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E’usah entered the coordinates into the Nav computer and did a few quick calculations, then checked the calculations again, ” Sir we can deviate to the proto star for no longer than six hours, then by increasing our speed slightly we should still make our destination on time.” E’usah sat back in her chair and waited for the Cdr’s orders, ready to send the course corrections to the helm, if that was the decision.

E’usah - NAV

Rand returned report in hand. It had better be right this time. Rand had to call the captain and explain she would be late arriving with the reports because someone in science wasn’t doing their job. Now department reports didn’t go to Rogers, they went to Alden. So Rand had the captain’s reports finished, but chasing down a wayward ensign that was more concerned with showing off for the new female enlisted engineer in the gym was making her mad, and worse it was making her late. No one would really notice, Rand was calm and composed when she arrived on the bridge, but if she had to get it fixed again…she might let Randy slip a woman’s uniform into the guy’s gym locker. She handed the report and black tea to Alden. Then, while he reviewed it she made a sweep to see if anyone else was going to need a refill of drinks. Stopping at E’usah, “Need a refill?” E’usah had been nice to her, and she didn’t blame her for what had happened on her arrival, and Rand, though shy was always polite, or tried to be. Glancing at read out she asked softly, “Oh, are we going somewhere else?”

Yeoman Rand

Roman checked over the report. And finally signed off on it. “Ah, I knew he could do better.” He said as he handed it off to Rand. “My notes are down in my science office, on my desk. I didn’t think I’d need them. I just need them by the time we arrive at this star,” he said to Rand, asking her to get them, but letting her know it didn’t have to be right this instant. He turned backed to E’usah and nodded. “It won’t take six hours to have a look, get a few good scans, and go. Make the adjustments.” They were out there to explore after all, and if they could see this and be on time, nothing was lost.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Rand nodded and took the report and disappeared. For how quiet it was that day, Rand felt like she was running circles. She came back much later having had met with Rogers and prepared special reports for her and gotten her lunch. Rand had missed lunch but had a large thermos if coffee for herself. She should have gone with the citrus water but she was just too tired and needed a pick-me-up. She brought fresh drinks for everyone. Giving Alden his reports first she then collected the mid day update while also passing out the drinks. Some days she felt like a waitress.

Yeoman Rand

Roman took his reports, reading through them before finishing them. Again he held one aside while he finished the rest. “This one needs to go to planetary sciences. An ensign…” He looked at the report “MacGuire needs to learn a thing or two about reports.” Maybe he could finish all the paperwork sometime today, he thought, rather sick of going through it all.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Rand gave E’usah an small smile, “I’ll bring a refill on way back,” and went to grab the wayward report. Rand looked at it…it wasn’t bad, but Cmdr Alden had very strict standards. She disappeared off the bridge to go track down MacGuire. The standby science officer gave her a look and shook his head. She had no idea what that was about. The officer really thought Scott was crazy now. Poor Rand like she didn’t have enough to do with tracking down lazy officers who didn’t like Alden’s standards. He saw Rand everywhere. She always seemed to pop exactly where she was needed with what was needed. He wasn’t sure how she managed it.

The harried Yeoman returned about an hour later, having gone over the expectations and correct formatting with MacGuire. She handed Alden the report and passed out drinks again. Stopping by E’usah with a refill of her drink. “How far away are we?”

Yeoman Rand

The Helmsman on duty, Ens. Jeeter, began to cough, covering up his mouth and coughing into his arm. It stopped after a few moments, then started up again. His face was going kinda green.

Helm NPC

Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders stepped out of the turbolift and crossed the Bridge to his station, “Morning all,” he said warmly.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

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