Galley - Midnight Snack (Open)

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Posted by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) in Galley - Midnight Snack (Open)

Posted by Ensign Cleolet (Engineer) in Galley - Midnight Snack (Open)
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Elijah was finding it increasingly difficult to sleep, perhaps it was the mountains of reports he was due or perhaps just the new stress’ of life in space, being a Captain is all he ever wanted but it wasn’t quite what the textbooks and stories made it out to be. He knew this aswell of course but he couldn’t help find his mind wandering to a different life perhaps one on solid ground and now traversing the endless dullness of space. He found himself quite often wandering to the Galley in the middle of the night. His thoughts paused and he chuckled. night now that was a funny concept in space aswell. None the less he found himself walking through the doors of the Galley greeted by the night duty chef who knew what he wanted, a strawberry and lime gin with several pieces of watermelon. The Gin took off the edge and the watermelon just tasted sublime.

He sat himself down at his usual table, there weren’t many people around at this time but there were some oil burners in the corner pouring over what seemed to be some mechanical device he applauded their work ethic, all he wanted to do was sleep.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Just as Carmichael took a seat the doors opened and Cleolet walked in, she looked slightly eerie with her eyes glowing from the darkened decks. She had just finished some over time in the shuttle bay. Ever since she had been assigned as the chief of shuttle maintenance she had, had trouble with one particular shuttle. But finally she had found out the issue and fixed it even if it did take hours of overtime to do so.

She was looking for something to drink it was thirsty work crawling round a shuttle. The night-time didn’t really effect her mostly due to her feline DNA. she ordered a whiskey on the rocks and looked around the room. Noting the engineers in the corner and then Captain she walked over to him. “Couldn’t sleep Sir?” she asked trying to start a conversation. It wasn’t often you got to speak to the captain one to one.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

The captain shook his head, “No still getting used to full-time space travel again and the stresses of being a Captain which I didn’t expect are not helping. Whats your ailment?” Elijah asked smiling, he spent a lot of time on the bridge in his office and then his quarters so apart from the monthly routine department inspection in which a lot of the talking was done by the heads of each area he never really got to speak to most of the crew, much to his dismay.

Cleolet nodded “Then that probably makes you the best person for the job Sir. As my dad used to say ‘if you find being a captain stressful you’re doing it right’.” she said kindly “But then again if you weren’t fit for the job you wouldn’t have been promoted. I’m sure you’ll get used t it in time.” she added respectfully taking a seat.

“As for my ailment. I’ve just finished fixing one of the shuttles. It took me a while to narrow down the problem. I swear that shuttle has it in for me. Ever since I was put in charge of shuttle maintenance its been giving me grief” she said laughing softly

Ensign Marcus Anders struggled to stifle a yawn as he crossed the threshold into the mess hall and got an orange juice from the bar. Seeing the two officers having a conversation on the other side of the room, he decided to leave them to it and sit at one of the centre tables to take a few seconds to himself.

-Ensign Marcus Anders: Security-

Rand had been working late and was still up. She’d have been done earlier and curled up under her blanket, but Randy was talking in his sleep, and it was SO distracting. And this particular report she really she shouldn’t be filling out while annoyed with her brother. So PaDD in hand she left their quarters and made her way down to the galley. It was always empty this time of the night and she’d get a juice, finish her report, and then go to bed before she had to be up for her run. She entered the galley and stopped short. Why were so many people up this late? This wasn’t the dinner hour for Gamma shift so it should be fairly empty. She looked around, changed her mind and started to leave. “Hey Rand,” the duty chief called softly. She turned with a slight smile and took the drink he handed her. “A little crowded tonight.” He raised a brow at he comment and pointed to the very far corner. “It’s quiet over there, or here by the counter. Your choice.” Rand sat down where she was. She hadn’t missed the captain’s presence, the two engineers, En Anders and En Cleolet in the room as well. She turned her attention to the padd and sipped at her drink. The sooner she finished it the sooner she could leave and avoid any awkward social situations.
Yeoman Rand

Elijah was aware of the two who had entered after them, he half wondered if Rand had him fitted with a sleep and movement tracker so she knew where he was at all times but after a few trips to the medical bay he had to boil it down to her own intuition that he was never where he was meant to be and thus she always found him. “So Ensign, how are you finding your time aboard the ship?” He asked the engineer.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

“I’ve grown up on ships so it feels natural. But now that I have a commission and I’m a member of the crew I feel like I’m starting form scratch all over again. But i think that’s a good thing. It helps me remember how important my job is, and much of an honour it is to be a part of star ships crew.” she said smiling “An open door is a well of limitless potential to experience things I never have before” she added taking a sip of her drink.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

“Well with such a positive attitude like that there nothing I doubt that can hinder you, I like that in an officer” Elijah nodded, and he wasn’t lying if everyone was as so optimistic and took chances when they came he’d have trouble holding onto his job but he could certainly see in the future this Ensign being a valued and maybe even key member of his crew.

