CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Pria (Engineering Chief) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Pria (Engineering Chief) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH
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Out of everything she had done this was the most nerve racking, Cleolet was about to meet her new DH for the first time. She was determined to make good first impression as a result her uniform was ironed. As soon as she stepped into engineering she immediately felt relaxed she didn’t know why but hearing the Hum of the warp core always soothed her she felt more at home in engineering than anywhere else. She looked round engineering watching her fellow engineers work her feline hearing and sight helped to pick out what exactly was going on she hoped she would do well. She walked over to the CE’s office took a deep breath and pressed the door chime.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

From around a corner, a yellow-jumpsuited engineer appeared, his eyes growing wide as he took in the sight of the creature before him. Ensign Frye had never encountered a Caitian before and he made no effort to prevent that fact painting his features into an expression of surprised curiosity.
“Ah…can I help you?” His voice was lowered to barely more than a whisper, his steps equally silent as he practically tip-toed over to the newcomer. “If you’re looking for the chief then she doesn’t use her office much. Can’t keep as watchful of an eye on us from there.” The young man rolled his eyes and began to laugh but swallowed it quickly.

“I’m Ensign Frye,” he held out a hand to Cleolet, whilst with the other pointing into main engineering and to a single desk placed up on the second-level gantry, at which a particularly frosty-looking Vulcan was sat, “And that is Lt Cmdr T’Pria. And she is every bit as much of a pain in the ass as she appears.”

  • Ensign Frye

Cleolet’s ears turned on her head towards the sound, then she turned herself. “Thank you. my namesss Cleloet” she said her voice a queit hiss. she wasn’t being aggressive it was just the natural cadence of her voice. She then took the offered hand “I doubt shess that bad. thatss jusst how vulcnass are . I better introduce my sself. ssee you around” she added as she turned to leave her tail swishing lightly as she walked. She had noticed the look on the ensigns face but she was used to it. it wasn’t every day people saw one of her race.

When she reached the Chief she stood in front of her and saluted “Ensssign Cleolet reporting for duty” She said respectfully. She could feel the cool floor on her bare feet. Her feline feet wouldn’t fit in standard boots so Cleolet had to go without. she hoped her DH would understand her situation. The last thing she wanted was to have her DH thing she was tardy when it couldn’t be helped.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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IC: Placing to one side the PADD she was currently reading and taking a moment to sip delicately at her tea, T’Pria eventually turned her head towards the speaker and raised an eyebrow into her hairline at what she saw.
“You are a Caitian.” It was not a question. “I have not yet had the pleasure to work with one such as yourself. However, I am sure that I shall find the experience fascinating. As long as you do not shed all over my engineering deck.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I groom myself every morning to avoid that” Cleolet said respectfully

Activating her terminal, she pulled up Cleolet’s service record and read the entire file from beginning to end without comment. Although if the Caitian knew anything about Vulcans then she would most likely guess that this was not T’Pria’s first reading of her file. Finally she sat back and, bringing her fingers up to steeple under her chin, studied the young engineer with equivalent focus.
“Your academy results are most impressive,” she remarked as one might comment on an unremarkable diagnostic result. Although in the words that followed, her tone adopted a trace of genuine interest, “I see you also speak Romulan. An interesting choice. Shaoi ben.”

“Shaoi ben” replied Cleolet, the greeting was formal but she expected that. “I find it fascinating, it also interesting that it is similar in some ways to Vulcan. At least grammatically and structure wise.” She added. “Pluss it sseems the humans believe that, now what did they ssay ‘Romlunas are behind every nebula.’ So it could prove useful” she said.

T’Pria raised an eyebrow.
“I doubt that even the Romulans could be so resourceful,” she commented.

“Sso do I. The Humanss jusst sseem to over exaggerate a lot” she said in agreement

Rising to her feet, the engineering chief motioned silently to an individual on the deck below. Seconds later and an anxious-looking NE Frye appeared on the gantry.
“Ma’am?” he murmured as a small child might before their headmistress.
“Take watch, Ensign Frye,” the Vulcan nodded towards her now-vacated desk as she began to usher Cleolet down the ladder and towards the previously-shunned office. “I would like the morning reports completed by the time I return.”

