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NE Baldurdash spoke up from the pilot’s chair. “..Well folks looks like we’ll have a little of a bumpy ride through landing, local storm is moving in so longer we wait the worse it’ll get. All aboard that’s coming aboard and all that! Puke bags are under your seats!” He said with a grin.

GM CockRoach

A bumpy ride? How bumpy she wondered because those old rust buckets they did training in had no inertial dampeners. And luckily for Rand she’d never been one to get space sick. Rand was on her way into the shuttle when the Ford and the other security officers arrived and she paused waiting to make sure there were no other instructions.

Ford entered a moment later followed by NE Smith and NE Siruk, all three already with phasers holstered. “Good work, Bolurson,” he called, seeing the other security member there. He ordered the security crew onto the waiting shuttle and popped open the phaser case he was still carrying, removing one.

“Ensign Farquharson,” he said, extending it toward her.

COS Ford

She walked back over to Ford hearing her name. She looked at the phaser and back at him. She could shoot it of course, spending time with her father and her brother in the highlands meant that target practice was a favorite past time. But…”Lt I’m not cleared for a phaser.” Like they’d spoken before she’d barely shamed the academy instructor into a couple weekend hand to hand practices. Female officers, and female yeoman at that, didn’t rate getting weapons or combat training.

Yeoman Rand

Ford was writing on a sheet of paper with the other hand. “We’ve been called to investigate a series of murders and disappearances, Ensign. This entire colony is an active crime scene. I would much rather you have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” He glanced at her. “It’s set to stun,” he added. “Don’t change that, and you won’t be able to do permanent damage.”

COS Ford

Having told him the information he needed and then his insistence Rand mentally shrugged. “Yes, Sir.” He was in charge and she’d follow orders. She wondered vaguely if his offer for hand to hand classes might extend to phaser training. She took the phaser and strapped on a holster. She shifted the tricorder around to make sure it wasn’t in the way of the phaser. She turned and boarded the shuttle taking a seat in the middle so that she neither got in the way of the shuttle control or security’s access to the rear hatch.

Yeoman Rand

The Captain fidgeted in his chair, it hadn’t been long since the communication had ended and he’d sent his landing team but he was growing anxious, why hadn’t they departed yet was something wrong with the shuttles and the transporter? =C=Landig team report, is there a reason for your delay?=C= he didn’t mean to sound rude but his anxiety may have come of as such.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Rand sighed, captains were so impatient. They could take all the time in the world but thought the rest of the crew could just blink and it happen, like some kind of Genie.

Her role was to record everything and handle basic communication with the ship. So with that in mind she pulled out her communicator and flipped it open. =C=Yeoman Rand here, Captain. There appears to be a storm moving across the planet. Our pilot is adjusting our course to compensate, we will be leaving momentarily.=C= She closed the communicator and nodded toward Ford and the pilot as if to say, she’d bought them about 30 seconds.
Yeoman Rand

Satisfied with his answer there came no response but t would be clear to the away team that Elijah wanted them departed 5 minutes ago.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

NE Baldurdash looked on waiting for the final landing party members to arrive so they could get this show on the road.

GM CockRoach

Anderson rushed into the shuttle bay, his shirt only half on and juggling a science tricorder and a handheld phaser in his arms as he nearly tripped on the ramp coming into the Shuttle. “Sorry I’m late, had to change from my science uniform to my security one,” he huffed as he sat down heavily. Noticing the uniform shirt wasn’t even in his arm, he dropped his equipment and hastily fixed his uniform, then leaned down and grabbed the phaser and tricorder, stuffing them onto his belt.

Anderson, Sec/Sci

Roman headed in just as Anderson arrived. As excited as he was for the Sentinel’s first landing party, he kept a level face.

NE Baldurdash shrugged. “..Nah you’re not late yet Ensign. We’re still gearing up it seems and waiting on other folks to arrive..” The NE pilot stated.

GM CockRoach

“I assume that excuses my tardiness as well?” said Roman, giving half a grin to show he was joking around.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

OOC: So who we still waiting for here? I’d like to get this going already :P

GM CockRoach

Just then Cleolet darted in. Her tail flowing behind her. She stopped looked at the other “I’m ssory for my delay. I wass in one of the accssess tubes doing maintenance and didn’t receive the notification until a few moments ago.” she said going over to the weapons locker and grabbing a phaser. She then checked her scanner and made sure she had everything.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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