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The doors to sickbay swished open and a towering, ebony-skinned figure entered the space. It was 0700 in the morning exactly, and the Yeoman had informed the Chief Intelligence Liaison that he had to report for his physical at that time. He moved to nearest medical staff and looked down and said in his rolling-thunder-like voice “Lieutenant Mthunzi Nkosenye. I believe I have an appointment for a physical.”

Nkosenye, CIO

A stout, mouse-haired man adorned in medical blues peeled his attention from the PaDD he examined. He hesitated when Nkosenye’s looming shadow touched his fingers but quickly armed himself with a smile and cheery tone. “Ah! Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Nkosenye,” he smiled, “I’m Nurse Orav.”

The large man said nothing, he simply nodded once.

Orav traced a finger down the list of names and appointments until he landed on Nkosenye. “Looks like you’re scheduled for 0700. If you’ll follow me,” he jabbed the device at the examination area, “we’ll get you situated.”

Silently, the Zulu followed behind the nurse; dark eyes flicking back and forth and taking in detail after detail.

“Have a seat,” he shot Mthunzi another of his smiles and snagged a tricorder from the bedside table. Satisfied it was calibrated for a human, Orav set it aside for the doc and glanced at the man. “Beyond your physical, do you have any concerns?”

— NE Orav

“No, I do not. Thank you.” came a rumble of a voice, heavily accented and with the deeb bass of far off thunder.

Nkosenye, CIO

“O…kay,” Orav stifled a nervous sigh and nodded. “Sit tight. I’ll go fetch the Doc for you.” Quicker than he came, the stout nurse ducked and disappeared into sickbay with a distant ‘Hey Doc! Patient on 3!’ echoing behind him.

Haadok emerged moments later, an imperceptible expression on her face, but a trace of humanity submerged in her dark eyes. “Lieutenant Nkosenye?” She wandered over and bowed. If she was at all taken aback by his staggering figure and ceremonial scarring, it didn’t show. “Doctor Haadok, ship’s physician.”

“A pleasure, I’m sure.” the rumbling voice said professionally and politely. Nkosenye extended a large hand towards the doctor.

That depends on who you ask… Haadok mused, resolving to take his hand in a firm shake and courteous, “Likewise.”

“Your medical profile was remarkably uneventful,” Haadok observed and snagged a tricorder from the bedside table. “How are you feeling today?”

– Haadok, D.O.

“I am without pain and have no feelings of illness, Doctor. And I was screened before departing the starbase, and nothing has changed that I am aware of.” the big man said flatly. His dark eyes moved over the doctor, taking in details and information; and then they did the same to the room around them. “You have a fine facility here, Doctor. I am sure the crew rests better knowing they are in such capable hands.”

Nkosenye, CIO

“Then we’ll run a brief scan to appease our superiors,” Haadok settled, “and you may go.”

The room around them was decidedly small. Two biobeds outfitted with vitals screens adorned both sides, accompanied by a handful of essential equipment and barren colourless walls. “Sentinel’s medical team is diverse and well-equipped to handle both the emergent and mundane,” Haadok assented. Hoisting the medical wand to his eye level, she began a brief scan. Silence consumed several seconds as she examined the results popping up on the tricorder, but she quenched it with a simple, sincere “how are you settling in?”

— Haadok, D.O.

“It is an adjustment, being back on a starship. But I look forward to the challenges of the new role. Other than that, I find the crew welcoming in the small interactions I have had with them. What about you, Doctor? How long have you been aboard?”

Nkosenye, CIO

Haadok scanned his results for obvious, ‘get him into surgery–STAT!’ abnormalities before lifting her gaze to Nkosenye. “A month,” she admitted. “Although I transferred from a science vessel, Sentinel is smaller and a different kind of… chaotic. Adjusting, as you put it, but I have no complaints.” Her expression softened as she set the tricorder and wand aside. “If we can help make the transition easier for you, please let us know.”

“With that said,” she continued in honour of his time. “Is there anything you feel I should know? Or do you have any questions?”

— Haadok, CMO

Nkosenye paused for a moment and then said “One request, Doctor. If there comes a time when I need your ministrations, please do not erase any scarring. For my people, scars are indicative of a life lived. Will that be a problem?”

Nkosenye, CIO


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