Pre-Sim - Main Engineering - Karl Reporting In

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After throwing his bag in his quarters and getting a few more hours of sleep, Karl got himself a cup of coffee and made his way to Main Engineering. He made sure that he’d arrive at the start of the Chief Engineers duty shift. He walked past the officers filling up the corridors, moving out of the way for the more distracted people. He’d always respected the Officers of Starfleet, it was no easy feat to graduate from the Academy, the brightest minds of each generation roamed the halls of thousands of starships like this. But he never could get over how so many of his superiors in rank seemed to be so young, fresh graduates that didn’t even need to shave their armpits yet.

He took a moment to examine and admire the engine room and the warp engines themselves. After a moment of gawking, he made his way portside to the Chief Engineers office and knocked on the side of the door.

SCPO Karl - Eng

“The chief doessn’t really usse her office” Came a soft almost growl like voice form behind Karl. When he turned round he would see a tall ginger Catian standing behind him. Her tail swished slightly from side to side “Enssign Cleolet” she said offering her hand.

“The chief prefersss her work sstation on the ssecond level” she said indicating to where the Chief usually was.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Karl turned around to face the Catian Ensign. He nodded slowly “I see, thank you sir” He said with a tight smile. He looked upstairs to where she indicated.

And indeed, was Karl to cast his eyes towards the upper gantry, he would see a small and impeccably-arranged desk, at which sat an equally impeccable Vulcan female, currently reading through a large stack of PADD’s while sipping at a cup of spice tea. Below her, on the main engineering deck, yellow-suited crewmembers scurried to and fro in almost complete silence, walking almost on tiptoe and speaking almost in whispers.

At the sight of Cleolet conversing with the newcomer, Ensign Frye hurried over to join them.
“Please tell me you completed the morning’s diagnostics,” he pleaded in near- whisper to the Caitian. “You only have ten more minutes before she expects them on her desk.”
Then glancing at Johansson he added, “You new here? That should make the boss happy.”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE) & NE Frye (long suffering engineer)

Karl chuckled at the NE’s question “Glad to hear it, sir” He gave Cleolet and Frye a curt nod “If you’ll excuse me I think I’ll introduce myself to the boss. Sir, Ma’am” He said before turning to the second level. He climbed to the second floor and made his way to the Vulcan. He gave a slight cough to let her know that he was standing there “Commander T’Pria, I’m Chief Karl Jóhansson, reporting for duty” He had a neutral expression on his face. The woman seemed to be young but then of course she was a Vulcan, she could be twice his age and not look it.

SCPO Karl - Eng

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