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NE Baldurdash spoke up again, “..Alright folks let’s get boarded up and secured. Time to launch! With all this delay we’re going to end up through the heart of the storm passing over the colony now. Remember puke bags are below your seats!..” He said as once everyone was aboard and strapped in the side door sealed shut and the hum of the impulse engines came alight.

With a hiss the shuttle hangar door opened below them and the shuttle hovered down and out. Soon entering the atmosphere and the whole shuttle began shaking and jumping this way and that from the storm and reentry turbulence.

GM CockRoach

Ford tightened the harness on his seat as the shuttle was pushed sideways again. The ensign was not kidding about the turbulence. “Time for some entertainment to take our minds off this,” he called. “Anyone know any good songs?”

CSO Ford

The turbulence wasn’t too bad yet, after you sat through the waves of the Scottish coast in a winter storm, well you either learned to have a strong stomach or pass out at the first strong wind. This was the first time she’d flown through one in a shuttle though. ‘Songs?’ Nope Rand was not singing. She could but she certainly was not going to. Besides the only thing she could think of was totally inappropriate and they were on duty, so it would be even more inappropriate. Randy could probably get away with it, but not her. Instead she went back to her PaDD and continued her basic entries for the log. After a particularly strong jolt and having to correct her entry, Rand gave up. She leaned back, closed her eyes, and relaxed. It was easier to ride out the turbulence if she was relaxed rather than tense.

Yeoman Rand

Learning that he was actually being placed as the science officer on this away mission, George tugged off his Security shirt while they were flying down to the surface. His science blues were worn just underneath, since he’d been too lazy to find somewhere to put the blue shirt. Lucky for him! George tucked away his phaser. “Well, I know one good song. Ninety nine bottles of Romulan Ale on the wall, Ninety-nine bottles of Aaalle—“

Before the singing could really get started the shuttle broke through the cloud layers and the Sigma 9 colony and mining operation came into view. The mining site was on a murky fog shrouded over look on a mountain side with the main colony proper below on a small valley. The shuttle came about sweeping the colony site where a few small figures could be seen wandering about on various tasks. “..Landing site is inside the colony proper. Touch down in 30 seconds.” NE Baldurdash said.

Sure to his word 30 seconds later the shuttle tumped down and the side hatch to the shuttle opened. Outside rain and a thick stormy fog were in evidence already sending many to cover from its might unless they had tasks elsewhere more important to ignore. Waiting with two others were civilian constables in brown leather tunics. One stepped forward, “..I’m Deputy Constable Garmin, this is Deputy Constable Vanessa. Please follow us to the administrator’s office. He’s eager to meet you all so you can help out with the mess we got.” Garmin said.

GM CockRoach

Rand’s job, as far as a landing party went, was to record all necessary information for any reports and to maintain communication with the ship. And considering how ‘unhappy’ the captain was with their slight delay she thought it prudent to let him know they had arrived. =C=Landing party to Sentinel. We have landed safely inside the colony on Sigma 9, Captain. We’ve been met by Deputy Constables Garmin and Vanessa and they are taking us to the administrator’s office. Rand out.=C=
Yeoman Rand

When they landed, the Scientist stepped out alongside Rand and gave a wave to the Deputy Constables. “We’re glad to be here, and eager to help.”

As they moved towards the administrator’s office, George leaned over to Rand. “Eh, could you remind me, what exactly is going on in the colony that they need our help with??”

Ens. George Anderson, Sci

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