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Posted June 30, 2022, 8:39 a.m. by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Ensign Rand Farquharson (Yeoman First Class) in side - sim: An Unwanted Trip to Sickbay

Posted by Commander Roman Alden (First Officer & Chief Science Officer) in side - sim: An Unwanted Trip to Sickbay


“Miranda, you look like you have five cups of Scottish Coffee with the whisky.” Roman said, looking as though he was already contemplating whether the risk of lifting her again was worth it or not. It was a bad idea, his chest was already hurting, but he refused to put an arm over it, it would warn Rand how he was feeling. But Roman and thinking he couldn’t do something was a bad mix, he’d stubbornly feel the need to prove he could do it. “Elbbirt will just check and make sure you’re okay. That’s what you would want me to do, isn’t it? Just to be sure?” He, again with the double standards, did not plan on mentioning his own disobedience nor the consequences of his actions. He just wanted Rand’s head looked at.

~ Roman

Rand just muttered something about she didn’t drink. However, she did stop trying to steady herself and let Roman support her as they walked. Luckily for him, she had to walk slowly, which was better for him as well. She didn’t like it, she’d just tripped, that was all, right? She didn’t want to stay in sickbay again. She nodded quietly anyway.
She would want him to make sure, and it would make him feel better. They made it into sickbay, but she didn’t go past the small waiting area, leaning against his arm, standing still because she was suddenly really dizzy. That seemed to happen at the worst times.


Roman sat her down in one of the waiting room chairs. “Maybe I should just call Randy over,” He said, thinking aloud. She was obviously dizzy again, she didn’t need to be walking more than she had to. He wished it were easier to lift her. In the end that was what he decided to do. Besides not wanting to go wandering around Sickbay, he still hated this place too, he would only be in the way trying to look for him or Elbbirt or Grat so, still standing by her, he pulled out his communicator and paged Randy with it.

~ Roman

Rand sat in the chair, hoping she’d be ignored for more pressing medical issues. Did he say he was paging Randy? She groaned, just grate over protective big brother. She heard Roman on the com and groaned again. He was paging Randy.

Randy appeared, it wasn’t his shift, but he came anyway, very quickly. He took one look at both of them and if he wasn’t such a professional would have growled in frustration. He moved over to Rand, but an arm around her and helped her stand. He’d carry her, but he wanted to assess how bad she was. Apparently bad enough because he suddenly lifted her and carried her the rest of the way to the biobed. His foot reached out and snagged the leg of chair and drag/pushed/slung it over to the bed. He set Rand down and just jerked a thumb at Roman toward the chair. There was a very short very soft exchange between the twins that Randy obviously won. He made Rand lay down and then turned on the biobed. He reached into the storage cabinet underneath and pulled out an icepack and handed it to Roman. “For her head.” It also kept him still. If he didn’t know Roman so well, Randy didn’t think he would realize something was wrong with him. “I’ll go get the doctor.”


It was a fantastic way to keep Roman still, as soon as Randy handed him the ice pack, he was leaned forward in the chair, pressing it to Rand’s head. “I won’t leave while you’re here,” he said to her. He was hoping she wasn’t here long enough he’d need to. The hand that wasn’t holding the ice pack was clenching the sheet of Rand’s bed, and he hoped it looked more like he was just worried about her (he was, he really was) than in pain, which his chest was. It was hurting. Not as bad as he vaguely remembered it hurting during the end of his flashback, but it definitely hurt and wasn’t comfortable.

Once Randy left to get a doctor, Roman used his free hand to pat his pockets. Rescue hypo… rescue hypo… Where did it go? It wasn’t with him. He returned his hand to the sheets and thought back. He’d brought it to the gym, but left it in his gym bag, and he hadn’t stopped to grab those when he took Rand. The rescue hypo was in the gym, not with him. That was okay… Right? He was resting now, maybe the pain would start to go away on its own. He thought he’d gotten away clean, that Randy had been too focused on his sister to notice anything about Roman. The way his breaths were a little faster and shallower, the tenseness at the corner of his eyes that always told Rand he was hurting, the way he stiffly moved, as if avoiding causing more pain, there were always signs he couldn’t hide. But Randy had been too distracted to notice… Right?

Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed so hard. He hadn’t been taking it easy since getting out of Sickbay, and it was slowing his recovery. It was the first time he felt like he needed his rescue hypo (and because he wasn’t used to carrying any meds, he didn’t have it. It was a surprise he’d remembered to throw it in his gym bag) but it wasn’t the first time he’d pushed a little too hard. He did that nearly daily. He was frustrated with what he could and couldn’t do and he was trying, for Rand’s sake and because he knew how dangerous it could be for him, but he wasn’t very good with ‘listening to his body’ as Elbbirt had said, and he got a little carried away with things.

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