Main Sim - 1 Week Later - The Abyssal Grasp

Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 7:44 p.m. by Ensign Quinn Dagget (Helmsman) (Riley W)

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For now setting course into the system they navigated by small comets and asteroids they would have likely struck were it not for the filter on the sensors now. But soon they were through the worse of all this and came into orbit around the third planet along the northern hemisphere. Scans here were pretty clear thankfully the planet’s natural gravity field it seems acted as a buffer of sorts for the Abyss’s chaotic problems. Scans soon picked up a smattering of settlements along the northern hemisphere, the local population seemed mostly human like in appearance with a smattering of other ‘mutant’ like variants which were smaller or more oddly appearing in scope, some had pointy ears, other were stocky stunted in growth, and others quite small with a runty like appearance.

Roman related the results of the life scans to the bridge: “There are several settlements along the northern hemisphere. Humanoid people, with several differences in appearance.”

Quinn piloted the ship around and over the asteroid belt. No use going through it when asteroid belts were always stuck to the plane of rotation of a solar system. Three dimensional travel was underrated. They sailed far above the comets and asteroids, no chance of collisions! Hearing the news of the scans, she picked up that it sounded a lot like a fantasy setting from the old stories her mom always told her as a kid. Lord of the Rings, tales of the Forgotten Realms… Pointy eared elves, short and stocky dwarves, small and runty Hobbits. Funny.

Scans on a cultural level showed the populace seemed mostly medieval in nature, rock and wooden villages numbering from 50 to at most a couple hundred in size. The most advanced thing seemed to be the blacksmithing arts of combat. Garb seemed quite drab, mostly made of brown, grey, and green tones matching to the common most mountainous and forest based land mass. There was also evidence of small to large castle structures around some of the various villages, all in all clearly not a warp capable society or near to one!

Focusing scans on the area where they had picked up the warp pulse they found a quite colder forested region with large mountains surrounding to north and south, nestled in a narrow valley region were three scattered large villages. The first further west seemed mostly a large scale farming and river fishing community, the whole region had about 400 some souls to its name. The second village about 20 km, east from that one was dotted around the southern short of a very large lake. This community seemed heavily dependent on the local lake fishing and farming produce, as well as a central trade hub for the region about. Roughly 300 some souls dotted the region here. The furthest east village was also the smallest and was about another 20 or so km from the 2nd, but also higher up in the hills leading to the northern mountains. The village was quite small barely more than a 100 some souls in total. The village was in an area which was quite foggy and barren, a few struggling farms obvious on the outliers with large thick double oak log walls around each near the forests. One of the castles just north and east of the village was slightly higher up overlooking the village and seemed perpetually choked with fog around its base even more than the rest of the area.

The exact area of the pulse lay somewhere in this large valley region, sadly there was no residue of any pulse evident that had drawn them here, so unless it happened again narrowing it down from orbit did not seem to be a likely pursuit. There was also the fact none of what they had seem showed evidence of the local populace being able to perform such feats, much less was there any evidence of outside alien interference. Again it seems the Abyss had thrown a mystery their way, one they would need to dig down with hands and feet on the ground to solve. The question was where and how should they begin their search?

GM CockRoach

Quinn tried not to let her mind wander as she heard the results of the scan, focusing on monitoring the ship’s immediate surroundings. Empty space, no satellites, planet below. What a surprise.

Dagget, Helm

Rand’s tricorder was recording the data as it came through and she was taking notes on her PaDD that seemed to be an permeant attachment to her arm. Once the sensors and data analysis were done, Rand double checked what she’d written and then disappeared into the lift. She was thankful to get away from…all of that. And she hoped if she was out of sight, Rogers wouldn’t draw any more attention to her. Anticipation of the captain’s orders. Rand made a stop at the Galley, just to make sure the staff there was aware to proceed with food rationing protocol and then to the cargo bay where she requisitioned appropriate cultural clothing for the landing parties she knew Rogers would send. She guessed 3 possibly 4 teams, of at least 5 crew each. Departmental equipment would be determined by the department heads, but clothing to match the culture on the planet would come from the quarter master. She didn’t know who was going at the moment, but at least he and his crew could start pulling the appropriate items.

20 minutes later, Rand returned, carrying a tray. Ice water and citrus for Rogers, Black tea with honey and lemon for Alden, ice water for Dagget, Tea for E’usah, a thermos of drink for Cleolet and another for Haadok (OOC sorry I don’t know their favorite drinks, we’ve not had any interactions. If you add it here I’ll make note for next time). And then a random assortment for the rest of the bridge crew.

Yeoman Rand

Roman thanked Rand as she handed him the drink meant for him. He could tell by the smell of it what it was, his favorite black tea with honey. With settlements below, there was a good chance they’d be beaming down to the planet surface. As a biologist he always loved an alien planet but as a Starfleet officer he also couldn’t resist an alien civilization. He was excited himself.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Quinn nodded her thanks to the Yeoman and took a sip of the cold water, then returned to idly focusing on navigation.

Quinn Dagget, Helm

E’usah nodded her thanks to Rand as she accepted the thermos of mint tea. She checked the Nav console to make sure the computer was automatically keeping track of their course as they jinked and wove about the asteroid belt, finally settling on a course which avoided most of the obstructions, and depending on the deflectors to move smaller objects aside. After hearing the description of the planets inhabitants, she pondered over who or what they could be, she realized that none were cat like so a Caitian probably not fit in well. She opened the thermos of tea and took a sip, it was the perfect blend of tea, mint and cream. She didn’t know how Rand managed it, but it was so good her tail practically shivered with enjoyment.

E’usah - NAV

With the Sentinel now in a standard orbit there wasn’t much else for either helm or navigation to do. The auto piloting system would take care of their work. Perhaps for now both could look at things from a more scientific related perspective and begin studying with some NE’s of the system about them, not to mention the mystery that was the Abyss as well that they had so far experienced while the landing party would be going planet side.

GM CockRoach

Quinn resisted the urge to kick back and relax or let the Autopilot run un-watched until after the Landing Parties had departed. “Okay, so… what’s the plan?” she spoke into the room, thoughtful. “Guess we could look at some of those sensor outputs or something?”

Quinn Dagget, Helm

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