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=C=Aye Captain I will inform Lt Fordham. Rand out.=C= She walked over to Ford and Alden, “The captain wants a security officer left at the entrance in case of communication issues.”
Yeoman Rand

Ford furrowed his brow in annoyance. “Have they not installed comm repeaters in the mine? Or have the power issues affected them as well?” he asked, looking to the constable. “All right, Smith, stay here,” he pointed at one of his red-shirted crew members. “Stay in the mouth of the entrance.”

NE Smith looked relived that he was the one not to be going deep in the mines “..Woo! Today is Smith’s day to survive!” He thought happily. Then turning to reply, “..Right away sir. I’ll guard the exit properly!” he said.

With lighting situated and communications handled, Ford hefted his rifle into position on his shoulder and faced the mine entrance. “On me, loose diamond formation, non sec in the center,” he ordered. He didn’t look back, but the tone was clear in his expectation. “Ensign Farquharson, please let us know immediately if your scanner shows anything ahead,” he added then began walking into the darkened maw.

COS Ford

Rand breathed, she’d relayed the message it wasn’t her he was annoyed at, she reminded herself of that. She found her space in the middle of the group and kept an eye on her tricorder, “Aye Lt.”

Yeoman Rand

Coming up on the entrance and leaving Smith behind, they were in the entry area. This area was mostly your standard metal plating and reinforcement beams with storage boxes and antigrav sleds with rich deposits of various minerals waiting near processor tanks. Nothing stood out as being odd, other then the equipment was off and unpowered.

Looking over the area they found an office shack likely for the mining staff to use as a break room and for PADD work. The room looked like a tornado had blown through with tables and chairs upended and food thrown this way and that. Scans and sight looking showed a thin film of some kind of organic substance was on much of these things. The slime residue smelled like an acrid-sweet scent like honey mixed with acid.

Just as Rand would be getting the scan results one of the other red shirt NE Gob went up to a larger cluster of the slime on a table that was bubbling. “..Hey this one is bubbling unlike the rest! I won—” He began only to get interrupted as the bubbling substance engulfed him with sinewy slime like tentacles. Then just as quickly NE Gob was thrown across the room to slam into the metal wall and tables in one corner, he wasnt moving and it was hard to tell if he was simply unconscious or dead!

“Readings show an organic compound of a slime like consistency,” Rand reported right before NE Gob was grabbed and she very very quickly moved OUT of the way. She was not science, and she was NOT security. Nope, she was a Yeoman, she recorded what people said not took risks. That was her job. As far as she was concerned Alden and Ford could deal with…whatever that was.

No sooner had this been taken in when the bubbling slime of all things somehow spoke bubbles with each word belching out of its slimey body as it leapt quickly from the table onto the floor and began to eat through it. “..Goooo baaaacccckkk. The darknesssss can not be breaccchheed..” It bubbled out then with an acidic hiss it slipped through a crack in the floor it had made and vanished from sight deeper in the floor.

GM CockRoach

From a safe distance from the acid burned hole in the floor she tried to get any readings that might tell the type of acid or where the thing went to or the physiology of it. Though she wouldn’t be the one to understand any of those readings, she was just collecting them.
Yeoman Rand

Cleolet had watched in shock as Gob was thrown across the room. Staying as far away as she could from both the downed Gob and the acid eating through the floor. Just in case. She wasn’t a doctor but she had been trained in first aid as all officers should be. To her inaction was one of the worst things you could do anyone from any background could help even if it was just soothing words.

Once she had scanned him she checked the results.

Ensign Cleolet (Engineer)

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