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Sure to his word 30 seconds later the shuttle tumped down and the side hatch to the shuttle opened. Outside rain and a thick stormy fog were in evidence already sending many to cover from its might unless they had tasks elsewhere more important to ignore. Waiting with two others were civilian constables in brown leather tunics. One stepped forward, “..I’m Deputy Constable Garmin, this is Deputy Constable Vanessa. Please follow us to the administrator’s office. He’s eager to meet you all so you can help out with the mess we got.” Garmin said.

GM CockRoach

Rand’s job, as far as a landing party went, was to record all necessary information for any reports and to maintain communication with the ship. And considering how ‘unhappy’ the captain was with their slight delay she thought it prudent to let him know they had arrived. =C=Landing party to Sentinel. We have landed safely inside the colony on Sigma 9, Captain. We’ve been met by Deputy Constables Garmin and Vanessa and they are taking us to the administrator’s office. Rand out.=C=

Yeoman Rand

When they landed, the Scientist stepped out alongside Rand and gave a wave to the Deputy Constables. “We’re glad to be here, and eager to help.”

As they moved towards the administrator’s office, George leaned over to Rand. “Eh, could you remind me, what exactly is going on in the colony that they need our help with??”

Ens. George Anderson, Sci

Rand turned her head to look at George. She hadn’t been told but it was her job to know. Rand lowered her voice not wanting her words to carry. Most of the population had disappeared because of the storm, but no need to upset people who were probably already nervous enough. She could understand that. “Disappearances and deaths.”

Roman headed with the landing party toward the administrator’s office, giving a friendly nod of ‘hello’ to the deputy constables. “We are certainly eager to lend our aid,” he said.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Another part of her job to make sure the senior officers were reminded of anything that might help. In this case information about the colony leaders. She was sure they had read the reports but it didn’t hurt to have a refresher, and it was her job. It was also best that she showed she was useful since most people found the job of a Yeoman useless in these situations. She stepped up next to Ford and Alden, not sure which was truly in charge. She could take a guess it was Ford because this was a criminal investigation. Again she spoke clearly but discreetly. “Mining Administrator Bor is a mid-aged Tellarite with several degrees and a background in science and historical ruins; he took over in the 2240s. Constable Lickie, the head of security, is a human in his mid 50s who was raised here on the colony since his teens. He is described as a by the books sort and not one given to flights of fancy or the like.”

Yeoman Rand

Cleolet walked out of the shuttle and joined the rest of the away team. the ride down hadn’t bothered Cleolet in the slightest. the singing however, she could have done without. With her enhanced hearing it had felt far louder and more unnecessary then it did to the rest of the team. However she did enjoy the sound of the rain falling to the ground. it was soothing to her, nothing like a good storm to get the mind relaxed and ready for work.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Garmin and Vanessa soon entered a wooden lined hallway which lead to a wooden oak like door. Knocking on it the sign read ‘Colony Admin Office’. To either side were small white marble stands with wonderfully polished small Tellarite bird like statues on them. Clearly reproductions of some older pieces. After a second knock a gruff voice from inside spoke up. “..Yes yes come in!” Came the man’s reply.

Entering they found the office was open with wooden pillars which were painted a bright marble like white for effect, small stands and tables suited of course for a Tellarite in height overall were equally in evidence. Behind the short desk on a upright leather wooden rocker-roller chair sat Administrator Bor. “..Ahh our investigator’s arrive. Good good. About time Starfleet got someone out here after my call!” He said in the usual gruff Tellarite manner. “..anyhow do come in wipe your feet and take seats where you like. I’m sure you got many questions before you get started so ask away.” He said more calmly and politely then.

GM CockRoach

Ford stepped off the shuttle, looking around at the miserable scene before following the constables into the building. He thought the leather tunics were a bit much, but it might be perfect for the climate here. He mentally shrugged as they entered the office.

His brows furrowed as the Tellarite spoke. He glanced at Alden briefly. “With all due respect Mr. Bor,” he began with a glare, “you just had a starship routed here, to handle something your constables should normally be handling. So what’s going on?”

COS Ford

Roman paid attention to the conversation. He quite agreed with Ford, and he also wished to hear the reasoning behind it.

‘Wipe your feet…’ Rand mentally shrugged. The man had made a effort to make his office look something close to Greecian in style with his replica art work and fake marble pillars. The weather was rather dismal and probably offered itself up to mid and dust. She wiped her shoes on the mat in front of the door as she entered. She found an unobtrusive side to stand on, setting her tricorder to record and observed the occupants of the room, the conversation, and the physical surroundings while the ranking officers did their job. She noted it all down for the reports later.

Yeoman Rand

Cleolet followed the others into the room and wiped her paws. She saw the art and was disappointed, it would have been better if it was original. But Cleolet knew art that old was almost impossible to come by. She felt it was best to let the senior officers do the introduction and decided to stand next to Yeoman Rand “Hope you don’t mind me joining you” she said quietly but polity “If my tail hitss you let me know” she added.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Rand looked up as Cleolet walked over. She nodded with a slight smile, side stepping to make a bit more room for the tall Catian engineer. “Rand, nice to meet you. I’m we’ll be fine.” She knew this was Cleolet of course though she hadn’t met the engineer before. One of her endless jobs was to know the ship’s manifest. She hoped her briefness wouldn’t be taken as rudeness, but she was trying to keep track of the conversation for the reports, and make sure she didn’t miss anything.

Yeoman Rand

~ Lt Cmdr Alden XO

Bor gave a slight grunt at Ford’s reply, “..Normally yes they could, but when half your investigating force also vanished in follow ups I think its time to call in heavier guns and more skilled folks dont you agree?” Bor said. Waving the matter off he took a breath, “..A few weeks ago we opened up new veins in the dilthium and lithium mines nearby, quite rich veins as it turned out. We mined a bit deeper and found they opened into a vast underground cavern, the first two mining teams that went in reported odd flickers on their equipment, power shortages, malfunctions, but we had been working the equipment hard so the team leads thought nothing too much of it. A bit later as they were examining the cavern we got the following comm burst after a ground tremor shook the mines and the colony area here.” He said nodding to Garmin to load up the data tape.

=/\= Static Shadows moving, we’re cut of----static not sure if thi—through! send help! =/\= A worried voice on a static filled line came up, probably male.

”..I’m sure that was team lead Cur, my cousin, for team 1. They were investigating a side shaft which seemed to show signs of some kind of energy emissions similar to low key fusion generation..” He said then Garmin spoke up.

”..Constable Barrack took half our security force down the mines with several volunteers for a rescue, we figured they hit a pocket of gas that was causing hallucinations after the tremor. They were armed but also equipped for emergency rock cave in rescues. They never reported in after entering the cavern and we don’t got the man power or experiences to keep sending people down there blindly.” Garmin explained.

”..We’ve also been having intermittent equipment problems up here too lately usually before or after another tremor rolls through the area, such hasnt been a problem till the first disappearances..” Bor said.

GM CockRoach

George was quiet throughout the explanation. There was clearly something strange going on, perhaps native aliens deep in the crust of the planet? Or something more sinister than that. He had no way of knowing, but he looked forward to finding out.

Anderson, Sci.Sec

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