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Posted Nov. 26, 2021, 3:20 p.m. by Gamemaster CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)

It was a little bit later, and the second of the three scheduled landing parties were gathering in transporter room 1, prepared for them was an array of replicated local garb, weapons, and equipment to help them all blend in. Overall it was quite bland clothing, mostly of brown-grey pants, and shirts, or bits of leather jackets and such. Equipment wise they had a choice of medieval styled leather armors, cowls, and other traveling equipment as well as assorted metal weapons from swords, daggers, maces, and more ranged accompaniments of bows, crossbows, and slings with appropriate ammunition. There was also assorted mercantile goods for trade and coinage of the local natives. In this case it was a silver minted coin with the image of a sharp toothed mean looking wolf on one side, and the image of some kind of noble house’s coat of arms with a raven atop a shield crossed by a longsword and iron spike.

Added into this was the more usual modern equipment for the landing party, type-1 phasers easily concealed for everyone in jacket or pants’ pockets, comm units for everyone, scientific and medical tricorder’s for those needing them in medieval style leather pouch carrying cases, etc. Coming up with some kind of cover story for their party would probably be good to have in order, as well as accompanying equipment to match from the stocks present.

As the team got ready and settled, NE Charles began and overview briefing of where they would be beamed down, “..Ok so for your team, you’ll all be settled down near a large village called Valiki. It seems to be settled along the southern shore of a massive valley lake, which is used for mostly local fishing and trade in the region. It seems to be a bit of a mixing pot of human and non-human races in this area, though those in power seem mainly human. We ran scans of the local wildlife in the region and they’re mostly small scaled animals and vermins, rats, mice, squirrels, deer, and a few odd wolf packs roaming about. The main village seems to be a trade hub of sorts for the larger valley region around you. There is also evidence of some kind of religious order or two that mostly seeme tolerated though not very nicely by the locals. Could be they only go to them when they really need for whatever reason. We did scans for any alien technology or scans for warp signatures but nothing has come up concrete. There was a brief blip of some kind of explosion just south of Valiki near one of the farms last night but when we did further scans all we picked up was some kind of thermal residue of unknown output. Morning is just dawning currently so you shouldn’t have too much trouble blending in with the locals. Cultural scans suggest that this town has a lot of taverns and inns, could be places you could pick up clues for what brought us here to start. We also sewed in a UT into everyone’s shirt, so you shouldnt have too much trouble communicating with the locals, and the tricorders are programmed with the local dialects for scanning..” He said.

OOC: This thread is for Alden, Nkosenye, Yarwood, Kovan, and NE Ward

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