CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted March 7, 2021, 1:58 p.m. by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Pria (Engineering Chief) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH
Out of everything she had done this was the most nerve racking, Cleolet was about to meet her new DH for the first time. She was determined to make good first impression as a result her uniform was ironed. As soon as she stepped into engineering she immediately felt relaxed she didn’t know why but hearing the Hum of the warp core always soothed her she felt more at home in engineering than anywhere else. She looked round engineering watching her fellow engineers work her feline hearing and sight helped to pick out what exactly was going on she hoped she would do well. She walked over to the CE’s office took a deep breath and pressed the door chime.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

From around a corner, a yellow-jumpsuited engineer appeared, his eyes growing wide as he took in the sight of the creature before him. Ensign Frye had never encountered a Caitian before and he made no effort to prevent that fact painting his features into an expression of surprised curiosity.
“Ah…can I help you?” His voice was lowered to barely more than a whisper, his steps equally silent as he practically tip-toed over to the newcomer. “If you’re looking for the chief then she doesn’t use her office much. Can’t keep as watchful of an eye on us from there.” The young man rolled his eyes and began to laugh but swallowed it quickly.

“I’m Ensign Frye,” he held out a hand to Cleolet, whilst with the other pointing into main engineering and to a single desk placed up on the second-level gantry, at which a particularly frosty-looking Vulcan was sat, “And that is Lt Cmdr T’Pria. And she is every bit as much of a pain in the ass as she appears.”

  • Ensign Frye

Cleolet’s ears turned on her head towards the sound, then she turned herself. “Thank you. my namesss Cleloet” she said her voice a queit hiss. she wasn’t being aggressive it was just the natural cadence of her voice. She then took the offered hand “I doubt shess that bad. thatss jusst how vulcnass are . I better introduce my sself. ssee you around” she added as she turned to leave her tail swishing lightly as she walked. She had noticed the look on the ensigns face but she was used to it. it wasn’t every day people saw one of her race.

When she reached the Chief she stood in front of her and saluted “Ensssign Cleolet reporting for duty” She said respectfully. She could feel the cool floor on her bare feet. Her feline feet wouldn’t fit in standard boots so Cleolet had to go without. she hoped her DH would understand her situation. The last thing she wanted was to have her DH thing she was tardy when it couldn’t be helped.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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