Pre-Sim - Petty Arrival of a Senior Chief Petty Officer

Posted March 9, 2021, 7:47 p.m. by Senior Chief Petty Officer Karl Johansson (Engineer) (Hjortur Ingi)

A tall man in a red shirt uniform jogged across the halls of Deep Space K-5, he called out several times for people to make way as he ran from one end of the Station to the other. Karl Johansson was used to Starfleet bureaucracy but today he wasn’t pleased, His old ship the USS Thyme had to dump him on a Federation Transport vessel because of an unexpected mission change. The J-Class ship was already an antiquated model when he was young and it wasn’t in the best of shapes when he got on it. It took him almost three hours to clean the warp manifolds so that it could make it to the station in time. Then when he got the news that the Sentinel had received a new mission as he was arriving before 6 am. He had originally planned to simply transport over but the transporter system on his end of the station was under maintenance and when he went to call from his communicator he realized that he had left it on the Thyme, so a run across the station seemed the prudent choice.

Most of his personal effects were still on his old ship and wouldn’t be sent over until the next time the Sentinel would resupply but he had all that mattered in the knapsack slung across his shoulder. He managed to just reach the docking ramp as the last of the crew boarded. He checked in with the duty officer and entered the ship. He leaned against the bulkhead and sat down, trying to catch his breath “Cardio… you… need” He inhaled deeply “Cardio” He exhaled. He stood up and looked around, he had planned on using his travel time to memorize the ship layout but between the little sleep, he managed between fixing the Transport Ship and arguing with their ‘engineer’ he hadn’t had time. Heh, time… thyme He thought to himself as he stood back up. I’m bound to run into a lift somewhere He said as a picked a direction and started walking.

His first day was starting well.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Karl - Eng

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