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NE Mush over by the comms station nodded, and after about three minutes wait she nodded again. =/\= Rogers here =/\= came the reply over audio from the Captain. Mutely in the background the bridge crew could hear likely chatter, singing, and other sounds related to jovial tavern going ons.

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GM CockRoach

Karl looked with a bemused expression at his fellow crewmembers =^=Sir, Karl here from engineering. We’ve had a bit of an experience. We were suffering from an energy drain outside the hull. I went outside for a peak and found an energy… being draining from the hull. then suddenly it took the appearance of a young woman. and spoke with me. I had the wherewithal to have the Bridge record the interaction. It believed me to be a guard of sorts. It was then joined by another being. The female went by Tatyana and the second one, a male, went by Strahd. they were dressed as some sort of medieval clothing, I’d presume attire of nobility from the European continent between the thirteenth and fifteenth century ” He hesitated, he wasn’t anything close to an expert but he’d seen outfits similar to that during plays on Earth “I didn’t understand much of the conversation without context but it appeared the woman was getting married to the man’s brother. I caught at least some names of places, Barovia seems to be a country name or something similar. I also caught Castle Ravencroft and a temple of Andral.=^=


=C=Landing party 2 to Sentinel, this is Alden. Can you beam us aboard for the night? We’re not quite interested in camping with no gear, nor are we in walking for days. Perhaps we can be beamed closer once travel is safer.=O= Alden said over the communicator.

~ Lt Cmdr Alden

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