Sim Wrap Up - A Frontier Awaits!

Posted Oct. 29, 2020, 9:52 p.m. by Petty Officer Robert Banner (Navigator) (Timothy Frogue)

Posted by Captain Th’elin Zarath (Commanding Officer) in Sim Wrap Up - A Frontier Awaits!

Posted by Rear Admiral CockRoach (GM) in Sim Wrap Up - A Frontier Awaits!

With the mystery of Deba colony solved, the Sentinel soon returned to DS-5. Starfleet upon their report decided to quarantine the planet and place it off limits for future surveys and colonizations. For now the ‘intelligent’ parasite infected cows would live life peacefully......hopefully. Once back at DS-5 the ship and crew would wait for their next mission in whatever form it may come.

GM CockRoach

Well with the sim wrapped up we got plenty of time now for some R&R and deep space 5, and side simming while I plan another sim up! I’m also still working on the replacement frigate spec for us to use in the future that is more era appropriate to when we’re playing. Till then everyone kick back relax, and let’s try to fill out the roster too!

GM CockRoach

Well, we made through the first Sim! Congrats everyone!
Feel free to side Sim on the Starbase for the time being, and character interaction is definitely encouraged.

We’ll be trying to fill some holes on the roster as well, so feel free to invite anyone you enjoy writing with.


OOC: I read through the posts. Would it be okay to do a side sim about the night/day we pull into port? That would be a fun side sim for my character. But that would require you–the CO–to be apart of it. Or I guess we could have an officer of the deck. Your call. I will await your response.


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