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Shirley sat at the head of the table in the conference room next to the computer reviewing her Chief Engineer’s personnel file. She sported a lime green colored duty uniform top accompanied by black pants and boots. She had made herself quite comfortable as she had her legs crossed casually and appeared to be focused on the task at hand. A few moments passed before she rose to her feet and approached the communications panel on the door by the entrance to the room. She pressed the button and spoke in a calm tone,

=o= Lieutenant Cleolet, report to the conference room. =o=

  • Captain Shirley Rogers, CO

Cleolet was in her office when the com came in, dismissing the ensign she was talking to she walked over t the com panel =c= On My way Ma’am =c= She replied grabbing Padd as she left engineering. Cleolet wondered what the captain wanted to see her about, but she figured she’d find out soon enough.

Once she was on the right deck she left the turbo lift and headed for the com room. Soon she was outside checking her uniform to make sure it was clean and tidy and adjusting the skirt on her red uniform, once she was satisfied she, pressed the door open button and walked in. Standing at attention with her hands behind her back she looked at the captain “Ma’am. Lieutenant junior grade Cleolet, Chief Engineer. Reporting as ordered” she said respectfully. Cleolet didn’t really like so much formality she knew why it was important but she was never a fan of it. That’s why it was rather laxed in engineering, last thing she wanted was to send an engineer to sickbay because they pulled something straining to much at attention. That wasn’t to say chain of command was laxed it was simply the way her engineers interacted that was more informal.

Lieut j.g Cleolet (CE)

Shirley observed Cleolet’s posture as she reported to her for the first time. She peered her eyes and a slight grin was evident on her face as she spoke in a direct tone of voice, “At ease Lieutenant.” She then turned and walked to her chair. As she reached her destination she pivoted off of her back heel to face her Chief Engineer as she gestured with her left hand to the seat nearby, “Please have a seat Lieutenant.” She pulled out her chair and sat down as she made direct eye contact with an uplifting tone of voice to go with it, “I believe congratulations are in order on your new promotion to Chief Engineer and to Lieutenant Junior Grade. With every promotion you have in Starfleet the responsibility will continue to increase as you move up the ranks. Now that you are a Department Head, what is your plan to ensure that Engineering runs efficiently and how you plan to lead through your team.”

  • Captain Shirley Rogers, CO

“Thank you Ma’am” Cleolet said as she took a seat “It was a huge surprise I didn’t expect it at all. But as you say with a increase in rank my responsibilities increase. It’s an honour but also a great trial” she said humbly

“As for leading my team, I will always strive to lead with them not through them. I’ve already talked with the majority of them and changed their rotas to increase efficiency and to better suit there individually circumstance. As a result I have manged to fill every shift with the maximum amount of engineers with out over stretching my engineers and causing confusion” she said passing the padd she had with her to the captain. On it was the new duty roster and it was exactly how she said, efficient and well staffed. Every engineer had a role and ever engineer knew exactly where they where.

“To help with running engineering i operate and open door policy. If anyone of my engineers needs to talk or has an idea they are free to come to me and talk to me. I also keep engineering as laidback and relaxed as I can. However that doesn’t mean that when we are needed and have to act we slack off, we don’t. we do our jobs and focus on the task at hand, but in the down times i want my engineers to be able to talk to each other, to laugh and to joke. A team that gets on well is far more efficient and stronger then one that doesn’t” she said simply, but respectfully. She knew not all captain would like that but she would just have to see how her new CO reacted.

Lieut j.g. Cleolet (CE)

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