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Posted Nov. 26, 2021, 3:01 p.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side sim: The lunch date

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side sim: The lunch date


Rand looked over when he sighed, and not caring for the moment they were not alone, reached over and squeezed his hand gently in support and apology for bringing up such a horrid memory. She wouldn’t bring it up where others may get here, but she hoped he understood. Then, to change the subject completely, and maybe make him smile, “Has Mr. Dummy learned his lesson yet, or is he still taking a beating?”


Roman knew she didn’t mean to. He wished everything didn’t remind him of it, he felt bad when she felt the need to hastily change the topic. He felt her grab his hand and squeeze it, and he knew what she meant by it. He appreciated her not mentioning it aloud in such a public place. Her topic change made him smile. “He’s been given a break. I haven’t practiced in about a week. Maybe it’s time he tries learning again, eh?” He said.

~ Roman

Rand accepted that some topics would always be difficult for Roman. It bothered her, but only because she didn’t like to see him upset. Maybe he wasn’t aware, but Rand had noticed that things were better. Especially since Roman had started talking to Randy. She didn’t mind changing the subject, it was a rather dark topic and Roman had gone to effort to surprise her. “He’s so lazy he will have probably forgotten everything he was taught.” The conversation was humorously absurd and she grinned. “I may have to come watch.”


Randy was far more helpful than Roman would ever care to admit, he was too prideful and stubborn for that. But it wasn’t only his talks with Randy that has helped him to improve, it was Rand, too. His smile widened at her comment and he said, “I’m sure he has. And you had better, I think he learns better with an audience.”

~ Roman

Rand turned slightly red. She enjoyed the view while watching Roman practice. Apparently he liked having her watch. “Hmmm or maybe you just teach better with an audience.” She had enjoyed the few times they had gone to the gym, and she wouldn’t mind going again. Her foot was fine now so she could work on getting back to her normal routine.


Roman’s grin turned goofy as Rand’s face turned colors. “Maybe I do.” He’d like going to the gym with her too, even if they didn’t necessarily work together while there. And he did like when she watched. He got a better work out too, doing a bit of showing off for her. Her foot being better meant she’d be getting back to her morning runs and he’d like to start joining her for those again as well.

~ Roman

Rand couldn’t quite stop the soft chuckle at his goofy grin. “Well maybe I can arrange for an audience.” An audience of one. Not that Rand could stop people from being in the gym, but she wasn’t going to ask anyone to go watch with her. The idea made her stomach twist. Randy would find her reaction funny. She’d much rather run in the early morning when, usually no one else was out and about.

While they were talking, the observation lounge had filled up with crew taking their meal breaks. Looking for a change of scene while they ate. This included a handful of science officers, including the young man that partnered Alden on the bridge. The same officer who had told Scott she was 13 levels of crazy. Hearing Rand’s voice, but not really the words he glanced over. The young yeoman had never been spotted on the observation deck, and she probably could use a friend with Scott trying to spread rumors. He took a step in her direction and stopped short at the sight of Alden holding her hand. “If I hadn’t seen it myself …” he muttered and turned away. Scott was right. He wasn’t the only one who noticed though.


Roman was still smiling at her, having not noticed the attention they were drawing. “You do know when my usual practice time is?” He said. He assumed she did, but if she didn’t, then he wouldn’t want her to miss it. “We should go soon, or the rest of your pie’ll spoil,” he said, just thinking of it. They’d been there a while.

A medical ensign stood near Alden’s bridge relief partner turned when he heard the other Ensign say something. It was easy to spot what he was looking at. “The commander and Rand, eh? I wonder if Randy knows? They’re kind of cute together though,” she commented to herself.

~ Roman

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