side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted Jan. 14, 2022, 1:13 a.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning


And then the alarm was going off and Rand did not want to move. She reached for the control panel on her bedside table but instead her hand came into contact with Roman’s chest and that woke her up instantly. She stretched to reach and finally shut off the annoying, ear heating beeping. She didn’t sit up right away. The idea of playing up the injury to her ankle was tempting, but that would put things further behind and it was irresponsible. She had her duty, and it was important, if not glamorous. Just how she liked it. She sat there a minute in the semi dark and silence, but not too long she would fall asleep again.

Looking around for Pipkin she heard a faint rustling sound and realized she was in her cage, eating. “Roman? I have to leave soon.”


The alarm woke Roman up as surely as if it had been his own. He started to roll over and instead a hand made contact with his chest and he opened his eyes. Rand was still there, but it was early. Roman wasn’t usually awake for another hour or so. Then he stretched as Rand spoke to him. “Not going to play up your injury and skip duty after all? No long quiet day right here with me?” He was teasing her a little, he knew she wouldn’t do it. She took her duties as seriously as he did his and she hated being away from them nearly as much.

~ Roman

Rand, still curled up against him sighed. “I would but I think Randy would know I’m lying and he’d rat us out. Besides I think a long quiet day with you would be better on a day off. Besides, we both know Elbbirt is going to lift your movement restrictions today, and if you stayed in bed, he would be back and haul you down to Sickbay to find out what was wrong that you didn’t tell him. And I would be very…unhappy if he ruined our plans.” It was true, but she was teasing him back. “Go back to sleep. I’ll bring breakfast and tea back with me.” She kissed him before sliding off the bed and slipping her shoes on.

She walked into her quarters, quietly. She didn’t want to wake Randy. She grabbed a clean uniform and headed for the shower. Today she wasn’t late, so she wasn’t flustered, so she was in a good mood, so it was a better morning. Even though she was in a rush to get back.


Roman smiled sleepily. “Let’s see him try hauling me back there.” He rolled back over briefly after she got up. Like Randy had predicted, the pain in his leg was down. Not gone, but about what it had been before Kelmao. With any luck it would keep going away. Moving was going to be a lot easier.

After Rand had returned to her own quarters, Roman got himself up. He was already awake, might as well start the day. He was careful and slow at first as he stood off the bed, but he found that he’d been right - moving was a lot easier when the pain wasn’t so bad. He tried walking with no support, and he still had a limp, a very noticeable one, but he could move slowly on his own. Walking on it made it hurt more, but after the pain he’d been in since the neuro block was removed the pain now did little as a deterrent. It was easier if he supported himself with something. The wall or one of the crutches.

He abandoned the crutches yet again. Using the wall for support, he made it to the bathroom with little problem. He had his own shower and when he was finished he got a fresh set of clothes. Then he nearly autopiloted himself straight down to the labs but he stopped himself and sat on the bed instead.

~ Roman

It was about an hour later, maybe a little less, when there was a chime at the door. Pipkin had been busy investigating and attempting to get into things, but Rand had done an exceptional job proofing Roman’s quarters. The only thing she hadn’t been able to find a fix for yet was how to block her from the door when it opened. But so far it hadn’t been too much of an issue.

The door opened to Ellbirt holding a larger than normal med kit. “Ah Cmdr Alden. Are you as ready to stop seeing me as I am to stop seeing you? And where is Randy? I thought he’d beat me here.”

“Right here, Doc.” Randy said as he stepped in and looked around. “Where’s the fuzz ball?”


Roman stood by Pipkin’s cage, hand on the wall, most of his weight on his left side, when Elbbirt entered. “Doctor. As I recall, I was ready to stop before we began.” He said, looking over. Pipkin was by his feet, and he pointed the little rabbit out to Randy. “Over here.” Then he looked back to Elbbirt. “I’m sure we’ll both be glad to be out of each other’s hair, when you return me to full duty.”

~ Roman

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