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Posted Oct. 24, 2020, 10:31 p.m. by Chief Petty Officer Kohana Black Wolf (Helmsman) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Captain Th’elin Zarath (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Several Days Later - Arrival At Deba Colony

Posted by Captain Th’elin Zarath (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Several Days Later - Arrival At Deba Colony

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Th’elin frowned. =/\=When did you receive that communication? Starfleet hasn’t been able to contact the Colony for weeks… In fact, I’d be grateful if you could send us the entire communique for analysis. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of what’s happened, but it appears that the entire colony was destroyed, leaving only a handful of survivors./=/\=

=/\= Certainly, we do not know exactly when your colony was lost but our communication with them likely occurred before it could happen perhaps? =/\= the voice said.

Since Amber still had full access to the colony’s logs she could verify that indeed a shipment communication went out a little bit before the parasite controlled cows went on the attack. So again this seemed to verify the Orion captain’s story as just being a merchant.

A chirp from the comm console came in from the surface. =/\= NE Lucky to the Sentinel. We got the children secured and are requesting beam out for their safety and ours. =/\= He said.

GM CockRoach

Amber gasped and relaxed visibly. =^=Copy, Lucky… stand by.=^= Before notifying the transporter room, Amber glanced at the Captain. “Do you want them brought to the hanger bay for isolation and treatment, or to the medical bay?” She wasn’t sure which had been set up for them.

Amber Comm

The Captain turned to Amber. “Shuttle Bay, let’s not take any chances. Make sure T’pria and Doc decontaminate as well.”

-Zarath, CO

=/\= Well since it seems we won’t be getting our shipment of milk and wine today with your colony’s loss we will depart unless there is any further questions for us Starfleet? =/\= The Captain asked.

Once any further questions were dealt with the Orion ship closed the channel and came about soon departing and going to warp, their destination unknown.

With the children and the remaining landing parties back aboard and eventually relayed to the shuttle bay the only issue remaining was what to do with the parasite laden cows and bulls below.

Kohana let loose with a sigh of relieve as he tracked the Orion ship until it was out of sensor range.

OOC: Just waiting for you guys to decide what to do if anything with the cows/planet to close off this sim

GM CockRoach

(correcting an error)
“Lets leave a probe in orbit to keep an eye on things here, set it to warn any passing ships about the contaminates on the surface. We’ll send a recommendation to starfleet command to quarantine this world until they come up with a way to decontaminate Deba colony.” The Captain said laying out his wishes.

“What a senseless loss of life… May it remind us that for all our advances, we are mortal.”

Swiveling his chair, Th’elin raised his head. “Helm, lay in a course for the nearest Starbase. Ahead, warp factor four.”

-Zarath, CO

“Aye sir. Warp factor four.” The helmsman set his hands in motion and amount later the warp engines kicked in as the Sentinel proceeded to the nearest base. . . .

Black Wolf (Helm)

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