Side-Sim Pranks and Jokers

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“This is what I’ve found so far.” Rand handed him a stack of hand written papers. “Oh and my printer is now feeding out reports with a font that looks like a love sick middle schooler wrote it. Tried a different printer in the conference room, same thing. Apparently it’s connected to my login credentials, not just a tamper with my printer.”

Borgia (he worked with and never seemed to cross paths outside of the lab. Does not have the skill or training to alter her computer credintials)
Jilva (he was Vulcan and it seemed unlikely but Vulcan’s had a history of extreme animosity toward Andorians. And they were always in mess hall together either at lunch or dinner. Could create a program to alter her font permanently but does not have the skill to hack the computer clearance codes)
Ginna (a Tellarite engineer that was working on Kovan’s deck the day his chime started acting up)
Ayden (another eng, Human, was there the day before).

“We might get more hits or limit the number if we run your information.”

Yeoman Rand

Kovan took the papers, already thumbing through them as Rand spoke, “Our prankster, or one of them, seems fond of messing with people’s technology.” He handed his PaDD of notes over to Rand, then went back to her paper notes. The Vulcan in particular stood out to him. Vulcans, Kovan thought with contempt, No one would ever suspect a Vulcan of something so petty and emotional as pranks. Because Vulcans are above such base things Jilva didn’t have the ability to do all the pranks, but Baker

Rand took the PaDD in exchange for her papers, “So we should add another. I can use and access my console and PaDD but I have to do everything by hand. When I try to submit reports electronically or print them I get this.” She turns her screen around and passes him a set of print outs. There are smiley face and flower watermarks on both the electronic and paper versions. As well as issues with the font, instead of the clear sans serif font programmed to the computer this one is script and the ‘i’s are dotted with hearts, the ‘o’s are smiley faces, and any lower case letter with a ‘tail’ has been curled into a heart or a circle with different faces drawn inside. “It’s attached to my log in credentials, not just my computer. I can’t use any terminal without getting…this.”

Kovan winced at the sight of overtly cute and childish font and frills. “I can attempt to fix that. I’m starting to become quite skilled at undoing this hacker’s work.”

“I would greatly appreciate it if you could.” Rand responded. She could use the programs, and had a very rudimentary understanding of programming, but not enough to fix this on her own.

Yeoman Rand (Human. Ruined Uniforms)
En. Kovan (Andorian. Engr/Commo. Door chime hacked to play a song when passed. Audio devices planted in Engineering to play sounds only he could hear)
NE Vash (Human. Science. Door hacked to only open when danced for)
XO Roman (Human. XO. Science. Personal PaDD hacked to add fake meetings across the ship to his daily schedule)
En. Gom (Tellarite. Engr. Itching powder in spare uniform)
En. Macheskey (Human. Medical. Trapped door that dumped green dye on her)

Once Rand finished reading over his notes, he took back his PaDD and added Rand’s data to his own. The PaDD spent several seconds in computational thought, then presented the following information:

NE Baker frequently worked the same shifts with NE Vash and worked a shift with XO Roman before their PaDD was hacked. Ensign Macheskey logged a complaint against Ginna for what was described as inappropriate behavior. Ensign Gom also logged a complaint against Ginna for inappropriate jokes about his cleanliness. Inspiration struck and Kovan looked to Rand. “Does Baker have any complaints logged against him?” But there was more. The analysis reported unusual logs for Jilva and Borgia. Things like showing up to shifts late, leaving in the middle of shifts and other minor things. Nothing that would condemn them, but certainly raised suspicion. Ayden was absent from the report, making Kovan think he’s not involved at all.

Ensign ch’Sirhc (COMMO, ENGR)

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Rand turned to the console and ran Baker’s reports, but she didn’t have to look. She’d processed all those reports. “I know of one. Mendez is a tech in the chemistry lab, and I guess Baker took a liking to her. He left his station in computer sciences to go ask her out. She was working on a really complex formula and she told Baker to leave and he wouldn’t, just got in her space. He ended up causing her to spill a whole beaker of a really volatile base. One of the other techs happened to go get Cmdr Alden in the middle of it. The report says that Baker had her backed into a corner, wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was a pretty nasty situation. Mendez filed an harassment complaint against Baker and Alden wrote him up, on restriction for a month, and several other things.”

Yeoman Rand

Kovan’s face expressed a perfect mix of rage and disgust. Several words to describe Baker came to mind but he restrained himself from speaking them. There was a better outlet for his feelings, and that was catching these pranksters and ending their game. “We should go talk to Mendez. She might be able to shed more light upon our investigation. We should also keep an eye on Ginna and see if she meets up with Borgia or Jilva.”

Ensign ch’Sirhc (COMMO, ENGR)

Rand turned back to the computer and ran the duty rosters for Ginna and cross-referenced them with Borgia and Jilva. She hated to give Kovan that ridiculous print out, but she didn’t have time to hand write the results and if the program acted like a virus she didn’t want to send it to his PaDD. “If they are part of it, they aren’t talking during work.” She checked the the roster again for Mendez. “She’s off today. Her quarters are on deck 6.” She got up from her desk and locked the tiny office behind her. Who knew what other inconveniences could be done if she didn’t. She headed for the turbolift, then down three decks to port side and then knocked on the quarters assigned to Mendez.


Kovan resisted the urge to wince at the print out, and said nothing. Rand has been a superb alley and he didn’t want to embarrass her if possible. “Too much of a risk to be overheard if they did. . .” Kovan set the print out aside for now and followed Rand out of the Yeoman office and to Mendez’s room. He stood back, letting Rand take front and center as Mendez answered the knock on her door.

Mendez, pretty human with smooth dark brown hair and a complexion to match. She smiled at Rand, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes, “Hullo, Rand, what brings you around?”

Ensign ch’Sirhc

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