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Posted Jan. 16, 2022, 12:04 a.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side-sim: The Reckoning

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side-sim: The Reckoning
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Rand seemed either anxious or upset, and Roman wasn’t sure why. So he did the one thing that usually helped: he pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her. He ended up using her as a bit of a support when he lifted his hand from her desk. “Don’t be sorry. I prefer talking face to face anyway.” Partially because that way he knew who was around to hear what he might say. Then he nodded to her question. He wanted to sit. The appointment made him nervous and he did need to rest his leg a little. But he hoped she had the time to stay with him, he wouldn’t do much resting if she didn’t.

~ Roman

Rand relaxed when Roman hugged her. She didn’t mind him using her for support, but it made her worry that he needed to. “Let’s go sit. I don’t have anything until after dinner.” She was in no hurry to stop hugging him, but he didn’t need to show up for the appt with his leg already hurting.

They made their way back to his quarters and once there Rand gave him an ice pack and checked the time for the meds. Then she sat down next to him. “In the gym right?”


Roman was in no hurry to let her go either, but his leg hurt enough he was a little relieved when she started moving towards his quarters. They made their way back to his quarters and Roman sat on his bunk, leaving space for Rand. He set the ice pack against his leg when she gave it to him. Then he nodded to answer her question. “In the gym, 1400. It should be somewhere between a half hour and an hour long.”

~ Roman

Rand nodded thoughtfully, “Randy all ready did some of it, right? That was the point of all that earlier when Elbbirt was here?” Rand was sitting on his good side. She was going to ask him if Mushu was happy to see him and stopped herself. Even though Roman was more fond of Mushu than any of the other animals, Roman tried to be very factual about them and not allowing them or himself to become of fond of each other. It secretly made Rand laugh because she was pretty sure Roman was attached to the little lizard, whether he realized it or not.

Roman shook his head. “No, that was just a movement and strength test to see how the muscle they grew functions. It wasn’t therapy or anything.” Roman was attached to Mushu as much as he pretended not to be.

She sat with him for 30-40 minutes while they talked. She didn’t think it would take him half an hour to get to the gym but she didn’t want him to rush and twist his leg either. “How long do you think you’ll need to get to the gym?” she picked up the single hypo that was left in his room and handed it to him. 2 more days of them and he’d be done with that part. She had no idea how long the PT would take.

“Ten, twenty minutes, maybe. It’s deck 8, but it’s about as much walking as getting to the biology lab.” Roman replied. He’d rather ditch the crutch, but for that long of a walk he was going to need it. At least he could walk a little faster with it. When she handed him the hypo he used it for his leg. At least there were only two days of them left.

When he was ready she walked with him to the gym and his appt.


When he was ready he stood slowly, grabbing one of the crutches leaned on the wall near the bed, and walked with Rand down to the gym. The gym had a lot of empty space for the doctor to set up for his appointment in.

~ Roman

The doctor was ready when they came in. One single brow raised when Rand sat down out of the way. She had planned to run laps or use the treadmill but Roman would not be happy if she did with her ankle still sore. The doctor motioned for Alden to join him. Rand watched on taking mental notes.


Roman headed reluctantly over to the doctor waiting for him. “Commander, right on time,” said doctor Sovak. Roman nodded. Sovak had reviewed Alden’s file in advance, now he asked Alden several questions, about his pain level, any difficulties walking or otherwise using the leg, and then anything else he’d noticed about it. Roman tried to ask about his duty restrictions, Sovak would not answer the questions, not until the end of the appointment.

Rand understood that Roman wanted to know, but like anything Sovak wouldn’t know anything until he’d seen for himself how bad Roman’s leg was. But she recognized the look of complete frustration and irritation on Roman’s face at Sovak’s refusal to make a decision from the very beginning.

For half an hour, Sovak walked Alden through various stretches, poses, and positions meant to stretch or work the muscles in the injured area of his leg. It wasn’t dissimilar to what Elbbirt and Randy had Roman doing that morning, except Sovak would make Roman hold them for a while, or push it further, or something else. For Roman, some of them were painful, but if anything was too painful, Sovak would let him stop and say they’d work up to it.

Rand had no way of knowing if the results were good, bad, or expected. She could only hope that Sovak was experienced enough to tell when his patient was in pain or struggling because she had no idea if Roman would be stubborn about it or honest. She knew he’d had physical therapy when his leg had been hurt initially, but didn’t know if he was simply annoyed with it or felt the same way as he did about sickbay.

When they were finished, they talked again. “To answer the question I know you’re asking,” Sovak said before Roman could push the question of his duty restrictions, “At least two weeks of light duty. That’s not standing or walking for extended periods of time, nothing strenuous like running or jumping which means no landing parties. Outside of duty, no strenuous exercise, and don’t overdo it, or you’ll set your recovery back, make it take longer.” Roman seemed unhappy with how long the doctor wanted him on light duty. “I have my labs to take care of, my first officer duties, I can’t be tied to a chair all day.” Sovak gave him one of those looks doctors seemed to love, a stern and pointed stare. “Failure to follow my directions will lengthen both your recovery and your light duty durations. As it is, I expect to work with you for at least a month. We’ll re-evaluate as needed to see whether to lengthen or shorten your time. Twice per week, around your duty schedule.”

~ Roman

Two weeks seemed like a long time to Roman, but it was better than bed rest. And the chair Rand had procured for the lab should help a lot. Honeslty, most of Roman’s work could be done from a chair. Reports, feeding and observing the animals, even using the microscopes and chemical analysis equipment. It was just walking to the other labs. Savok also said they could re-evaluate as they went, and she’d already found two times a week in Roman’s schedule. And bridge duty was a breeze. The science station had a chair and if he was in charge on the bridge he had the captain’s chair. A month seemed a long time, but Rand hoped by the end of the month Roman’s leg would be like it had never been injured.


Finally, the appointment was over, and Roman headed over to Rand, using his crutch. He’d received a lecture from the doctor both for not using both crutches and then not using any crutch. Apparently, using one was going to be hard on his shoulder. But Roman was stubborn and there was little chance he’d use both. PT for him wasn’t as bad as Sickbay, but it did remind him of.. things and as he headed back to Rand, he seemed in a foul mood.

~ Roman

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