USS Sentinel

Commanding Officer's Notes

Captain Th'ellin Zarath

Welcome aboard! Don't scratch the paint...

I am reachable on Discord as Deads82, or some variant of Quokka.

Executive Officer's Notes

Commander Ivo Černý

I hope you guys like the rank image set. In other news, I need to pick a third new name for this character.

I'm reachable in Discord as JoeP

Sim Update

Sim Title: Milk Run

The Sentinel is sent on a generic cargo run to pick up some milk, wine, and other assorted cargo from the Deba colony

Current Orders


Ivo Černý

Get ready to study something.


Quinn Phy-Knight

Get ready to secure something.


Paul "Doc" Hudson

Get ready to heal something.



Get ready to fix something.

Landing Party


Miscellaneous Information

Spec: USS Sentinel (NCC-1794) is a Governor Class Destroyer..

AWOL Limits: CO/XO/GM: 3 days, Department Heads: 5 days, Junior Officers: 7 Days.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Th'elin Zarath Commanding Officer Andorian 38 5'9" 175 lbs Dave Eads OK (1)
Commander Ivo Černý Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer Human 34 5' 11" 165 Joe P AWOL (14*)
Lieutenant Commander Paul ‘Doc’ Hudson Chief Medical Officer Human 49 5’ 8” 158lbs Calé Reilly OK (4)
Lieutenant T'Pria Chief Engineer Vulcan 26 5'8 140 lbs Sharon Miller AWOL (5)
Ensign Amber Josen Communications Officer Human 22 200 lbs 5' 9" Melissa Aragon OK (6)
Chief Petty Officer Kohana Black Wolf Helmsman Human (Oglala Sioux) 31 5'11" 154 lbs. Terry Sullivan AWOL (11)
Petty Officer Robert Banner Navigator Human 34 5'7 170 Timothy Frogue AWOL (7)
Rear Admiral CockRoach GM American Roach 36 5'11 270lbs Robert Archer OK (2)

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