Then turning to the new engineer once again, T’Pria explained “I do not understand the humanoid desire for secrecy when discussing their own careers and qualifications. But I have found most to be hesitant with detail when at my desk and in earshot of their peers. So to that end, I have designated the office an informal meeting room and meditation space. Please enter.”

“It confuses me as well Ma’am. But then I grew up in a large litter so I guess I’m used to not having privacy” Cleolet said as she entered the room.

Inside, the room could not be more different to the stark, clinical lines of the engineering deck. Bright tapestries hung on every wall, the space wholly empty save for a singular, low, table and ring of floor cushions spread around it.
“Sit,” the Vulcan ordered, moving to the far right wall and lifting a tapestry to reveal the hidden replicator. “I shall procure some more tea. So now, you may freely depart any relevant information to me on your own history and your decision to specialise in engineering.”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE)

Cleolet took in the room taking time to take in the tapestries “These tapestries are beautiful. I don’t ssay that lightly in my culture art iss highly prized sso if we say we like ssomething then we really like ssomething” she said genuinely impressed by their beauty.

“Thank you,” the Vulcan replied with genuine sincerity. “These tapestries are all woven by hand. It is an ancient art that teaches discipline, concentration and control.”
She reached out and ran her hand along the edge of one of the pieces. “Of course, they were not woven by me. Not all of them, anyway.”

“It ssoundss fascinating. I may haave to look into it” Cleoet said with genuine intrest

“What would you like to know Ma’am?” she asked after a short pause.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

T’Pria loaded the teapot and cups onto a tray and carried them over to the low table. Slowly, and with a great deal of care, she poured two cups then settled herself onto one of the floor cushions, her legs crossed in front of her. Sipping at the tea, she continued to talk.
“There are many similarities between the art of tapestry weaving and the practices of starship engineering. Both require a keen eye, a steady hand and, often, a single-minded focus against all manner of distractions. As a Vulcan, I find the subject a logical fit. But I am always fascinated by others who feel similarly drawn to it.”

Placing down her tea-cup, T’Pria locked eyes with the Caitian.
“So, Miss Cleolet, what I would like to know is, what drew you to engineering? What do you enjoy about it? And where do your specialties lie?”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE)

Cleolet took a sip of her tea “This tea is very nice” she said then she thought for a second “I’ve grown up on sstar sships my whole life. I’ve alwayss been interessted with how they work. I used to assk the chief engineer of my fathers sship questions. He was more then happy to explain it to me. Then when I was about 7 I started to crawl though the access hatches and tubes, it was an adventure and i learnt a lot about how ships worked.” She said a smile on her face.

“I find it amazing that sstar sships are so powerful, yet we have manged to harness that power for good. Many ssay the captain is in charge of their vessel. But I’ve always believed its the chief engineer. without them and the rest of the engineers, the ship goes nowhere. I guess I just enjoy the challenge of being an Engineer.” she added after a short pause.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

The Vulcan smiled and, for a moment, there seemed to be a genuine understanding between the two women.
“It can not be said of all races that such power is harnessed for good,” she replied, before sipping her tea and adding, “but I suppose that is why the Federation, and Starfleet, exists.”

An almost-smile, as if the mention of the Federation was in some way a comfort. Then quickly she continued, “So, Ensign, do you have any questions for me?”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE)

Cleolet nodded “I have a couple. How do you think you exissting crew are going to react to me. I know not many of my sspecies have been sseen before and even fewer have sserved on star ships. I don’t want to cause a scene or a commotion. But judging from the reaction of one of the officers I bumped into before I met you I have horrible feeling I might be a distraction. Do you think I sshould sslowly easse myself into your crew or sshould I just go for it and be abrupt form the start?” she asked respectfully. She really was being genuine the last thing she wanted was for something to go wrong because a crew member was distracted by her.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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