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Posted July 18, 2021, 5:39 a.m. by Ensign Marcus Anders (Security Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

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Posted by Ensign Marcus Anders (Security Officer) in MOTD Update
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Great news everyone!

The images I’ve been waiting for due to several issues have been uploaded and Monday I shall be updating the MOTD so that there should be no more image place holders! Jake

Oooh, yay!!

  • Mir

And were done finally a complete MOTD!

It looks awesome!

VERY cool!


I’m glad you think so!

  • Jake

Now all we need are crew portraits ;)


Cor! Dont push it ahaha! However if you’d like I can always add some pages to a Wiki the Leviathan has :P

  • Jake

I thought we werent allowed to link to off site material?

GM CockRoach

Mine wouldn’t be too good, I’m rubbish with Photoshop anyway xD


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