Galley - Midnight Snack (Open)

Posted July 23, 2021, 12:12 a.m. by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) (Miriam W)

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Posted by Ensign George Anderson (Scientist) in Galley - Midnight Snack (Open)

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Cleoelt smiled at him and when he got closer she spoke “Relax.” she said reassuringly “despite the teeth I don’t bite. Well not unless someone wants me to” she said kindly. trying to put Anderson at ease

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

Anderson nodded in response, giving Cleolet a slightly confused look - that was, until he noticed her teeth. That made him let out a genuine chuckle. “Oh, heh! I’m George,” he started, hoping his introduction might spur everyone to give a round of introductions. “I’m a split Security and Science officer.”

He gave Cleolet a small nod, and the slight crinkle in his eyes and smile, he hoped, would communicate his appreciation for her attempt to make him comfortable.

Anderson, Sec/Sci

Cleolet smiled back at him “I’m Ensign Cleolet. Engineer and head of shuttle maintenance.” she said in greeting

“Being both security and science must give you an interesting advantage. Seeing as most non star fleet, see security as a little dim. Must be nice to know you can probable out think most other non-star fleet security services.” she added kindly. She really did see the tactical advantage.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

“It certainly gives me a leg up when talking to non-security people. Folks tend to underestimate the tactical training security officers have to go through. Sure, they might not have the scientific education, but have you ever met a scientist who can size up a combat situation and know within ten seconds how to protect their people while also getting to their objective? I doubt it.” George gave Cleolet a wide grin, then looked at his hands for a moment. “Well, I guess there’s me,” he finished off his little joke. It was cheesy, but he thought it was funny.

Anderson, Sec Sci

Elijah had been content with just listening to their conversation proceed naturally, Anderson was definitely making an impression on the old timer Captain. “Well perhaps we should do some division cross-over training maybe its something you’d like to organize. I’ll make sure to clear it with your division chiefs and then between the two of you put something together?” He was always keen to let others shine.

  • Captain Elijah Carmichael

“Ah, sure,” Anderson gave an awkward shrug, an uncomfortable look on his face for a moment. He’d forgotten the Captain was standing right there. Oh no, he’d gotten himself into something he wasn’t intending to get into. Responsibility and leadership did not vibe well with George, which was why he was still just an ensign while in his mid 30s.

Anderson, Sec/Sci

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