Side Sim: In The Gym (open)

Posted June 13, 2022, 10:03 p.m. by Ensign Kovan ch'Sirhc (Engineering & Communications Officer) (Abigail G)

It took a special mix of luck and and careful scheduling to get the ship’s gym (mostly) to one’s self. Kovan entered in the only clothes he owned besides his two sets of uniforms: a pair of black athletics shorts, gym shoes, and a black, tight-fitting tank-top. He threw his duffel down in the corner and immediately went through his warm-up exercises. The gym doesn’t stay empty for long and Kovan made the most of what alone time he could. Once through his warm-ups he started his routine with fifteen minutes of cardio on a treadmill.

Kovan wasn’t a security officer, but he worked-out like one. He was in impeccable shape, with defined muscles from shoulders to calves. Exercise wasn’t something Kovan would say he particularly enjoyed, but he dutifully stuck to the same work-out schedule for almost two decades. A kind of dedication he’s never shown anywhere else in his life but it was heavily motivated by a desire to survive so Kovan didn’t think it was particularly noteworthy. Weak people, slow people, unhealthy people, they tended to die young. Kovan didn’t want to die young.

Once off the treadmill Kovan started on the weights. This was the meat of his work-outs and after five minutes he was starting to work-up a sweat. Lifting weights was simple, and his motions practiced. His mind began to drift. NE Delgado can’t keep his mouth shut whenever the two of them worked the same shift. Maybe Kovan shouldn’t have responded but he wasn’t going to take Delgado’s passive-aggressive remarks laying down.

Kovan shook his head, and switched to the heavier weights. Delgado has been positively gleeful in disparaging him. His remarks especially cutting. . . Kovan groaned and pushed those thoughts aside. He hated how much Delgado has gotten under his skin. He hated that Delgado has said nothing that wasn’t untrue to begin with.

Kovan ch’Sirhc

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