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Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: In The Gym (open)

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Kovan wasn’t pale by andorian standards, especially when compared to those with icy blue, nearly off-white complexions but he wasn’t at the opposite end of the spectrum, the deep and saturated sapphire blues that others boasted. Kovan’s complexion was near the middle, closer to the pale side of things. As such, the bruise forming below his left pectoral was vibrant and obscene. Flushed cobalt blue and rimmed by burnt lavender around the edge with a slight violet twinge beyond that. It looked painful. It felt worse. Kovan dropped his bad hand into his lap and openly showed his distaste at being ordered about and fussed over.

For what Alwyn saw, it could have been worse. The blood didn’t seep. That’s a good sign, he quickly thought. Still not looking good, but he would recover quickly with what they had on the ship. “We have to give you a scan. If you were human, I would have let you go, but I have to see if your exoskeleton cracked or not.” He took his towel and pressed it on the wound. “Keep it on firmly”, he added. “We don’t want you to bleed.”

He caught sight of Rand entering and frowned. Was she well enough to be exercising? He knew the XO should be taking it easy too but he wasn’t about to tell the man what he could and could not do.

Ensign ch’Sirhc, COMMO/ENGR

Alwyn also saw Rand coming through the door. He wasn’t on his case, but he knew she was at Sicjbay for a moment now. To see her outside of it so early was strange. Got to give a word about it to Haadok when I’ll see her. Thinking of Sickbay, he said : “I’ll give you a full scan at Sickbay. Shall we go ?”

(OOC : How about another Side Sim at Sickbay ?)

Ensign Alwyn Yarwood - Doctor

(Ooc: Yes! But Kovan’s not going to go without a fight first)

Kovan bristled, figuratively digging his heels into the ground. “My exoskeleton is fine. I’ve suffered worse than this and walked it off just fine. I don’t need a scan.” He flinched at the press of the towel against the tender spot. That hurt. “I’m not bleeding!” He hissed, insistent and stubborn. Then, desperate to get the doctor off his back motioned towards Roman, “What about him? He’s only light weights and that looks like a heavy resistant band to me. Not really light weight, now is it?” Kovan won’t tell the XO what he can or can’t do. . but he will rat them out to save his own hide.

Alwyn put his closed hands on his hips and leaned toward Kovan, looking right into his eyes with a dead serious face. “Kovan”, says Alwyn softly. “I know you Andorians have your pride. But you have to understand that the more you wait here, the more people will notice you. And if you still don’t want to get up, I’ll call Security and take you by force. You know I can.” If Kovan tried to recall it, he never saw Alwyn so serious.

Kovan tensed, leaned back on reflex, and entirely caught off-guard by Alwyn’s sudden change in demeanor. He never would have thought the doctor to threaten him but here they were. Kovan was stunned and it showed.

Pointing at Roman, he said : “And as for him, he didn’t have a shock, and you know I would be worried the same as for you. Now when you’ll stop to act like a crybaby, you get up and you follow me. Understood ?” Clearly, Alwyn didn’t like to be rude, but it was for Kovan best. He could bruise his feeling if it could help him to get better.

Ensign Alwyn Yarwood - Doctor

”. . .Understood.” Kovan said after a brief pause. He was as stubborn as they came but even Kovan knew when to give up. There was no talking his way out of this one and he might as well go with at least some dignity intact. Kovan sighed, long and wearing and motioned for the doctor to move, “I’ll go peacefully. . . let’s get this over with.” And Kovan carefully stood up, making sure to keep the cloth pressed to his wound while he followed Alwyn out.


Roman smiled to himself, pleased to have gone ignored by the doctor and happily went back to his own wiorkout.

Roman was working out pretty hard. He’d switched for a heavier resistance band and he was working his legs with it, breathing hard. When he heard Kovan’s words, he looked up and saw the Andorian pointing at him, directing a doctor’s attention towards him. What? No! “I’m not overdoing it. I’m fine. Focus on your own bruise.” He shot back, scowling. His statement was of course, just meant to deflect attention away. He was definitely overdoing it.

Roman heard Rand’s voice and looked up, letting go of his resistance band, which caused it to snap back and drop to the floor. Maybe she was just looking for him. He watched as she had trouble remembering Knight’s name and it made him worry, she usually never forgot a name. He waited to say anything to her, instead starting his exercises again.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden, XO/CSO

“Think nothing of it. yeoman rand.” Paul said with little emotion in his voice as he noticed her having trouble with his name. “Are you ok?” He stopped moving and waited for her to respond. noting a bit of concern. forgetting the others in the room. as he focused on her.