Cleolet smiled “I’ve learnt when to be positive and when to be more practical. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t take the chance when it presents its self. But that doesn’t mean you run off with blind optimism. It all about balance and without balance you can struggle” she said kindly as she sat down next to her captain.

“Is there anything i can help you with?” she asked genuinely

Seeing the yeoman sit down on the table across from him, Marcus decided to get another drink and see if Rand needed company, “Mind if I join you Lieutenant?”

-Ensign Marcus Anders: Security Officer-

Rand was scribbling away at the PaDD with the stylus, occasionally sipping at the juice the chef had handed her. As always she was pointedly ignoring the people around her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like company or meeting people, one-on-one and in clear cut situations, but her severe social anxiety always made things so…bad. She looked up, not startled, but her reaction might be perceived that way since she had been focused on her work. This was En Anders, security. Oh he wasn’t at the horribly botched self-defense class Ford had taught. And she knew the Lt would expect her to show up again soon. “Oh…ummm…actually it’s Ensign.” Could he join her? She knew it was really bad for the Cpt’s yeoman to be seen as stand offish, but she wasn’t on duty, she was working, but not on duty. Then again a yeoman was always on duty, but En Anders wasn’t the captain, and so this wasn’t an official interaction, was it, it was social. Oh she hated social situations she never knew what was expected of her, but she could handle just one person, right? Maybe? This all raced through her mind in less than half a second and the miniscule pause may or may not be noticed by Anders. “No, I don’t mind. Please have a seat.” Oh what else was she supposed to do? She already knew who he was, part of the job she had to be familiar with the entire crew roster in case the Cpt asked…introduce yourself, duh, really not that hard Rand. “I’m En Rand Farquharson.”
Yeoman Rand

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

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Anders chided himself for the slight faux pas and took a seat, “Sorry Ensign, it’s been a long day. Marcus Anders, Marc to my friends, anything interesting happen on duty today?”

-Ensign Marcus Anders: Security Officer-

“Oh, it’s alright. Hard to know when the person isn’t in uniform.” Rand smiled, slightly. If she’d thought to change back into uniform before she came here this would be so much easier. It was always easier to know what the expectations were when she was ‘on duty.’ Had anything interesting happened that day? The most interesting thing that had happened to her that day was Nibbles getting attached to her sleeve and having to cut it off. She wasn’t sure a security officer would find the antics of an alien mouse interesting. Of course there was the newest gossip about the Beta shift chef and the science officer Crewman Gabrielle. He had managed to procure a Denobulan aphrodisiac this time, or that what it supposedly was. She wasn’t sure he’d want to know ship’s gossip either. “Umm…I guess it depends on what you call interesting. My day is pretty much the same as it is every other day. I helped in the biology lab, and I had to confirm a very odd requisition request for the quarter master before he’d approve it. Nothing too terribly exciting, unless you like reports, signatures, and filing.” Rand was polite and personable (or tried to be). She wasn’t off putting but she was obviously very shy.
Yeoman Rand

Anders smiled, he could tell Rand seemed somewhat nervous, so decided to opt for a more gentlemanly approach. Standing, he took his tray back to the bar and looked back over his shoulder, “Surely every day should be interesting on a ship like this?” Anders winked and quickly added, “Can I get you anything?”

-Ensign Marcus Anders: Security Officer-

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Shrugging, “I don’t think so” He paused to think for a moment, “I guess the company is nice. You’d be surprised how lonely being the Captain can be sometimes all those meetings with fleet headquarters cooped up in your ready room, before you know it the days gone and its time to sleep again. No wonder why I can never rest” Elijah appreciated the Ensigns question, it wasn’t just the sole responsibility of the department heads to look out for the crew but everyone’s even if that meant an engineering ensign asking how the Captain was doing. “How about you? Anything I should or could be doing better?”

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Cleolet shook her head “Sometimes i wouldn’t see my father all day. It’s hard enough as an ensign managing work and personal time, as you can see I’m not very good at it. But it gets harder the higher up the chain of command you go. If you struggle could you imagine the Admirals, they probably have beds in their offices” she said chuckling

“Unfortunately you have a yeoman. If you where just you, you could probably miss an appointment here and and a meeting there and take time for yourself. Saying you had been busy with other things. But a Yeoman organise everything for you. However saying that from what I’ve heard form my father, a good yeomen is one of the best tools you can have. Once an understanding has been reached. I guess Its a double edged sword. they help you but sometimes they can be to efficient and forget you need you time as well ” she said sipping her drink once again.

