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Once everyone was seated, and the fishing boats sails raised to catch a wind after they rowed out of the dock area. Marzo began to shout some orders to his crew, then once settled the female elven like figure at the rear of the boat began to pound out a rhythm for rowing. Once everyone got into sync she nodded and Marzo hoisted the sails to get really moving. Thankfully a strong breeze out of no where seemed to spring up and eerily guide them at a decent clip of speed between it and their synced rowing over the next several hours. Marzo had enough gentleness in him to give some of the away team a break while others rowed, then switched back. The persistent breeze kept with them strangely enough. Through all this the elven figure seemed to be softly singing a song of some kind in her native tongue that the UT’s they had hidden could not catch.

Standing at the back of the boat near the wheel, Marzo spoke up grinning like an idiot of confidence. “..Ahh the winds favor us today! Wish it was like this all the time..” He said.

But if anyone with a tricorder decided to take a peek while resting, they would see that the non-harmful radiation patterns they had picked up from the field/cave area near Valiki was not persistently following them. From what they could hazard it was likely the source of the wind. Could it be the ‘magic’ here was readable based on this signature? It was pretty obvious by then that the elven woman was using some kind of low key ‘magic’ that the more superstious men on the boat weren’t privy too.

Eventually as the trip went on the wind slowly died down to more normal coming and goings of natural wind currents. The elven woman by then had been relived of her duty at the stern of the boat by one of the other men and gone to sit down. A keen eyed person might notice she seemed a ‘little’ tired and was now clearly resting on one of the benches. But they had made good time it seems otherwise, the past 4 some hours of travel saw them entering the inlet Marzo had mentioned. It was indeed deep water for the boat, the shore was about 10-20 feet away by either side. The threes here grew thicker, and were much taller oak and pines. Every now and then they got the feeling of something or someone watching them but no one obvious made an appearance. Finally coming up to what seemed a long abandoned docking spot with a run down building nearby Marzo spoke. “..This here is far as I take you folks. Any longer and my crew and I won’t be getting back to Valiki before night fall. You’re about a 2-3 day walk from here to Barovia Village proper, but this here is not too far from where my boat was setup for the night when all that magical light show showed up. Keep your eyes out for Neuri Wolves and Bats, not to mention such packs come night fall. If you’re smart you’ll bed down here in the old fishing lodge. Its a dump, but if you keep quiet should avoid anything nasty once night falls..” he said while one of the male crew shoved a plank down to the rickety dock.

The elven woman then spoke, “..I will be getting off here too, Marzo. My contract of employment has expired and I will take my weekly pay and depart from your service..” she said.

Marzo frowned turning at this clearly unexpected news to the woman departing his crew. “..What?? But…” he began then seeing the elven woman was not having any of his protests shook his head muttering something under his breath and spitting a wad of spittle over the boat’s edge. “..Fine! Here..” he said shoving a bag of coins into her waiting hand from a lock box by the ship’s wheel. “..Don’t know why you would get off here with these bunch of crazy outlanders, Finnel. But its your life....” he said then turned away muttering something that sounded like ‘damn crazy fey’.

Finnel took up a large pack, and then brought out a finely crafted long bow and arrows, complete with an equally nice looking and well cared for long sword. “..Make sure you outlanders have everything..” she said simply and impassively as she strode down the plank and onto the rickety dock.

GM CockRoach

Roman stood from the boat, made his way across the plank, and stood on the boardwalk. He wanted away from the locals, so they could more freely use their tech. So, once the entire team was off the boat, he disregarded Marzo’s directions: “I’d rather keep moving, make the most of the remainder of the daylight. Best if we don’t stick around if you ask me.”

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Rand was the last off the boat, making sure that no one had left anything behind. They didn’t need another thing potentially lost to the natives. And since it was Rand who had been pick-pocketed she was taking it a bit personally to make sure they didn’t lose their gear. Making sure nothing was left behind, Rand hurried down the ramp and onto the dock with the rest of the team.

Marzo shrugged in response, “..It’s your lives to risk outlanders, go face the Slavich then and prey it does not find you as a tasty meal once night falls..” he stated and without further words began to direct his crew to get them moving back to Valiki, it seems Marzo’s purpose in their little hunt was at an end.

Rand was attempting to straighten her cloak and bags after hours of rowing. If they were hiking she didn’t want her gear all twisted up and it get caught and snagged. She was attempting to fix the cloak across her shoulders, without removing her hood. The wind was blowing, nothing like on the boat, but it caught the hood and in one of those frustrating quirks of nature, the wind tugged the hood around her face and twisted the fabric up more. With a Gaelic mutter of frustration Rand unclasped the cloak and tugged it off, shook it out and draped it over her arm. She tugged and turned the ruffled sleeves of her white linen shirt. She shrugged her shoulders while rotating the green and soft blue tartan shall that was pinned around her shoulders. She smoothed the matching tartan skirt and then draped her bag across her shoulder. Luckily the bodice was laced well and there was no need to mess with it, that would have been embarrassing.

Once the boat was moving all attention from them was lost, the elf woman Finnel was standing by the dock’s end 30 odd feet away. She regarded the rest as they would get their bearings, “..You all are clearly outlanders, your stance and way of movement is alien to Barovia and other known lands of The Core. You should consider what Marzo said though, the Slavich Woods around us are rife with danger, in day time too, but far worse at night. None of you appear equipped to deal with such threats, your armaments are......mundane and simplistic, to say the least, and none of you appear to give off auras of knowing the magical arts..” She stated. After a pause she added, “..But if you are set on pushing ahead into the wilds to Barovia Village, then it is your lives to risk. I do not know yet though if I will follow for a time or depart here..”

GM CockRoach

Roman glanced at the elf woman as she spoke. He was trying to get away from the locals, that was safer for the Directive. But they kept cropping up. He wasn’t sure how to respond without seeming rude so he cast a glance at Rand, as if asking for her help.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

Cmdr Alden obviously wanted her to do something about the woman. Rand was horrible on her own with people. It was more than obvious he wanted to get going, and they did have a mission to finish. Who could she be? Which part would fit....OF COURSE! Merida. She loved Merida. She ran a hand through her red hair, shaking it out some, and her stance took on an air of nobility and her expression one of focus on more important things. “Oh Aye, lass, we’re nae from ‘The Core.’ But we have our own business, and I’ve paid these lads well ta carry out the work I’ve given them. And we don’na have room in our party for one more. I do thank ya and yer friend Marzo for the ride, but we have ta be goin’. We wish ya luck on yer own travels.” Rand shook out her cloak and with a familiar swirl of fabric she settled the cloak back on her shoulder and turned toward the woods. “Alright ya lot heard Alden, let’s get movin’.”

Princess Merida (aka Yeoman Rand)

Kovan blinked and stared at Rand. That. . . was certainly a choice. It was better than letting a native tag along with them and hinder the progress of their mission. Though the locals were right to be worried about their group of “outlanders” they were far better equipped than they let on. After walking around all day and then rowing for some hours, Kovan was ready to see their mission complete and done with. They came here to investigate the warp trail and to learn what they could about the strange explosions and lights. Everything else was a distraction from that goal and their group have wasted enough time already.

He paused for a moment, recalling the animosity shown towards the elven people. He sneered at Finnel, “We don’t want your kind traveling with us anyways. You carry on your way and we’ll carry on ours.”

Ensign ch’Sirhc COMMO/ENGR

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