Hand-to-Hand Training

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Ford walked around her, watching. “It’s sort of a push-pull motion,” he said, and stood in front of her, hands up, the pad still on his right hand. “When one side goes forward, the other goes back.” He slowly pushed his left hand forward, and at the end pulled his right shoulder and hip back slightly, rotating his left shoulder and hip forward.

Rand mimicked him. It was not natural, just like he said. She got her shoulder moving but it looked more mechanical than anything, but she got the push/pull right. She repeated it a few more times, the movement smoothing out.

He relaxed and walked to her dominant side. “Now, throw the punch, and right before you extend, rotate this hip back about an inch.” He tapped the hip over her dominant leg with the pad. “Don’t move your legs, don’t lean, just rotate”

COS Ford

She glanced down where he tapped her hip, more to see what he was explaining than anything else. Later she might think twice about it and blush. She moved her shoulders trying to time that rotation with her right hip. What she ended up doing was shifting her weight instead of rotating. She kept at it and then it suddenly clicked. It was like a dance move. She was very glad Randy wasn’t around because he’d have figured it out before now....The next one she jabbed out and her shoulder and hips rotated together properly. She repeated the motion slowly a few more times and then glanced at Ford still standing next to her. “Like that?”
Yeoman Rand

He nodded. “Looks good. Keep trying it out, on both sides. I’m going to walk around the room real quick.”

Rand nodded and continued to practice, to move through the motions, as Ford walked around the rest of the group. She was right it was just like the dance, well as far as the hips went. The difference was instead of her hands moving in some idiot feathery movement she was punching something, or would be. She focused on what she was doing, resisting the urge to listen to what Ford was saying and to whom he was speaking. She wasn’t there as a yeoman to take notes for him on how the class went, she was there to learn as a Star Fleet officer.

He did a tour among each student providing corrections - talking about timing with one student, not leaning with another, minor corrections to rotation to just about everyone - and then returned back to Rand.

“Okay,” he called out. “Now do them on the pad. Ten… nah, make it fifteen solid hits each side.”

He held the pad out for Rand and nodded.

COS Ford

She nodded back at Ford and then turned her focus to the pad. The first jab was about like the ones before it - a nice ‘smack.’ She got the rotation the next time but didn’t follow through with it. She shook her head at herself, rolled her shoulders and tried again. This one hit and the difference was noticeable. She looked up at him and grinned and then went back to it. She finished out the 15 with varying degrees of power but she was confident she understood what she was doing even if she hadn’t mastered it. She switched sides and the second one landed with enough force to get someone’s attention.

After making sure his legless friends were settled in his quarters, George glanced through a ship schematic. Noticing that there was a Gym on board and excited about the prospect of getting some healthy exercise, he grabbed his gym bag and started on his way. The officer went through the change rooms and got dressed before emerging into… what seemed like a combat training class. He glanced over to see a man who seemed to be in charge. He took a step towards him, then paled slightly as he realized that he recognized that face from the picture he’d seen of the Chief of Security. George had reported to one of his Department Heads - the Science Chief. But not this one. Oops.

Anderson, Sci/Sec

After a few more, but before she was finished, she stood up standing at a slight attention and nodded behind Ford - habit and training. “Lt. I think he’s looking for you, or accidently found you,” she said guessing from the ensign’s body language. Then she went back to finishing her set, either with or without the pad depending on Ford’s preference.
Yeoman Rand

Ford nodded as she continued to work on the pad, eyebrows raising as she hit with a solid smack. When she stopped he cocked his head and then looked over his shoulder to where Rand indicated. “Mr. Anderson,” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” He nodded for Rand to continue, then looked back to the newcomer. “Will you be joining us?”

He expected the man, as a dual-specialist, to have some basic combat training already, so missing what they’d already done wouldn’t set him back far.

George wasn’t sure why Ford had said his name in that specific way. It felt like a reference, but clearly one he didn’t know. He didn’t worry about it though. “I suppose I might as well. I just came for some exercise, and I suppose some combat training would be nice to brush up on the basics.” He gave the man a wide grin. “I focused more on Diplomatic Security at the Academy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw a punch.”

COS Ford

He knew 21st century movies! Rand grinned, her rhythm off by a few seconds as she contemplated that. She loved theatre, stage or recorded. She refocused on the pad and jabbed at it, making a solid hit and following though adding a bit more force to it. Rand’s voice was too feminine to pull off the correct roughness and depth for ‘Agent Smith,’ but she felt this line was very apt in regards to Ford’s seemingly innocent questions. “You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability…” Maybe because she was not so intensely focused on the pad because she had been momentarily distracted, but this time when she rotated into the jab it flowed better, and she actually moved his arm from the force of it.
Yeoman Rand

Okay, something was definitely going on. “Uh, you can just call me George… you guys are saying my name… weirdly.” He glanced from Yeoman to Security Chief, sure there was some hidden joke between them but unable to figure it out.

Ens. Anderson, Sec/Sci

Ford’s eyes flicked to Rand and widened slightly. She actually caught that, he thought, before focusing back on the security-slash-science ensign. “George it is then.” He tossed the man the pad he’d been using with Rand. “This is Rand, and just call me Ford. We’re working on jabs from a basic boxing stance. She’s just about done, and then she can hold the pad for you to get some in.”

Rand’s expression didn’t change, but she had a sudden flash of anxiety. She’d offended him? Or maybe he didn’t get the reference. She was unsure to explain. “Nice to meet you George. I’ve only got three more in this set.” She made her last three jabs and then took the pad from him. Remembering Ford’s earlier instructions she held the pad out, chin high for George.

George did a jab, starting a little soft then slowly increasing the strength behind his jab. He was a big guy and Rand was smaller than him, so he didn’t want to jab too heavily. His stance was good, well practiced.

He walked around the class again, making minor corrections where needed. He watched to make sure George got his reps in as well before walking to the front again.

“Okay, so that’s the jab. Now we’re going to work on the cross. This is punching with the rear hand - it crosses the body, hence the name.” He assumed the basic stance and demonstrated the motion of the hand from guard to target. “And just like the jab, we’re going to rotate our hips and shoulder. You’re going to notice almost immediately that this punch hits much harder than the jab, because of the amount of hip rotation we can add. Try some air punches first, and I’ll come around, and then we’‘ll move to the pads again.”

COS Ford

Rand set the pad down and switched her stance to place her dominate leg to the back and practiced the cross. Her arm stayed straight and she was careful to make sure her knuckles stayed lined up. Even though she wasn’t hitting the pad at the moment, she didn’t want to scrap her knuckles again, or sprain her wrist on the pad. She added the rotation, the jab only requiring a small rotation so that’s all she was giving to the cross. Without the pad for a target she wasn’t aware she wasn’t putting enough rotation to it.
Yeoman Rand

George stood next to Rand and did a few small stretches, then performed a few cross punches into the air, focusing on form and technique. He didn’t pay much attention to correcting Rand, not sure if Ford would be unhappy with him for doing his job for him. Plus, for all he knew, he himself had picked up some bad techniques over the years and needed some correction of his own.

His stance was a little lazy, his punch not always hitting the same spot in the air.

George, Sci/Sec

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