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Fleet Captain Melissa Aragon

Captain Kirt Gartner
Meridian Station, Starbase 257

Welcome aboard Meridian Station!

New CO of the USS Viking

Applications are being accepted

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USS Brian A Olinski
is a heavy dreadnought with a fighter wing during the Prime Timeline
USS Chernov
is an ALT-RPG and the club’s only Abramsverse Ship (2008 Star Trek, Into Darkness, and Beyond).
USS Odin
is a mythology class ship during the Prime Timeline.
USS Saracen
is a Pendragon Class Battle Cruiser set in the Prime Timeline
USS Sentinel
is a Independence class Heavy Frigate set in the era depicted by The Original Series.
USS Viking
is a Viking Class Heavy Explorer during the Prime Timeline
Meridian Station - Specs

VISAS Large Starbase

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Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Fleet Captain Melissa Aragon Fleet Commander Yes 50 and proud of it!! Taller than those shorter than me, shorter than those taller than me Heavier than those lighter than me, lighter than those heavier than me Melissa Aragon
Captain Kirt Gartner Assistant Fleet Commander Kirt Gartner

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