0430 is Earlier than you Think (Open)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders (Chief of Security) in 0430 is Earlier than you Think (Open)

Posted by Senior Chief Petty Officer Karl Johansson (Engineering Petty Officer) in 0430 is Earlier than you Think (Open)
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She tried not to glance around for an escape. Really she worked and lived with these people. She had to stop feeling so anxious any time there was more than one person around. Telling herself that though didn’t make the panic attack, that was slowly increasing in intensity, stop. How had she been? If she told the simple truth it sounded like she was just placating him with a vague answer but making up something more detailed meant longer conversation. She never knew how to answer and sound genuine but casual. Or some times the situation wasn’t casual and she wasn’t detailed enough or too much and…and…pinpricks of color blocked her vision. Think Miranda before someone notices. “Very busy, Lt. Congratulations from me as well. How are you settling in?” Rand bounced from foot to foot to help her heart beat regulate back to a normal pace. Running and anxiety was a bad combination, plus being still after the run could make her muscles cramp.

Yeoman Rand

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Marcus smiled, “I won’t lie, the formality of the role takes a bit of getting used to lass, but I’m working on it, what about you?”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Her? New captain, new routine’s, so many new crew coming on board, along with everything else....”Það er auðveldara að sjá um hundrað kindur en eina stúlku. (For those who would actually understand - It’s easier to look after a hundred sheep than one girl)” Rand spoke in perfect Icelandic. So typical of Rand, was her perfect memory, then paired with her anxiety and racing thoughts, influenced by Karl’s cussing and her assumption it was Icelandic based on his name and heritage, triggered a memory, of a line she’d learned for a performance. Rand didn’t actually speak Icelandic but she’d learned a few phrases for the part. Of course no one on board knew about that - her acting career, that was a secret. Then realizing what she’d said, “Oh…umm…it’s alright. New captain, new routines, nothing horrible. If you need help with any of the administrative tasks just let me know. It’s what I’m here for.”

Karl did blink in surprise at her Icelandic comment then laughed at the comment uproariously, he’d known his fair share of Scottish people and most had a hard time with the language. He nodded approvingly.

She flushed as she laughed. Had she botched it? She’d taken weeks with a tutor to learn how to say the line properly. She saw him nod, but wasn’t sure what he meant by that. She hadn’t meant it against the captain, so far Rand and Cpt Rogers seemed to get along well, but the saying as accurate. She hoped it didn’t get her in trouble or that the Chief mistook her sentiment.

Karl leaned forward with a curious expression, he was taller than her and had to bend down to be in eye level, he took a few steps back so that his head was at the same distance before leaning down. He’d seen people have a panic attack before if that was what was making her so… well anxious was the best word for it. He’d seen people with shot nerves after the Klingon war reacting to unexpected events similarly. He leaned back up then covered his momentary forward lean by stretching back, acting as if he’d simply been stretching in an odd fashion “I wasn’t aware that fancy department heads stayed awake this late, or early if you will.” He said jovially but still eyeing Rand. He allowed himself a little more camaraderie with the young Security Chief, he was inexperienced but a good officer and had a good humour.

SCPO Karl - Eng

His scrutiny made Rand lean back a bit. Why was he looking at her like that? Oh he was stretching? She wasn’t quite convinced of that though. But what did she know…she was so bad at this. Where was Randy when she needed him? Sleeping, he was sleeping. Oh and there was the momentary dizziness. breathe you idiot Karl’s comment got her attention, she was curious why everyone was out at this hour as well. Rand had gotten comfortable not seeing anyone about at this hour. At least not on this deck.

Yeoman Rand

SCPO Karl - Eng

Marcus scratched at his chin, “Do… you two want me to leave you to it?” He was joking of course, but knew the Yeoman would panic.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

“What? No.” What did Anders mean by that? Dry mouth, tunnel vision, and it felt like her heart was only pumping air, and it hurt.

