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It was a little bit later, and the first of the three scheduled landing parties were gathering in transporter room 1, prepared for them was an array of replicated local garb, weapons, and equipment to help them all blend in. Overall it was quite bland clothing, mostly of brown-grey pants, and shirts, or bits of leather jackets and such. Equipment wise they had a choice of medieval styled leather armors, cowls, and other traveling equipment as well as assorted metal weapons from swords, daggers, maces, and more ranged accompaniments of bows, crossbows, and slings with appropriate ammunition. There was also assorted mercantile goods for trade and coinage of the local natives. In this case it was a silver minted coin with the image of a sharp toothed mean looking wolf on one side, and the image of some kind of noble house’s coat of arms with a raven atop a shield crossed by a longsword and iron spike.

Added into this was the more usual modern equipment for the landing party, type-1 phasers easily concealed for everyone in jacket or pants’ pockets, comm units for everyone, scientific and medical tricorder’s for those needing them in medieval style leather pouch carrying cases, etc. Coming up with some kind of cover story for their party would probably be good to have in order, as well as accompanying equipment to match from the stocks present.

Once everyone was settled or getting ready the transporter chief spoke up about where they were to be heading. “..Going off of scans, we’ll be beaming you down to the village furthest to the west of the three. Visual scans show its called Krezk, townsfolk are mostly human farmers and peasant stock with a few of the odder non-humans in traveling caravans. We’ve uploaded your tricorders with language files we took for translating signs, and such. The UT units we sewed into everyone’s shirts so you should have no problems communicating we hope. Weather seems a bit rainy at present, cool and windy. It is approaching morning sunrise right now, so you shouldn’t have too much problems. Local wildlife in the area seems mostly Earth like, some wolf like beasts, deer like animals, cows, etc that the locals either domesticated or avoid. Biggest threat seems those wolf like packs. We ran scans for any odd energy spikes like a warp signature but nothing came up, nor are we detecting any alien technologies either but we can’t rule them out just the same. There is also evidence of a local religious order or two down there but information did not fully come in before you all got here, but initial results seem to show a religion in Krezk seems tolerated if not at least respected by some, could be a place to start for information gathering.” NE Bubbly said.

OOC: This landing party is for Rogers, Rand, Haadok, and NE’s Sinclair and Richards

GM CockRoach

Rand was, as usual, the first to arrive. There was no telling how she managed it, but she always was where she was needed before anyone knew they needed her. There were clothes for her, but she didn’t need them. She was wearing a heavy linen and wool blend dress in a dark blue with a leather belt holding a pouch at her waste. Into the pouch she placed the money and she slipped a knife onto the belt as well. She had no idea how to use one, but she took it anyway. Her phaser pistol went into the pouch as well. Into a larger leather pouch went her tricorder and that pouch went across her shoulders to hang at her hip. Tricorders were large and required a bigger bag to conceal. Over all of this was a cloak in a dark brown, with a hood that came up and covered her hair. Her tartan sash was tied around her waste as a decorative belt rather than functional. She had her own appropriate era shoes as well. She took a sling and some shot to go with it. She wasn’t great, but she was better with that than a bow and arrow. She listened to the information the chief was giving and then she stepped up onto the transporter pad. The other teams would be coming in soon and they needed to clear out. She wish she’d had time to talk to Roman and Randy, but there just hadn’t been time.

Yeoman Rand

Shirley entered Transporter Room One and noticed that Rand was the only member of her team to show up. There was her Yeoman, efficient as usual. She provided Rand with a slight smile and calm tone of voice, “It looks like we will need more company on this party.” She walked towards the entrance and pressed on the communicator button on the wall, “Lieutenant Haadok and security team for Landing Party One come to Transporter Room One. Rand and I are standing by to beam down together on the planet’s surface.” Shirley then released her finger from the Comm button and turned to meet Rand’s gaze, “Why can they not all be as reliable as you Yeoman? I suppose that might throw off the balance of the universe if everyone was on point, because suspense and unpredictability would all fall by the wayside.” A slight grin spread across her her lips at the conclusion of her statement.

  • Captain Shirley Rogers, CO

While Rogers was using the comm system, Rand looked the captain over from head to toe and suppressed a sigh. She walked over eyeing the clothes the captain had donned. “The clothing is complicated Captain. They are probably having issues with it. If you don’t know how the pieces go on and are secured, it can take time.” It wasn’t really an excuse, but it was probably a legitimate issue. Rand sucked in a breath to steady herself. It was her job, she couldn’t let Rogers go down there with her clothes so obviously donned incorrectly. The natives would most likely see her as a simpleton; that was not acceptable. Rand had experience with these old styles of clothing because of her acting experience, so she knew how they were supposed to be worn. They weren’t as straight forward as current clothing. With a couple deft but subtle adjustments, the captain’s clothes were put to rights, without anyone noticing. What would be noticed were the star fleet standard issue boots. Rand walked over to the extra supplies and grabbed a pair of shoes and handed them to Rogers. Most people were not as efficient as she was. She worked hard at it and pushed herself. Serving came easy to most other people.

She returned to her spot on the transporter pad and glanced at the chief. “Any information on gender roles for the planet? Will they look at us sideways if the women are wearing pants or skirts? Do the men wear anything similar to a kilt? Someone might want to warn Randy.” She knew, as soon as her brother saw the clothing provided he was going to put his kilt on and wear it properly, cold or not.

Yeoman Rand

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