Bridge: First Day of Duty

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 7:28 a.m. by Petty Officer Robert Banner (Navigator) (Timothy (Do Not Contact) Frogue)

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Posted by Petty Officer Robert Banner (Navigator) in Bridge: First Day of Duty
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After all the check ups here done, the new Petty Officer reported for duty on the bridge. He walked on ten minutes for his duty shift was to start. Gamma shift was now his life and he was going to do his best at it.

Petty Officer Robert Banner

“Mr. Banner, welcome aboard. How’re you settling in so far?”

The Captain spoke over his shoulder from his place in the center chair, antennae waving slightly. Th’elin opted for the green uniform tunic instead of the gold jersey, which would have clashed with his sky blue skin tone.

-Zarath, CO

Having a Captain speak directly to an enlisted Petty Officer made Banner very happy. He did not know what Captain’s ever spoke to anyone under the rank of Ensign, unless of course there was trouble or the enlisted person was in trouble.

“I am doing great Captain and thank you sir. May I take my station?”

Petty Officer Banner

“Please do, Mr. Banner.”

Amber came onto the bridge a few moments later. “Morning, Captain,” she said as she nodded to him. Seeing the new Nav officer, she walked over to him. “Hi, I’m Amber, comms. Welcome aboard.” Her green eyes shone brightly framed by a nearly porcelain face and deep ebony hair.


“G’morning, Ms. Josen.” The Captain nodded and smiled to her, then swiveled his chair and continued to go over the engineering report on his readout.
-Zarath, CO

Banner went over and took his seat, after having relieved the other officer.

Taking his position he said, “All systems appear normal sir.”

OOC: I did not jump into the sim much, I just decided to fit in until an opening occurs.


“Excellent. Maintain course and heading, and keep the sensor sweep on longe range for now.” The Captain swiveled his chair and took a report from a yeoman, checked and signed it, and then returned it. Then he took a sip of hot coffee and went back to his arm rest readout to scan the latest engineering logs.

-Zarath, CO

“Aye sir, maintain current course and speed.”


OOC: Ya know tim you could post in the arrival to deba colony thread on the bridge there. I mean the sim is almost over but it’d least get you involved in more depth with the sim then this here.

GM CockRoach

OOC: Because the SIM was close to being over, I did not want to upset the balance. But if you think it’s okay, I will do just that.


OOC: Well it is almost over but no reason you cant be there either

GM CockRoach

OOC: No reason not to do both! Let’s get the sim finished up so we can get the crew dialed back in, We’ll hopefully have some new faces coming in directly.

OOC: I will try to find myself a place on the sim.


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