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Two tables over, Lieutenant Marcus Anders arched an eyebrow. He had not heard about any of the situation revolving around Ensign Baker; he tried to keep abreast of all gossip aboard Sentinel, regardless of how benign or inconsequential, just to be sure. Anders stood and strode over to the two junior officers around the table, grinned and said: “Ensigns, what’s this I hear about pranksters?”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Rand looked up, oh dear, it was Lt Anders. She hadn’t spoken to him since that very early and awkward morning on deck 6 when she’d been on her run. She stood up quickly, “Lt Anders,” where to start. She supposed they should have asked security but nothing dangerous to ship, crew, or individual had happened, yet. It was mostly annoying. “There have been a series of…” what was the best word, “inconveniences, some might consider them pranks. At first they were seemingly unconnected and explained away by a glitch or human error. But they seem to be increasing in number and not so unrelated.” Rand turned back to Mendez and she stared into her cup. “I think you might be right Rand.”

Yeoman Rand

Kovan stood straighter as Lt. Anders approached. So even the chief of security has gotten involved now. . . Kovan supposed it was only a matter of time. These pranks showed no sign of stopping and affected even XO Alden. “Prank implies these incidents were harmless jokes, which they are decidedly not. Rand and I can attest that there is nothing funny about these ‘pranks’. His focus shifted to Mendez, “If there’s anything you can tell us about Baker or his associates then please tell us. We need to stop this before these incidents go too far.” And they will, Kovan was certain.

Ensign ch’Sirhc, COMMO/ENGR

Anders arched an eyebrow at Rand, “By ‘eck lass, you could’ve told me this sooner. What kind of incidents are we talking?” Anders appreciated that younger officers were bound to pull practical jokes on each other at some point, but if it was becoming a danger to the ship and her crew, it needed to be dealt with. Fast.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

“Yes, Sir,” she should have. She knew and Anders knew it, but they had only discovered it all today. “We didn’t put it all together until today when En ch’Sirhc and I crossed paths. I picked up my uniforms from the ship’s laundry and they were more akin to patchwork quilts. Then he told me about his chime. When we checked the logs in the laundry En Baker picked up and then returned my uniforms. When we went to ask him if someone had tampered with his uniforms he was aggressive.” Kovan could probably describe it better what had happened with the PaDD.

“We decided to look into it and well it wasn’t just the uniforms. En. ch’Sirhc’s door was tampered with, my computer credentials.” She handed over…her tampered with PaDD, with the information. “It was more than just the two of us.”

Yeoman Rand (Human. Ruined Uniforms)
En. Kovan (Andorian. Engr/Commo. Door chime hacked to play a song when passed. Audio devices planted in Engineering to play sounds only he could hear)
NE Vash (Human. Science. Door hacked to only open when danced for)
XO Roman (Human. XO. Science. Personal PaDD hacked to add fake meetings across the ship to his daily schedule)
En. Gom (Tellarite. Engr. Itching powder in spare uniform)
En. Macheskey (Human. Medical. Trapped door that dumped green dye on her)

“Given Baker’s behavior and the self sabotage of his PaDD, I ran some cross reference searches and came up with this.”

Borgia (he worked with and never seemed to cross paths outside of the lab. Does not have the skill or training to alter her computer credentials)
Jilva (he was Vulcan and it seemed unlikely but Vulcan’s had a history of extreme animosity toward Andorians. And they were always in mess hall together either at lunch or dinner. Could create a program to alter her font permanently but does not have the skill to hack the computer clearance codes)
Ginna (a Tellarite engineer that was working on Kovan’s deck the day his chime started acting up)
Ayden (another eng, Human, was there the day before).

NE Baker frequently worked the same shifts with NE Vash and worked a shift with XO Roman before their PaDD was hacked.
Ensign Macheskey logged a complaint against Ginna for what was described as inappropriate behavior.
Ensign Gom also logged a complaint against Ginna for inappropriate jokes about his cleanliness.
En Baker had a formal complaint and write up for inappropriate and harassing behavior toward En Mendez
The analysis reported unusual logs for Jilva and Borgia. Things like showing up to shifts late, leaving in the middle of shifts and other minor things. Nothing that would condemn them, but certainly raised suspicion.
Ayden was absent from the report, making Kovan think he’s not involved at all.

Yeoman Rand

While the COS read through their PADD of gathered evidence, Kovan added, “When we were speaking with NE Baker and became apparent that we suspected him, his personal PADD emitted a series of long and loud screeches. Something simple enough to program and activate. Perhaps to throw us off the trail but only an idiot would fall for a ploy like that.” Here Kovan hesitated. On the new PADD Rand requisitioned for Baker, Kovan installed a simple but subtle hardware tracking program. Either Baker or whoever did the programing pranks would have to take the PADD apart to find the tampering. Then, after only a moment’s pause, Kovan said, “On Baker’s new PADD I installed tracking hardware. Nothing that would reveal personal information, but would allow us to follow his movements off-grid so to speak. We know that the people behind these pranks are not afraid to alter computer records and override access codes.”

The tampering was bound to be revealed. Kovan might as well speak now before someone else finds out. It wasn’t even a high-tech bit of tampering. Just a piece of hardware that sent out an electronic ping every hour. With every ping the ship computer would note the location and time and send the data to his and Rand’s PADDs. So long as the pranksters didn’t know about it it was tamper-proof.

Ensign ch’Sirhc

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