Sickbay: Medical Check-in for six

Posted April 7, 2021, 11:21 p.m. by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) (Miriam W)

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Posted by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) in Sickbay: Medical Check-in for six

Posted by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) in Sickbay: Medical Check-in for six
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“Well, I think this is going to be a great time, don’t you?” George commented, glancing down at the plastic bin he had tucked under one arm. The bin had small holes in the lid, and there was a vaguely earthy smell coming from within. The officer himself had his casual clothing on, just a black tee-shirt and thick denim jeans. He was standing on the observation deck of the Sentinel, having physically arrived on the vessel a few hours previously. He just liked to have a good tour of the place before resting. Plus, the environment in the terrarium needed to settle a bit before he could transfer his darlings over into it.

Speaking of his darlings, he should probably stop by medical - for their check in as well as his own. The tall man turned and headed down to Medical, whistling all the way. When he arrived, the plastic bin was placed down on an empty table while George leaned against said table, humming to himself.

George, Sci

“Could you take these supplies and put them on the counter?” Maxine called out from her position on the ground near George, “careful though, they are fragile.” Following the voice, George would see Max’s legs disappearing up into her nurse’s miniskirt.

George glanced down and blushed at the sight of legs, then averted his eyes and grabbed the small packages, putting them next to the bin.

There were some small packages near her legs and once they were moved, she pulled herself out of the cupboard she was half in and rose to her feet.

“Are these supplies for sickbay,” she asked, motioning to the plastic bin on the table, “oh yeah, I’m Max Church, Nurse on the Sentinel, how can I assist?”

  • Max Church, Nurse

“Ah, no,” George almost caressed the top of the bin. “They’re my pals. Thought I should bring them in for a scan while I was here for mine.” He carefully unlatched the top of the bin, then reached in to pull out a smaller, clear plastic container a little wider than his hand. Within the container was a small mound of paper towel, and a small, black and yellow snake. The snake seemed calm, flicking its tongue out every now and then. “This is Lois. I’m George.”

Ens. George, Sci

Max instinctively drew back at the sight of Lois, a deep seated fear of snakes threatened to overwhelm her, but she closed her eyes briefly and regained her composure .

“Is that a snake?” A voice asked as into sickbay came Paul carrying the supplies Max had been asking about. “A snake. In sickbay. I’m a doctor not a veterinarian.”

Doc Hudson

“Thanks Doc,” she said to Paul, taking the supplies form him, “this is George and his snake is Lois. They’re here for their scans.”

During her time at the academy, Max never thought she’d be saying that … about a snake. She looked at the supplies, “I’ll be putting these away, if you’ll excuse me gentlemen, Lois.”

  • Nurse Maxine Church

“Not just Lois, I’ve got five more in here. They’re my buddies. They go on every ship with me,” George explained with a cheerful calmness. He was self aware enough not to pull the snake out of the small container she was in, although he’d love to let them slither around his wrist.

As Maxine walked off to attend to the stocktake, she started whistling the liberty bell march.

  • Max Church, Nurse

After Maxine had stepped away, George gave the doctor a relaxed smile. “Good thing I left Cleese at home. I think Nurse Church would have fainted. Would you like to say hi to Lois and Clarke?” He reached into the bin, pulling out a second garter snake in a small container just like Lois’s container.

George, Sci

<Bump for the doctor>

Paul’s scowl softened slightly. “Well I’ve never seen therapy reptiles before son.” He said and took a step forwards. “ You better hope you don’t need a vet service. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wasn’t a veterinarian.” He watched the snakes a moment. “boarding exam I take it?”

Doc Hudson

“Ah, I hope I don’t need vet service either. Thankfully, they’re remarkably healthy creatures. I should know, I’ve had them long enough,” George gave Hudson a wide grin, then nodded at the man’s question. “Boarding exam, yeah,” he carefully returned the two to the tub, then closed the larger lid. “There, nice and secure. They actually are ESAs, funnily enough. That’s how I got them certified to come along with me,” he sat down on the nearest biobed and, while Doc Hudson scanned him, Anderson talked in a quiet tone. “I have some pretty bad anxiety issues, and ever since I was a kid, caring for reptiles has had a therapeutic effect. So… I’ve had reptiles ever since I was a kid, and it really helps.”

Anderson, Sci/Sec

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