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Commodore Geoff Joosten

Captain Katy Darrah
Starbase 257

Welcome aboard Starbase 257!


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If you are interested in joining one of the Meridian Fleet ships, contact the command staff below!
Brian A Olinski
Commanding Officer: Commodore Sidney Parker
Executive Officer: Commander R Smith
Commanding Officer: Captain Travis Good
Executive officer: Captain Timothy Frogue
Commanding Officer: Commodore Steven Sigle
Executive Officer: Commodore David Shotton
Commanding Officer: Commodore David Shotton
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jay Luistro
Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Dave Eads
Executive officer: Admiral Joe P
Commanding Officer: Captain James Harrison
Executive Officer: I don't know who it is yet, they aren't on the roster as such.

The Chernov and the Sentinel are Alt-RPG ships. Chernov is set in the Abramsverse (2008 Star Trek, Into Darkness, and Beyond), while the Sentinel is set in the era depicted by The Original Series.
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Captain Katy Darrah


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Commodore Geoff Joosten Fleet Commander Human Geoff Joosten
Captain Katy Darrah Assistant Fleet Commander Katy Darrah

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