Rauður's Boarding Physical

Posted Nov. 25, 2020, 6 a.m. by Ensign Rauður Bolurson (Security) (Russell Watt)

Posted by Ensign Max Church (Nurse) in Rauður’s Boarding Physical

Posted by Ensign Rauður Bolurson (Security) in Rauður’s Boarding Physical
The Icelandic security officer entered sickbay for his boarding physical.

Rauður waited patiently to be seen by one of the medical staff.

  • Rauður Bolurson, Icelandic Red Shirt

Max was crossing the room with some supplies when she saw the tall security officer standing in the corner.

“Ensign, can I help you with anything?” she asked, “I’m Nurse Church.”

  • Nurse Max Church

“I’m Bolurson, newly appointed out of the Academy, I’m here for my boarding physical, my orders have already come across, Nurse Church,” Rauður replied to her.

  • Ensign Rauður Bolurson, Red Shirt

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