Lt Jg Paul Knight

The whole crew of course knew about her injury. It was hard to miss when her office got blown up, and then she’d was in sickbay for so long. She’d only just been released a few days before. She tucked her hands behind her back to hide the way she was ringing them; she really hated when people paid too much attention to her. “Tha. Tha mo chuimhne....” she stopped suddenly and took a breath and forced her mind to switch gears and gave an apologetic smile. “I’m trying to be. Sometimes my…memory still doesn’t work right.” Especially when she got nervous or tried too hard to remember things.

Yeoman Rand

Paul looked at her for a moment. “I am glad you’re doing well. Even with the odd moments.” He did not want to go too deep into her problems. “If you ever need to talk or just want company, come look for me. I know you are part of someone else’s life and I am not trying to interfere with that but we all can use friends or pals to listen to our problems…” Paul said kindly. “Well, I am off to get myself a shower and something to eat. Be well!!” as Paul started towards the door to exit the gym.

Ensign Paul Knight - Jo Security officer off duty

After Knight left, Rand stood there a moment looking both confused and concerned. Had she handled that situation wrong? The way Knight kept qualifing what he said told her that maybe she had. Was it just her memory messing up that had been wrong or something else? Her head was still too muddled for her to really figure that out, and trying to force her head to work only made her light headed and dizzy. So instead she decided to actually go into the gym and just walk around the outer edge. She was allowed to walk and this way she was in one place, right?

It was also common ship knowledge that an assassin had come after Roman and he’d been electrocuted in an attempt on his life. It was known and likely noticed that Roman had been off duty for a month, and still wasn’t back on bridge duty but was on other duty. It was the same reason Rand’s office had blown up, everyone knew they were engaged, so she had been a target too. The assassin had been caught recently. Roman was working on his exercises with the resistance band, switching to a thicker band, while he half listened to what Rand was saying. She was still having trouble translating, he knew that. He chose to keep working.

~ Roman

~ Roman

Rand stopped right inside the door watching the back and forth. Kovan was avoiding sickbay - normal. Roman was also avoiding sickbay - normal. Roman was doing more than he was supposed to - normal. Kovan threw Roman under the bus - normal. Roman and Kovan openly admitting they were in need of medical attention (granted to say the other was worse off, but still) - twilight zone. Kovan and Roman arguing over who was in more need of medical attention but with tones more reminiscent of loving siblings - Rand must have died or hit her head again. She was really confused and couldn’t make it make sense.

So she started walking, just focusing on walking and not trying to hard to make the puzzle pieces fit. Moving felt good, to get air in her lungs and stretch from where she’d been in bed for so long. It was meditative and she made several laps around the gym before she started to jog, slowly at first, but then she just kind of fell into the rhythm. Her head didn’t really like it though.


On the other side of the gym, Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders stepped onto one of the running machines positioned against a mirror. The young Yorkshireman was keen to keep his fitness up as Chief of Security, though he knew that overdoing things could prove just as detrimental as not doing anything at all. Starting at a brisk walk, he eyed Ensign Knight and gave him a friendly nod as his jog got underway.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Anders: Chief of Security-

Paul left the gym quietly as he did not see the acknowledgment from Marcus as he moved calmly and quietly back to his quarters.

Ensign Paul Knight Jo Security

Roman had given up the resistance bands and was instead doing calisthenic exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and the like. At a break in between, he watched the rest of the gym for a moment. He noticed Rand, on her normal route around the edge of the gym… jogging. Not walking. She was certainly not supposed to be doing that, and when it came to health Roman was the king of double standards. So, he stood up and moved to intercept her on her path. “Miranda, what exactly are you doing? You’re allowed to walk not jog.” He said as he headed toward her.

~ Roman

Now Rand tensed to meditate, sort of, when she ran. Just the rhythm, the movement, and the breath. She has not intended to come to the gym to run, it just sort of happened out of habit. Running was relaxing and soothing for her. Her head did not agree at the moment and her body was in agreement with her head. She felt sluggish and slow and was working on finding her rhythm. And she blinked, a lot, the jarring making the edge of her vision black. Which in turn made her off balance and her coordination off and she was going to trip, almost had. If she considered her difficulty she would have stopped but she was determined to find her rhythm and balance.

So when Roman called out her full name, it got her attention (because only he or Randy did that) buuuuut it startled her and she quite literally tripped over her own feet when she stopped concentrating and looked up. “Huh? Wha....?” and fell.


Roman was already nearly to her when she fell and he let out an audible gasp as he watched her go down. Within a short minute he was next to her, and then bending down by her… and then scooping her up, and then she was in his arms against his chest like when she broke her ankle. “You’re not supposed to be jogging, you’re not ready for that kind of excercise… and if you hit your head when you fell that’s dangerous with you still having head symptoms.” He looked really worried, looking down at her face while he held her. “I should take you to sickbay, just to be sure.”

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~ Roman

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