OOC: Independence-Class Specification Review open til 21/11/2020

Posted Nov. 25, 2020, 10:01 a.m. by Rear Admiral CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


Everyone, the specs for the Independence-Class designed by the roachie are once again up for review on the EDept Board. The specs are open for review under 21st November. is the thread for the spec review and you’re all invited to go there and review it and check it out. It’s our ship, so let’s make sure it fits the need of our RP.

Thank you

Avert your eyes again so I can change back, thanks. :)

Russell Watt AEDir

Thanks Russ!

Guys, please weigh in on this design, if you have a moment… We are looking at switching to this spec for the Sentinel.

Thanks, Dave

Currently in his red shirt as Rowtheboatson and just puts on his AEDir hat on.

Folks, the review has now ended and we’re waiting for EDir Nick to do his final review of the specs.

I’ve been referring to the Independence-Class as well as to the Governor-Class as I’ve been posting in the last little while to the Sentinel. It is a good spec to work off.

Removes AEDir hat from head

  • Russell Tribble Watt AEDir

The review period has now completed on the

Yes if you got any comments before nick closes it nows the time! Also just waiting on the CO/XO and company to get the briefing going :P

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