Main Sim - The Colony - Hippocratic Oath.

Posted July 22, 2021, 6:35 p.m. by Commander Paul ‘Doc’ Hudson (Medical Chief) (Calé Reilly)

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With the transporters back in use for site to site locations, Elijah finally decided it was time to get some fresh air. Along with Doc Hudson and his medical staff he had brought some security officers just in case, you could never be too careful. Elijah was thinking about taking in the sights, meet some of the colonists and get to know who they were helping. Besides their actual mission, Starfleet was an organization set out on helping others, within the rules of course.

As the team began to materialize their surrounding came into focus.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Coming back into being the second landing party found themselves under an overhang for the main colony medical building. Which was thankfully keeping them dry for the moment. The storm was still raging with hard down pours and lighting/thunder and much of the street before them was naturally empty. Then behind them a creaking of a door was heard followed by a voice. “..Ah finally you must be the fleet folks come to help us with the injured from the storm..” A soft spoken female voice said.

Paul tightened his grip on the leather medical bag he held. He hated storms. Resitting the urge to pat himself down and ensure the transporter hadn’t managed to scramble some of his atoms going through such inclement weather he jumped slightly at the sound of the voice.

Despite the weather, Elijah was thankful for the time of the ship, in a way the chaotic nature of the storm was a pleasant change from the perfect atmospheric conditions on the Sentinel. Before he could take too much of his surrounded his head naturally drifted to the origin of the voice.

Turning they found a woman in her late 50s, golden slightly greying hair evident. Opening the door more she beckoned them inside. “..Come in then there is much to do.” She said. “..I am Chief colonial doctor Erica Headson.”

GM CockRoach

“Thankyou!” Elijah said over a clap of thunder as he entered the threshold, luckily they weren’t wet and didn’t need to dry off. “I am Captain Elijah Carmichael and this is Doc Hudson and his team” The captain motioned to the elder man and then to the team behind him, “He’s the one that’ll help you most.” It was true Elijah could have remained on the ship but he felt it was a good show of face if he also showed up to lend a hand.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

Paul nodded his head. “We are happy to help. Can you give me a rundown of your facilities and what you need assistance wise.”

Doc Hudson

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