side sim: The lunch date

Posted Nov. 26, 2021, 10 p.m. by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side sim: The lunch date


Rand, pulled in close, looked up at him, and looked rather mischievous. She was stopped from answering as the lift stopped. They moved off the lift and another officer got on, quickly covering his surprise. Once past the lift she blushed before speaking, “I asked if you were in a hurry.”


Roman gave the officer a bit of a look, one of his “mind your own business” looks. Then he looked back to Rand. “Why wouldn’t I be? I get to spend all day with you.” It was cheesy, but true. If he were walking quickly it was because he couldn’t wait to get back to his quarters with her.

~ Roman

“In that case you would answer ‘tha’ - yes. Or ‘Tha mi gu dearbh’ - yes, I am.” She said each one clearly and exaggerating just slightly so he could hear how the sounds blended together. She stopped at her door just long enough to place the leftover pie inside. Then they walked the rest of the way down the corridor to his quarters. Rand stepped inside after he opened the door.


“Okay, tha.” His pronunciation of the sounds weren’t perfect but it was a simple word so it was harder to tell. He repeated it a few times trying to memorize it and get it right. He waited patiently for her to put the pie away and then opened his own door for her, letting her step in to his quarters first. Once inside, he took his normal seat on his bunk. “Are there any other easy words?” He asked, smiling.

~ Roman

Rand was disappointed when he let go of her. She wanted to sit next to him, but maybe out of habit maybe uncertainty, she moved over to the desk chair. She stood hand resting on the back of the chair considering his question. “àite -Ship, luch - mouse, rionnag - star”


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