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Posted Jan. 15, 2022, 1:36 p.m. by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning
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Rand figured Roman would stay in the lab for as long as he could stand it, and she was pretty sure Franks would talk his ear off the whole time. As well as the rest of the lab techs and those on the landing team. She had expected to return to the lab at lunch to feed Nibbles and find Roman still there. He was gone. That didn’t mean anything, right? Maybe his leg was hurting? He wasn’t avoiding her? Was he mad? Like really angry at her? She was right, wasn’t she? To let know Franks know. Franks could get in serious trouble if someone found out he’d over looked the regulations, especially about medical stuff. Not to mention how everyone always complained how strict Roman was. He’d have a nightmare of discipline problems on his hands if anyone found out.

She was careful, no one in the lab knew what she said except Roman and Franks. She spent half an hour with Nibbles, but the small mouse seemed tired. She ate and then curled up on Rand’s hand again. She’d brought an extra sleeve scrap with her again, so no ‘uh ohs’. She wrote down her notes and then left the lab. By the time she left she’d worked herself up to the point that she went and found Randy.

“What are you doing here? You hate sickbay.” Randy knew immediately something was wrong. He could tell by how she was acting or more to the point, how she was not acting.

“It’s lunch and I get the reports twice a day every day. I just don’t like to stay here.” Randy walked her out and down toward the Galley. “Uh huh, then why all this?” he reached behind her back and grabbed her right hand, pulling it away from her left where she was wringing them together. He tucked her hand into his elbow and kept walking. Once they sat down in a far corner away from everyone else, Randy picked and tugged until finally she told him what was wrong. Randy shook his head, “Rand…my dear sweet sister, what have we talked about. You’ll drive yourself crazy with what-ifs. Just go see him and then you’ll know. Once you know then you can worry. Now scoot.”

She did, but first she took drinks to the bridge and took mid day updates to the captain and then lost her nerve and went to her office where she tried to talk herself into stepping across the hall to his quarters.


Roman ate his lunch in his quarters and then waited for Rand to show up. He’d have stayed in the lab longer and talked with Franks but his leg was hurting, he’d used it a lot for it being his first day off bed rest, and he’d grown tired of watching other people work. He was only going to end up getting in trouble. So he’d left. Finally, after waiting, he decided to go and look for her. Ditching his crutches, he headed across the hall to check her office first, knocking softly on the door.

~ Roman

The knock startled Rand because she had just stood up to leave. She hadn’t convinced herself that Roman wasn’t mad, but she wanted to know he was doing okay, that he hadn’t over done it and not made it back to his quarters. Or think that she was upset with him. Then she was upset with herself for getting upset in the first place. It was such a vicious cycle and needless with Roman. But yet there she was still anxious.

The door opened and Rand little out a little, “Oh,” of surprise, not expecting him to be standing there. And then all she could think about was the last time he had been in her office.


Roman stood leaned on the door, much like he had that day, but today it was because his leg hurt. “I was wondering where you went off to,” he said. He didn’t seem upset. As soon as he saw her, he started smiling. He limped further into the tiny office and put a hand on her desk. “My appointment is in about an hour, I was wondering if you were going to make it with me.”

~ Roman

She didn’t say where she had run off to. Now that he was standing there she felt rather foolish. He was smiling at her and she smiled back. She backed up as he made is way into the tiny space and the door swished closed behind him. She had to tip her head back to look up at him. She looked surprised by the question. “Of course I am. I told you I would.” She reached for his hand and looked past him but the door was closed. “You don’t have your crutch. Is your leg doing better?” She sounded excited at the prospect he didn’t need them.


Roman’s smile got more relaxed when Rand said she would. It wasn’t that he thought she’d change her mind or bail on him or anything, but her job kept her busy and she would still be on duty at the time. He took her hand when she reached for his. At her second question, he made a face. “No, but I don’t like using it. I was going to go get it if you weren’t here and I had to go farther than across the hall.” Short distances he was stubborn enough to do. Walking around the ship he needed the help of the crutch or he would overdo it and get stuck somewhere.

~ Roman

Then she felt bad, that Roman had felt like he needed to come find her. She wasn’t sure if he had moved or she had, or maybe the little room just felt suddenly smaller, but he seemed closer. “I’m sor…sorry you had to come looking for me. You could have used the…comm. I always have mine.” And she did, clipped to her belt. Made it easier for Rogers to find her rather than doing an all call over the system. “Do you want…to go back and sit before your appt?” So his leg was hurting and he was walking around on it because it of her. Because she’d been hiding because she got anxious. She was horrible.


Rand seemed either anxious or upset, and Roman wasn’t sure why. So he did the one thing that usually helped: he pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her. He ended up using her as a bit of a support when he lifted his hand from her desk. “Don’t be sorry. I prefer talking face to face anyway.” Partially because that way he knew who was around to hear what he might say. Then he nodded to her question. He wanted to sit. The appointment made him nervous and he did need to rest his leg a little. But he hoped she had the time to stay with him, he wouldn’t do much resting if she didn’t.

~ Roman

Rand relaxed when Roman hugged her. She didn’t mind him using her for support, but it made her worry that he needed to. “Let’s go sit.I Don’t have anything until after dinner.” She was in no hurry to stop hugging him, but he didn’t need to show up for the appt with his leg already hurting.

They made their way back to his quarters and once there Rand gave him an ice pack and checked the time for the meds. Then she sat down next to him. “In the gym right?”


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