“Sorry Sir. I hope I’m not over stepping the mark” she said after a pause. “I’m inquisitive by nature and I like seeing and understanding how a ship function both mechanically and personally” she added.

He shook his head a light chuckle, “I welcome the questions Ensign it helps to keep me one the right vector and the fact you want to learn how the ship functions both mechanically and personally tells me you’re clearly on the right track to command yourself one day and your right having a Yeoman is both a great help and a great pain sometimes I find myself trying to miss appointments just so that I can.” It was then when another person entered.

“Well I am in charge of shuttle maintenance maybe one of the days I can come up with an emergency. So you have no choice but to come down to the hanger and miss an appointment or two” she said with a wink her tone playful.

Elijah smiled, it was obvious he took well to the idea but didn’t come up with a verbal response himself but instead raised his eyes brows as if to say ‘Well seems like an idea.’ They hadn’t been in space too long but space was space after all and time relative.

“As for command, maybe one day but I have a lot to learn until then. But I’m an engineer so all i have to do is make CE and then I’ve pretty much got a ship of my own. After all as my father says engineers are the true master of their ships” she said with a light laugh

“Well I cant argue with that at all without our engineering department we’d probably not make it out of space dock.” The terran chuckled, “Well if you ever want some training in command maybe I can help you out there, maybe after the emergency in the shuttle bay” It was his turn to return the wink.

Cleolet nodded “That would be great sir and an honour” She said cheerfully.

George wandered into the Galley, letting out a wide yawn as he did so. He’d been struggling to sleep lately, and some hot milk sometimes fixed it, or at least it helped. So, here he was. Noticing he wasn’t the only one yammering for food, he was quiet for a while, trying to decide if he wanted to join their conversation or if he wanted to steer clear of interaction tonight.

Anderson, Sci/Sec

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

With his head, he nodded in the direction for the newcomer. “Do you know him?” He asked the engineering opposite him, another member of his crew who he hadn’t personally met before.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Cleolet mirrored the nod then shook her head “Not really I’ve seen him in the corridor a couple times and we’ve had the odd away mission together. But other than that not really” she answered truthfully “Should we invite him over?” she asked

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Enjoying their conversation but also knowing it was a good for him to know his crew he nodded, “I think some company would be nice besides we’re in space a long time it would be good to know at least the names of my crew.” Elijah hoped to catch the eye of Anderson, it was down to him whether or not he join them however, either way the Captain would still be happy with his current company.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

George had just gotten his hot milk when he noticed one of the groups staring at him. He glanced away, looking past himself. No, there was no-one behind him. He awkwardly met the gaze of the stranger - wait. He recognized that face. It was the Captain. George held his hot milk tightly in one hand as he strolled over, trying his best to not betray the fact that he’d entirely forgotten who the man was for a brief moment.

  • Anderson

Cleoelt smiled at him and when he got closer she spoke “Relax.” she said reassuringly “despite the teeth I don’t bite. Well not unless someone wants me to” she said kindly. trying to put Anderson at ease

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Anderson nodded in response, giving Cleolet a slightly confused look - that was, until he noticed her teeth. That made him let out a genuine chuckle. “Oh, heh! I’m George,” he started, hoping his introduction might spur everyone to give a round of introductions. “I’m a split Security and Science officer.”

He gave Cleolet a small nod, and the slight crinkle in his eyes and smile, he hoped, would communicate his appreciation for her attempt to make him comfortable.

Anderson, Sec/Sci

Cleolet smiled back at him “I’m Ensign Cleolet. Engineer and head of shuttle maintenance.” she said in greeting

“Being both security and science must give you an interesting advantage. Seeing as most non star fleet, see security as a little dim. Must be nice to know you can probable out think most other non-star fleet security services.” she added kindly. She really did see the tactical advantage.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

“It certainly gives me a leg up when talking to non-security people. Folks tend to underestimate the tactical training security officers have to go through. Sure, they might not have the scientific education, but have you ever met a scientist who can size up a combat situation and know within ten seconds how to protect their people while also getting to their objective? I doubt it.” George gave Cleolet a wide grin, then looked at his hands for a moment. “Well, I guess there’s me,” he finished off his little joke. It was cheesy, but he thought it was funny.

Anderson, Sec Sci

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