Side Sim: In The Gym (open)

Posted June 15, 2022, 8:45 p.m. by Ensign Kovan ch'Sirhc (Engineering & Communications Officer) (Abigail G)

Posted by Ensign Paul Knight (Security Officer) in Side Sim: In The Gym (open)

Posted by Ensign Kovan ch’Sirhc (Engineering & Communications Officer) in Side Sim: In The Gym (open)
It took a special mix of luck and and careful scheduling to get the ship’s gym (mostly) to one’s self. Kovan entered in the only clothes he owned besides his two sets of uniforms: a pair of black athletics shorts, gym shoes, and a black, tight-fitting tank-top. He threw his duffel down in the corner and immediately went through his warm-up exercises. The gym doesn’t stay empty for long and Kovan made the most of what alone time he could. Once through his warm-ups he started his routine with fifteen minutes of cardio on a treadmill.

Kovan wasn’t a security officer, but he worked-out like one. He was in impeccable shape, with defined muscles from shoulders to calves. Exercise wasn’t something Kovan would say he particularly enjoyed, but he dutifully stuck to the same work-out schedule for almost two decades. A kind of dedication he’s never shown anywhere else in his life but it was heavily motivated by a desire to survive so Kovan didn’t think it was particularly noteworthy. Weak people, slow people, unhealthy people, they tended to die young. Kovan didn’t want to die young.

Once off the treadmill Kovan started on the weights. This was the meat of his work-outs and after five minutes he was starting to work-up a sweat. Lifting weights was simple, and his motions practiced. His mind began to drift. NE Delgado can’t keep his mouth shut whenever the two of them worked the same shift. Maybe Kovan shouldn’t have responded but he wasn’t going to take Delgado’s passive-aggressive remarks laying down.

Kovan shook his head, and switched to the heavier weights. Delgado has been positively gleeful in disparaging him. His remarks especially cutting. . . Kovan groaned and pushed those thoughts aside. He hated how much Delgado has gotten under his skin. He hated that Delgado has said nothing that wasn’t untrue to begin with.

Kovan ch’Sirhc

Pawl walked casually into the gym in his small running shorts and black tank top, and tennis shoes, as he moved to the far side of the gym and started on some weight equipment there. As he stayed focused on the workout he was attempting to do for the day. as he moved through one set to another in his own little world of working out. He barely noticed another in the gym. He sent a polite wave and gave a thumbs up to the man. No matter what he was doing a great job with his workout a word was being spoken. He slowly dealt with his circuit of equipment as he moved slowly around the gym to take advantage of all of the equipment the gym had to offer. as he started glistening with sweat on his brow. It’s a shame there was no pool onboard. A refreshing swim would be great about now.

He moved past briefly by the officer doing their workout. As Paul gave a simple “hi!” as he moved to a set of doors to a lift. As it led to the running track to do some running before calling it a good workout for the day. As he took the upper skyway track that circled the main part of the gym, he could still see the officer working out from his vantage point on the upper floor. As he did several laps around the track.

Ensign Paul Knight - Jo Security.

Kovan heard when someone else walk in, but kept his head down and focused on his work-out, missing the polite wave and thumbs up. His mind was elsewhere. On finishing his work-out. One figuring out an insult to hit Delgado with the next time the man opens his mouth to make some dumb comment about Kovan’s work. Kovan didn’t care if people hated him. He didn’t care if he hurt their feelings. He cared when they attacked his work, however. That was the one thing Kovan gave his full effort and actually took pride in outside of his art.

“Huh? Oh, uh, hey.” Kovan said distractedly as Paul walked past. Kovan shook his head again. He was out of it today. Kovan went to bar weights, adding to each side until it was five pounds over what he normally lifted. Kovan wanted to feel the burn in his arms, to drown out the unwanted thoughts. He should have a spotter for this but Kovan continued regardless. He got through his first set of five lifts, took a 30 second breather, then started the second. It was on the count of ten that his hand suddenly seized. Radiating pain from the palm of his hand down to his elbow. “Gaah!” Kovan cried out as the bar slipped from his grip and smacked against the side of his chest.

Kovan swore in several languages and shoved the bar lopsidedly onto its resting point. He hissed in pain as he crawled from underneath and lifted his tank top with his good hand to inspect the damage done. A nasty and large bruise was starting to form just underneath his left pectoral.

Ensign Kovan ch’Sirhc, COMMO/ENGR

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