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As instructed, the new Intelligence Officer on board arrived at the conference room exactly on time. The doors swished open and the tall Zulu ducked under the top of the door frame and entered. Then, standing upright and with his hands clasped behind his back, Nkosenye said “Lieutenant Mthunzi Nkosenye reporting as requested, Captain.”

Nkosenye, CIO

Shirley sat at the table reviewing reports from each department on their mission into the Abyss in order to help her strategize and to ensure that they would have a successful mission which was at least the hope. She wanted to be successful on her first assignment as the Commanding Officer of the Sentinel to prove that she was worthy of her promotion to the Admiralty board. It had taken her a long time in comparison to others to earn her place in the chair and she intended to keep it for the rest of her career. She wore her usual command gold uniform with black slacks and boots with her dark brown hair tied in a neat bun.

As Lieutenant Mthunzi entered the conference room, her green eyes glanced more upward than usual to meet his gaze, “Ah, a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant. I see that we have a record setting officer in the height category.” He was the tallest officer that she had encountered in her career and she had served for a little bit over a decade so there was an abundance of competition in that regard. She simply made an inviting gesture with her left hand as she directed it to a nearby chair, “Please have a seat. It is my understanding that you will be the Chief Intelligence Officer liaison for the Sentinel. Your personnel file is exemplary and you come highly recommended by Starfleet Command. Welcome aboard.” Shirley then began to wonder where Yeoman Farquharson was as she could use a drink and also planned to provide her new CIO with hospitality as well. She was always a fan of making a solid impression with those who served under her.

  • Captain Shirley Rogers, CO

“Yes, Captain. That is my assigned role at this time.” came the low baritone of the CIO as he took a seat.

The Captain’s Yeoman was exactly where she was supposed to be - a moment behind the captain’s welcome. The door opened and Rand entered with a tray. She set it down, placing glasses and a variety of decanters and pitchers to Rogers’ left - a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for her to offer. Rand left without a word. She appeared again, unobtrusively 10 minutes later with the dinner trays. The cook had prepared a meal at the captain’s request, meeting the preferences of both officers, based on what was currently available on board. Rand set the plates off to the right of each officer, along with the various necessities, and disappeared quietly out the door.

Yeoman Rand

“I have been instructed to provide the Sentinel with timely and current intelligence as it may pertain to current and future operations and missions, Captain. It has also been stressed to me, and I in turn instructed to stress to you, that I am here at the discretion of Star Fleet Intelligence. They reserve the right to issue orders to me as they see fit. Those orders, unless they pose a threat to the safety of the ship and crew, supercede yours. In short, Captain… I am here to assist you as I can, but I will have tasks of my own to contend with. Was that made clear before my arrival?”

Nkosenye, CIO

Shirley took a class of water and picked up a lime that had already been cut for her convenience as she squeezed it releasing the fluids into her drink. She picked up a spoon and mixed the lime juice with the water to create a tasty beverage while she listened to the Lieutenant give his speech that had Starfleet Intelligence written all over him. She already was briefed by Star Fleet Intelligence and had an understanding of what the actual procedures entail. She did not particularly fathom Intelligence getting involved with her ship, but the Admiralty board and politics stood in support of the Lieutenant’s placement onboard the Sentinel. She had nothing against Nkosenye, he had an exemplary personnel file and could play a pivotal role on missions in the Abyss. However, coming from a background in Security, she would be keeping a close eye on him due to his involvement with Star Fleet Intelligence.

After Nkosenye finished, Shirley paused for a moment to ensure that she had her thoughts together prior to responding to him. She then responded in kind, “Lieutenant Nkosenye, it is a pleasure to meet you. I looked over your service record and we will value your experience along with your expertise here on the Sentinel. Also, I have already been briefed on my orders in regard to Starfleet Intelligence.” She left the last part broad on purpose. Shirley planned to address the issues as they came forward along through the appropriate channels. It was not like she did not have plenty of connections over at Star Fleet Command herself and would take things as they came in a day to day fashion. She lifted the glass to the glass to her lips and took a sip as her taste buds figuratively danced in response due to the explosion of lime flavor, “Tell me a little bit about yourself Lieutenant, because there is more to you then just a personnel file after all.” Her expression and tone of voice remained calm throughout the exchange with Nkosenye.

  • Captain Shirley Rogers, CO

Nkosenye inclined his head slightly and said “I was born and raised in Africa, in the homeland of my people. I am trained in my tribe’s ways… including hunting, tracking, food preparation, and medicines. I was going to be a Ranger, but life sometimes has alternate plans for a person. I am still not entirely sure how I find myself in this particular role, but I will do the job to my utmost ability.”

Nkosenye, Intel


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