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Posted Jan. 12, 2022, 12:08 p.m. by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning
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Rand looked over at him momentarily speechless until she started laughing. “I don’t think Randy would ever consider ‘charming’ you in that way. Besides, you were his direct superior officer. He was going to work and work hard, not try to wiggle out of this or that.” Rand did NOT say that Randy charmed Roman just fine with his back and forth banter at her expense. Kept Roman from arguing over the meds, fidgeting during the session and even too the pain meds the last time he needed them. All because of Randy’s charm. It came in all forms and worked on most anyone. What people didn’t understand was charm did not mean flirting. “But Randy does have a certain knack with the senior citizens.”

Roman would continue to believe wear tactics didn’t work on him. Of course, maybe it was better that way, because then it would keep working on him. “He was a hard worker, that’s something I’ve always said about him,” Roman said.

They had made it about a quarter of the way around the deck, “Do you want to keep going or go back and walk in the other direction?” He seemed to be doing alright, albeit obviously in pain. Rand was content to stay out and walk as long as he was able, but if he felt better being a short distance from his door she was happy to pace this part of the corridor.


Roman’s leg hurt. It was his first time moving this much since before Sickbay, not counting the walk up to his quarters, but he’d done that with both crutches. His shoulder and arm were quickly getting tired of supporting him using the crutch, and the muscle in his leg was still new and weak. He didn’t want to go back yet though. He wanted to make a full lap around the deck. Deck 3 was one of the smaller decks anyway. He still wished it weren’t so late, but he was very happy to see parts of the ship besides his quarters and Sickbay again. “Let’s keep going,” he answered her.

~ Roman

Rand kept her comments about Roman and Randy to herself. Roman was much more formal and stiff at times, but he was charming and sassy just like Randy, and mischievous. It made her blush every time he got that way, especially with that look he got. She wasn’t going to tell either of them that though. It was her little secret.

The conference room was half way around the corridor, so if they needed to pause they could. She supposed if he started gritting his jaw any tighter or broke out in a sweat she could force him to stop. She’d rather he just say so. He wasn’t winning any points with her by risking his health or reinjuring his leg. At least he was using the crutch and not trying to run or something. She understood though, not wanting to stay in bed, to be still, to be unable to do the smallest things for yourself. Roman would never survive months of bed rest. He’d probably spontaneously combust or something.

She didn’t talk much, letting him concentrate on what he was doing. But as they walked the second hour came and went without their noticing. The residual effects of the regenerator having played out, the tissue in his leg was now fully reformed and whole even if a little weak.


Roman wasn’t trying to score points or anything. Nor did he see it as risking his health. It had only been a week and he was tired of not being able to do anything, of waiting for other people to help him because of this leg. He hated not being able to go anywhere, or needing help to. That he could barely walk to the other side of his own quarters or to the restroom on his own. It was some help, at least, that he knew his leg was now fully reformed and should start getting stronger. But that didn’t change his lack of mobility now, and that was why he didn’t tell Rand he was having trouble.

Rand didn’t talk much, and even if she had been, he was focusing on his footsteps. He was using the crutch, at least. He didn’t want to, but he wouldn’t be making it far without it. They were still a few steps from the conference room when he finally stopped, leaning against the wall, breathing hard. He wanted to keep moving, but he felt like his leg was going to give if he pushed it any further. Even reformed, it was too much too soon, he needed to give it time to get stronger first. “I need a break,” he said finally, sighing frustratedly.

~ Roman

Rand stopped and moved over next to him by the wall. “Okay.” She didn’t mind stopping and she let him breathe for a few moments. “Do you think you can make it to the conference room? You can sit there and get off the crutch.” She had a feeling that sitting would be better than trying to stay up right on one leg.


Roman nodded, taking another minute to rest against the wall before making his way the rest of the way to the conference room. When they got there, he took a seat, leaning the crutch against the table in the middle of the room. He stayed for several minutes, rubbing his leg. “Half a deck in over an hour. I think that might be slower than a snail.” He was smiling as he said it.