From around the corner came an Ensign in a blue science uniform, a small redheaded girl of about 22 who looked quite worried about something. NEnsign Amalia Scott headed through the group with a relieved sigh. “Ensign Farquharson, thank goodness I found you. I know you usually help out and we need you. Something is wrong with Nibbles! She won’t eat or drink and she’s very lethargic. We thought maybe she’d respond better to you…”

NE Scott, Science (saving Rand (and herself))

Rand’s personal space was suddenly invaded by a shorter red head. Vaguely she recognized her as NE Scott from the science department. She sometimes filled in in biology lab. She was the swing officer. Filling in where ever she was needed. She was worked up over something. Someone else’s panic Rand could deal with easily. She was sure there must be some protocol, procedure, or something she could tell Scott that would help sort it out. “What does Conners say about it?” He was the gamma shift lead for sciences. She took a deep breath and it caused a coughing fit, slow breaths then, to try and clear her head. Nibbles! She nodded, “Oh of course I’ll come help.” She glanced down at herself, in her running clothes, sweaty and not at all regulation. That could wait. “Is she moving around at all?”

Yeoman Rand

The Ensign shook her head. “Not really. If the Lt Commander finds out… I don’t want to be the Ensign that tells him, that’s for sure!” Her hands were shaky, and she looked to Rand with wide, hazel eyes for help. “Hurry!”

Why had she been picked for this? Perhaps because she was the only one in Science who’d taken acting in high school. Or any acting. But that didn’t make her like it…

~ NE Scott, Science

Rand resigned herself to it. So they had done or not done something and they were going to let her tell Lt Cmdr Alden that Nibbles was ill and let her take the blame and his wrath. Well she supposed it was her fault in a round about way.

Karl gave the young ensign a bemused smile, he didn’t who or what nibbles was or why there was such concern for it this early in the morning, there was a reason he’d never wanted to become an officer although it had been offered to him before, office politics and orders mostly, although being a Chief did grant him more authority than he would like. He bent down and grabbed his tool case and used his free hand to dust off his knees needlessly “If the situation is indeed dire perhaps you should consider sickbay over a potential friendly face.” He told the young ensign, he did give the Security Chief an amused look.

SCPO Karl - Eng

Rand turned and blinked once, twice, a third time, and then she realized what he was suggesting and why. “Oh no, the animals are not allowed out of their cages under any circumstances. Nibbles is an Artavian Mouse. One of several animals being studied in the biology lab.” She seemed very calm now, simply reciting the ‘facts.’ She turned to Scott, “Alright, Scott, let’s go see. Have you gone over and followed the posted procedures by the enclosure? Are you sure she’s not in a sleep cycle? Did you check the environmental controls for the enclosure?”

Quietly but politely Rand nodded to both the men in the corridor. “Have a good day, Lt, Chief.”

Yeoman Rand

Karl gave the yeoman a nod as she departed.

Sheesh, Rand sounded like one of the regular Science officers! Maybe even like Alden himself! Have you followed protocols? Have you checked everything? “Oh, miss Rand, I work with Commander Alden, I’ve checked all the procedures,” she said with a slight sigh. “We’ve tried everything. You’re kind of the last resort.” Her acting did not slip. The worry was still present in her face and voice. “I don’t think the Commander is in the lab yet, so we’re all hoping that she’ll just see you and perk right up!”

~ NE Scott, Science

Karl suppressed a chuckle, turning it into a mild cough, he looked at the security chief “I’d forgotten that mice can’t be moved with their cages or that Doctors couldn’t walk across long distances” His look of amusement was more apparent. He made sure that the retreating junior could hear.


“I… was only mucking about like,” Marcus replied, “I forget how nervous she gets; I didn’t mean to upset her mind.”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Karl eyed the young man then clapped him on his back “Neither did I, don’t spend much time around Bridge or command crew” He shrugged “I think that was the longest conversation I’ve had with a yeoman in my eighteen years in the fleet” He chuckled at thought

SCPO Karl - Eng

Marcus chuckled, “Careful lad, don’t get forgetting the little people when you inevitably get promoted to Chief Engineer.” He winked, then noting the mess of cables on the floor, added, “Can I help with anything?”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Karl visibly shivered “Don’t say things like that, speaking is the first step of manifesting reality” He shook himself “Nah, I just have to get this back and put in a request to repair this panel and check the rest of the panels to see if any else are as stuck” He kicked the panel absently “After that I’m going to get some shuteye, have to be back on duty at 1600 hours” HE smiled at the young Security Chief “You need something, sir?” He said in a cheerful tone.


Marcus chuckled, “Not at the moment lad, just out for a quick jog, get my brain in gear!”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

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