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Posted by Ensign Thalia Wächter (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Security

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Security

Posted by Ensign Thalia Wächter (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Security
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Rand left Cpt Rogers and Lt Cmdr Alden and went directly to the closet that was the yeoman’s office. She complied all the information that each department needed and sent it out with priority and labelled “New Mission Objectives and Assignments from Cpt Rogers.”

General Mission Orders (All Departments)

Our destination is known as ‘The Abyss’ which is a massive stellar nebula that spans across several light years. The Exploration Command wants the Sentinel to be stationed in the area to study the nebula, seek out intelligent life, and find systems with potential resources that could be beneficial for Starfleet. At warp factor seven, we will arrive there in a week’s time. That will provide us with the opportunity to study the data that was recovered from the initial research probes during our trek there.

–The Abyss Survey Probe Data (All Departments)

Data has been uploaded to the ship’s central computer and is available for all department heads. Dissemination of information is up to each DH to assign as they see fit.

–Possible Intelligent Life Observations (Medical/Security)

review the Prime Directive and First Contact Protocols to ensure that they follow the proper procedures to the letter. We can not afford to risk having any unnecessary incidents with any first contact species. With that being said, as a precaution they will still need to prepare for any potential threats with combat situational training exercises and they must understand that they must only use hostile force as the absolute final resort with my approval.

Yeoman Rand

Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders sat at the desk in his office, mulling over the mission brief sent over by the rest of the Senior Staff. First Contact missions were always a personal favourite of the young Yorkshireman, and he was eager to put his new team to the test. Rising, he poured himself another cup of coffee and crossed to the communications panel on the opposite wall, “=^= Anders to Wachter and any other Security teams, please report to my office. =^=”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Thalia had just gotten settled into her quarters when she received the message from Lt. Anders. She went to her communications panel and replied, [O] Ensign Wächter here. I’m on my way, Sir. [O]

After double checking her uniform was decent, Thalia made her way to the CoS’s Office.

Ensign Thalia Wächter, Security


As Thalia entered the door, Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders smiled at her warmly, “Ahh Ensign, glad to see you haven’t requested a transfer just yet.” He winked, gesturing to the gear locker next to him, “Grab a phaser and tricorder from the locker and take a seat. Once everyone else arrives, I’ll give you the brief.”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Thalia snickered a little at the Lieutenant’s comment. “As long as I’ve got you as my commanding officer, I’m not going anywhere, Sir,” she said, moving to the gear locker to grab the necessary supplies before taking a seat across from him.

Ensign Thalia Wächter, Security

Marcus chuckled, “Flattery will get you everywhere Ensign.” As Wachter sat down, he tossed over a clip board with a copy of the mission brief attached, “How familiar are you with First Contact Protocols, Thalia?”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

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