and see Sha’s mirror image in command of the Klingon ship. “Oh, that’s just peachy,” he said quietly.

Colter (CIO)


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