~ Roman

Before Rand sat down with him she walked over to one of the small cabinets in the room and reached in and came back with two bottles of water. “I try to keep a few in here just in case the captain decides to use the room without warning.” She handed him one and then sat down. They weren’t cold, but it was better than nothing. “Well it’s better than needing two crutches and Elbbirt and Randy trying to half carry you, but making you fall instead. Maybe we should have waited the full two hours.” She watched him rub at his leg. “Do you want me to go get a couple ice packs?”

If it took them an hour to get this far, it might take another hour to go the rest of the way. Time to ice it might be a good idea. It wasn’t time for the anti-inflammatories yet and she knew he wouldn’t take the pain meds now.


Roman took the water bottle. “Elbbirt and Randy weren’t very good at that, no,” said Roman, shaking his head. “They were making it harder to balance on those things. No, it’ll be fine. I don’t think the extra hour would’ve changed anything.” Time to ice it might’ve been a good idea but Roman didn’t want to wait for her to go get the ice packs and then have to use them and wait for that. “No, it’ll be alright in a moment,” he said, still rubbing it. “Then we can make it the rest of the way back.”

~ Roman

“No they weren’t. I don’t know how it could have been any better though.” Maybe if Elbbirt had stayed out of the way. Great doctor but he was getting older and not as nimble as he once was. Maybe if Randy hadn’t been trying to compensate for Elbbirt. Randy had almost completely carried Roman to sickbay. Or maybe if Roman was willing to have help or had just used the wheel chair. “Maybe we should have used the transporter?” She was joking, maybe.

Elbbirt staying out of the way would have been quite helpful. Most likely the best way would have been if Roman had been willing to let Randy help or use the wheel chair. But he wasn’t going to do that. Randy had supported the majority of Roman’s weight on the way to Sickbay. Roman had ended up leaning on him more than he meant to. But on the way back to his quarters Elbbirt and Randy together had been a little much. Not that Roman hadn’t needed help but it might’ve almost been better if they’d left him to fall or not on his own. He smiled at her comment. “The transporter isn’t really made for that.”

“Sure they are.” She grinned, “They are made for moving matter from point A to point B. And you are made of matter.”

“Did they say how long the pain would last before you know if it will be normal again?” Rand really didn’t like seeing him in pain. She liked it even less that she couldn’t do something about it.

When he was ready she disposed of the water bottles and held the door as they moved back into the corridor. She wondered how in the world they would make it to the lab tomorrow. He may not be cleared for duty but nothing was going to stop him from peeking in. Rand might have a headache by the end of the day.


“Randy said six to eight hours after the last time with the regenerator the pain would drop considerably, but no, I don’t think they know when we’ll know how it’s going to be permanently.” If it was like new, that would be best. But if it ended up like it had been before, Roman would be okay with that, too. Anything as long as he could walk himself and serve in Starfleet.

Well wasn’t that wonderful. He’d be feeling considerably better the same time she was leaving for her morning rounds. Who knew what mischief he’d get up to. “Is Elbbirt coming up here or do you have to go?” She’d move some things around so she could go with him.

Another few minutes later, Roman grabbed the crutch and stood carefully. As he did, Rand got rid of the waters and held the door for him. He moved slowly out into the corridor and then to the left, heading down the hall. He wasn’t sure how he was going to make it down to the lab tomorrow. He’d find a way. He’d take three hours getting there if he had to. He wouldn’t be cleared for duty but he expected he would be cleared to not sit around his quarters all day and then he could at least peek in and see how things were going. Rand would have to work again, he could go while she was doing her usual rounds.

~ Roman

Maybe it was the rest or that the two hours had passed, or maybe Roman was trying to prove a point to himself, or he just wanted to get back to his quarters, but he seemed to be moving easier than he had before. Perhaps not at a regular pace but the second half seemed a bit easier. Maybe it was just her wishful thinking.

When they got back to his room she didn’t tell him to sit though she wanted to. She wanted him to sit back on the bed, put an ice pack on his leg and be still. She didn’t sit in the chair in case he wanted to sit up in the chair instead of the bed. Now that he was up and able to walk he probably wanted a shower and change of clothes. Should she leave so he could do that?


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