USS Sentinel NC-1794


“Steadfast against the darkness; for we are the sentinels of light”

The USS Sentinel is an Independence-class Heavy Frigate currently servings its five year mission to explore strange new worlds and discover new civilization. Follow our exciting new journey as we travel across the stars overcoming the harsh reality that is space, the final frontier.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer's collar  Captain:

Often you have yourself an image of what your first command might be The Sentinel was not it, but am I extremly glad that it is. I am honord to be given the opportunity to be serving aboard such a unique ship with a rich era of discovery ahead of us!

“Success is not final. Failure is never fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” - Winston Churchill

Executive Officer's collar  First Officer:

Nicole C as Lieutenant Commander Roman Alden

Text Place Holder

Quote Place holder

Division Chiefs

Security Chief's collar  Security Chief:

"Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them."

Space isn't as small as it used to be, there are people and things out there willing to do us harm, we can't predict the future but we can prepare for it. You are our first and only line, we sleep well at night knowing you stand ready.

Medical Chief's collar  Medical Chief:

“Laughter is the best cure for many ailments, except perhaps for treating phaser burns that stuff hurts"

When all else fails the Doctor is in the house, the magicians of the crew; it is down to you to keep us fighting fit even when we can't manage it ourselves!

Science Chief's collar  Science Chief:

Nicole C as Lieutenant Commander Roman Alden

"Weve been surrounded by images of space our whole lives, from the speculative images of science fiction to the inspirational visions of artists to the increasingly beautiful pictures made possible by complex technologies. But whilst we have an overwhelmingly vivid visual understanding of space, we have no sense of what space sounds like"

We're more than just a spaceship flying through space, we are the ambassadors of scince and exploration. We're going to see things that will baffle the mind and it is down to your unified intelligence to make music from the choas!

Engineering Chief's collar  Engineering Chief:

Sharon Miller as Lieutenant Commander T'Pria

"Engineers like to solve problems, if there are no problems handily available they will create problems of thier own."

Keep the lights on for when we're home because it's your job to keep this ship churning, there is no amount of pressure that is equivalent to what you do. When it comes to making sure we're at peak proficiency, the Captain will be turning to you.

Mission Chief(Stardate: 2263)

“When the Gamemaster Smiles it's already too late!”

“Gamemaster Cochroach”


Current Mission: Sigma Murders
Mission Description: The Sentinel is being sent to the Sigma system to investigate strange disappearances and possible murders.

Landing Teams

Communicator  Landing Team 1

Team Leader

Team Members

Redshirt One

Redshirt Two

Redshirt Three

Communicator  Landing Team 2

Team Leader

Team Members

Redshirt One

Redshirt Two

Redshirt Three

Redshirt Counter

Posting Limits

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please let either the CO or XO know

Current Vacancies

Senior Officers:

  • None at this time

Junior Officers:

  • JO's for all departments and swing roles within the TOS Era and at the discretion of the CO and XO..

If you are interested in joining the Sentinel then please contact the CO or XO

MOTD designed by Sharon Miller Edited by Jake Ridgley Last updated 05 April 2021

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Elijah 'Eli' Carmichael III Captain Human 38 5ft 11 90kgs J Ridgley LOA 2021-06-21 (2)
Lieutenant Commander Roman Alden Science Chief, First Officer Human 28 6'0'' 190 lbs Nicole Cline AWOL (4)
Ensign George Anderson Scientist Human 31 6'1" 180 lbs Miriam W OK (1)
Commander Paul ‘Doc’ Hudson Medical Chief Human 50 5’ 8” 158lbs Calé Reilly OK (3)
Ensign Keira Menton Nurse Human 22 5'6" 125 lbs Matt Bongiorno
Ensign Max Church Nurse Human 25 5'8" 115lb Russell Watt AWOL (8*)
Ensign Surgeon
Lieutenant Commander Engineering Chief
Ensign Cleolet Engineer Caitian 12 (Human years) 24 (Caitian) 6'9" 120lbs Nathan Derricutt OK (5)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Karl Johansson Engineer Human 38 1.87m/6'1" 80kg/176lbs Hjortur Ingi OK (0)
Lieutenant Charles Fordham Security Chief Human 32 5' 10" 195 Nathan Miller LOA 2021-07-12 (6)
Ensign Rauður Bolurson Security Human (Icelandic) 23 7'2" 208lb Russell Watt AWOL (8*)
Ensign Marcus Anders Security Officer Human 20 5'4 210 lbs Kieron Hoult OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Communications Specialist
Ensign Navigator
Ensign Rand Farquharson Yeoman Human (Scottish) 23 5'8" 130 Jennifer Ward OK (3)
Ensign Randal 'Randy' Farquharson Yeoman Second Rate Human (Scottish) 23 5'10 155 Brian Richards OK (2)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Helmsman
Gamemaster CockRoach GM American Roach 36 5'11 270lbs Robert Archer OK (1)

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