CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted April 16, 2021, 2:42 p.m. by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Pria (Engineering Chief) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Posted by Lieutenant Commander T’Pria (Engineering Chief) in CE’s office: Cleolet meets her DH

Cleolet nodded “I have a couple. How do you think you exissting crew are going to react to me. I know not many of my sspecies have been sseen before and even fewer have sserved on star ships. I don’t want to cause a scene or a commotion. But judging from the reaction of one of the officers I bumped into before I met you I have horrible feeling I might be a distraction. Do you think I sshould sslowly easse myself into your crew or sshould I just go for it and be abrupt form the start?” she asked respectfully. She really was being genuine the last thing she wanted was for something to go wrong because a crew member was distracted by her.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)


As might be expected from a Vulcan, T’Pria responded with bare, uncomplicated honesty.
“I suspect you will very much be a distraction. Not to mention the subject of some intense and, at times, rather tactless questioning.” She sipped from her teacup, a flash of irritation clouding her otherwise graceful features. “It was the same for myself when I first came onboard. So many questions. What do we eat? What do we like to drink? Do we sleep? What colour is our blood? If at any point you tire of the attention then this office space will always be available as a retreat. And they will soon grow bored of their interrogations and accept you for the fine engineer that I already know you to be.”

A pause, followed by a genuine and unrestricted smile. “Give it time. Or bare some teeth or some claws. Whatever works.”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE)

Cleolet shook her head “You would have thought Humans would expect to see different species when traveling through space. Yet every time its a surprise to them. For such an advanced species they do still seem a little young” she said sipping her tea. Cleolet couldn’t understand why the NE before had such trouble with their DH. she seemed perfectly fine to her and in fact Cleolet was rather enjoying the conversation.

“Oh, I find humans to be highly experienced in encountering other races,” the Vulcan replied. “But as for their tendency to view every unknown as a threat? That is where a great deal remains for them to learn.”
She leaned back and steepled fingers under her chin, as if in deliberate thought.
“It has not been so long since my own people shed our warrior culture,” T’Pria continued after a time, “so I try not to judge them too harshly. But I can not deny the delight inherent in conversing with another enlightened being such as yourself.”

“We Catians also learnt to shed our warrior way. Of course if we are attached will defend ourselves and we are not above starting a fight if need be. But we try to avoid that. The Ferasans are a constant reminder of what we tried to archive and what we lost.” Cleolet said simply although there was a hint of remorse in her voice. She hoped that the level of interaction that she and her DH had started would be constant throughout there tour together.

“My second question is, I specialise in shuttle maintenance and repair is that an ok area for me to work in? as well a my other duties?” she asked respectfully.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

“We carry Class F shuttlecraft onboard this starship,” the engineering chief nodded, “the maintenance of which is, like every other system onboard, this department’s responsibility to perform. So I welcome any interest you have with specialising in this area. Indeed, I believe it would benefit us both if I grant you the position ‘Head of Shuttle Maintenance’. That way you can also assist with keeping some of our more…problematic engineers in line.”

  • Lt Cmdr T’Pria (CE)

Cleolet smiled brightly “That would be fantastic. Thank you ma’am or do you prefer Sir. I know regulations say Sir, but each to their own” she said happily. Hoping she hadn’t messed up, by getting how to address her superior wrong.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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